3 Reasons Electric Window Openers are Vital for Commercial Buildings

Ravindra Ambegaonkar
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    Owning a commercial building is a lot of responsibility. It is your duty to protect the occupants of the building, the contents within it, and the building itself. This can seem like an impossible task, but thankfully there is a solution that can help.

    We’re talking of course about electric window openers. These can be a fantastic addition to any commercial building and can offer a number of incredible benefits. We’ve listed three reasons why electric window openers are vital for commercial buildings. Read on to find out more.

    Remote Controls

    Commercial buildings often have high ceilings and stairwells with windows in hard-to-reach places. Accessing and opening these windows can involve the use of a stepladder or a window pole, both of which can lead to injury if not used correctly.

    Additionally, older windows can become stiff and stuck. If too much force is applied in an attempt to open such a window, breakages can lead to injury.

    With electric window openers, windows can be opened and closed remotely through the use of an external controller or even an app. This means you can say goodbye to window poles and ladders and open those inaccessible windows with ease.

    Climate Control

    As the owner of a commercial space, ensuring staff are happy and productive is essential. Temperature can have a significant effect on productivity levels, if employees are too hot or too cold they will not work to the best of their ability.

    Controlling the climate with traditional windows involves having to go around manually opening and closing all the windows. This is a laborious and time-consuming process that is not conducive to a modern, streamlined working environment.

    Electric windows can be programmed to open or close depending on the temperature. When it gets too hot, the windows will open and allow for ventilation and air circulation, while if it is too cold they will close to retain the heat. This makes climate control in the workplace a much easier process.

    Security Benefits

    Commercial spaces are a common target for thieves and criminals. There are a few reasons for this; first, commercial buildings often contain valuables such as cash or equipment, and secondly, commercial buildings are rarely occupied at night when staff have gone home for the day.

    When looking to break into a commercial space, one of the first things criminals will look for is open windows. These can give them an instant entry and exit point and are a leading cause of break-ins.

    It can be all too easy to forget to close a window when you’re going home for the day. However, with electric window openers, your windows can be set to timers, meaning they will close at a specific time to protect your building and the contents within it.


    Whether it’s for their remote operation features, climate control capabilities, or security benefits, electric window openers are a vital addition to any commercial building, and we can expect to see them more and more in the future.

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