Modern Triple-Pane Windows – Are They Worth Extra Investment?

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    Part of your window renovation plans would involve choosing between the double pane window style or the triple pane window option. But then, what does this all mean? Are the triple pane windows better or worth the extra money they cost?

    Well, in this article, we help you in making that decision a lot easier. Based on the up-to-date research from different window experts, we will discuss triple-pane windows, comparing them to double-pane units, examining their benefits, and determining if they are worth the extra price. So do ensure you read on till the end to learn more.

    Triple vs. Double-Pane Windows – Essentials

    Whether to get double or triple-pane windows installed in your home depends mainly on the location and how much energy savings you need.

    The weather in North America can be extreme and unpredictable, giving homeowners drastic weather changes during winter and summer. Luckily, both window pane styles do a great job of insulation and overall energy saving.

    • The double-pane window has a simple design. It is two glass panes that are designed with a small space in the middle. That small space is filled with gasses like Krypton or Argon, which offer excellent insulation.
    • Triple-pane windows have a more complicated design structure than double-pane units. It offers three glass panes with insulating gas between each glass fitted in the frame.

    On average, triple-pane windows are more expensive than double-pane models. But both products should come with a 15 to 20 years lifespan, provided they are made out of quality materials and bought from a reliable manufacturer.

    Benefits of Triple-Pane Windows

    Triple-pane windows aren’t as popular as single or double-pane windows. This is because they are quite new and cost a lot more. However, for people that can afford them, they offer the following benefits;

    • Higher Insulation Performance

    Triple-pane glass windows help reduce the possibility of heat being lost in the outdoor atmosphere. This means rooms stay warmer in cold climates, and during the hot climates, it stays even cooler.

    • They Are More Secure

    The extra glass pane of a triple-pane window makes it a lot more difficult to break than the other options. They are also more durable, with a lifespan that extends into decades.

    • They Are More Sound Proof

    If privacy is a significant concern for you, this window option is better due to more LoE glass options offering lower sound and noise transmission.

    How Much Energy Can You Save?

    As stated earlier, homeowners get to save a lot more energy with a triple-pane window than with the other window pane choices on the market. But just how much energy can you save?

    Windows, in general, are responsible for over 50% of the entire energy leak that goes on in a home, with single-pane windows offering little to no help in fixing any of these leakages. The double-pane windows perform much better here. But triple-pane models provide up to 20% more energy savings even than double-glazed windows. And when compared with single-pane windows, they offer up to 50% more energy savings.

    This means that homeowners get to save a lot more in their utility cooling and heating bills in the long run as less heat is lost in the environment.

    • Remember that triple-pane windows cost about 15% more than double-pane windows, so how much money you save on your utility bill depends a lot on location.
    • According to research, a set of triple-pane windows were installed in 2019 (during the winter heating season) and 2020 (during the summer cooling season) for a period of 10 weeks. With energy usage being recorded by the team for the entire period, it was found that the windows saved an average of 28% on cooling bills and 12% on heating bills for this period.

    Should you put in extra investments to install triple-pane windows?

    Long story short – absolutely. These models offer up to 20% more energy savings than double-pane windows, and for regions with extremely cold climates, you get to save a lot on utility bills in terms of heating and cooling.

    Also, comfort should be the major reason you get a triple-pane window. With higher energy efficiency, your room stays cooler or warmer for a long time, meaning you get a lot more comfortable. And let’s not forget the extra security that the triple pane window provides. All in all, such home improvement is worth its entire cost.

    How To Choose High-Quality Triple-Pane Windows?

    To get the best possible windows for your home, try to keep in mind the following tips:

    • Go To A Trusted Manufacturer

    Not all window manufacturers really offer what they advertise, and for a novice, it is quite easy to get scammed with the wrong windows. This is why you go to a trusted manufacturer with a lot of reputation when picking the right triple pane windows.

    • Inspect The Windows

    Before picking a specific window, always thoroughly inspect it. Ensure your preferred unit has been certified by Energy Star and has a minimum energy rating of 40.

    • How Well Does It Fit Your Home?

    The final tip would be to determine how well the new triple-pane window fits your home. If you can’t decide this on your own, go with a professional to help you pick out the best window that compliments the overall design of your home.

    Wrapping up

    There you have it! All you need to know about triple-pane windows. In the end, the final decision is yours. If you feel these models are a good option, go for it. Just ensure that your reasons are influenced by the guide above.


    Author- Roman Tymchenko

    Roman Tymchenko is the lead writer at Ecoline Windows, a Canadian-based company helping homeowners across the country with window & door replacement projects.

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