The Expert's Guide for Moving to Jersey City

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    You have come to the right place if you are about to move to Jersey City. It has got a lot to give to people of all ages and perspectives.

    You might have asked what happens across the Hudson River if you have stepped across the West Side of Manhattan and stared out across the bay.

    That great state of New Jersey is the vision that meets your eye. The glass high-rise towers that mimic the Manhattan skyline belong to Jersey City, to be more precise.

    New Yorkers may be shocked to hear that the second-largest city in the state of New Jersey is Jersey City. With a population of nearly 265,000 in just 15 square miles, some can also refer to it as the 6th borough of New York.

    The gentrification and changing neighborhoods have increased the quality of life here, so the city is beginning to be taken over by a growing number of young people and small families.

    We have assembled a concise guide to living in Jersey City to help you tackle life across the Hudson River.

    Vector Movers NJ can help you with a stress-free, affordable, and exceptional moving experience. They provide service for 10 years, so you will get every support needed to move to Jersey City. However, if you are relocating from further away, consider consulting professionals who specialize in long-distance moving, to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to your new home in Jersey City.

    Moving In

    There are several reasons why New Yorkers might consider moving to Jersey City. For example, Jersey City provides a healthy quality of life, home to both modern growth and quaint vitality from small towns. But if you are planning to move within New York City then it's highly recommended to find movers in the New York area since they are more likely to have affordable prices and offer you professional also reliable services.

    With its tree-lined avenues, brownstones, and cafes, some Jersey City parts still bear a close resemblance to Brooklyn.

    Being closer to work is another explanation of why some Manhattanites may migrate to Jersey City.

    Lastly, because of the tax loophole, people could be drawn to Jersey City. You will potentially save cash on your monthly taxes if you live in New Jersey.

    You would not be subject to NYC taxes, which will vary from 2.9-3.9 percent of your yearly salary, even though you live in New York City. In comparison, federal taxes in New Jersey are also lesser than federal taxes in New York State, which will make it more accessible in Jersey City.

    In Jersey City, a big bonus to life is that you do not have to compromise luxury, ease, or consistency. Many of Jersey City's facilities are similar to NYC, such as the freedom to stroll to local grocery stores instead of driving.

    In Jersey City, many ethnic enclaves have authentic restaurants and grocery stores.

    Costs of Living

    Jersey City is considerably cheaper than in New York City. Not only is the taxation lower, but market estimates indicate that Jersey City is better in all areas: rent, property development, hotels, cost of restaurants, and utilities.

    Jersey City's estimated rent for one-bedroom accommodation is around $2500 per month. In Manhattan, the estimated cost of renting a same-sized apartment is around $3500 per month.

    There are, however, different choices for accommodation and affordability in the city.

    The high-rise apartment complexes across Jersey City's waterfront offer numerous facilities, including human-made beaches, swimming pools, gyms, and concierge services.

    Also, they give viewpoints that face both Ellis Island and Downtown Manhattan. These apartments or residences may be decorated or recently renovated, making life very easy. However, the coronavirus pandemic may have caused rates to decline.

    Other parts of Jersey City are much more accessible. Greenville, Jersey City's southernmost portion, has better rates than Downtown Jersey City. Country Village is a popular Greenville residential neighborhood.

    You will find Bergen-Lafayette next to Greenville, where you can rent a Victorian-style townhouse with a backyard and a car garage. All areas of Bergen-Lafayette, such as Liberty State Park, provide you with a clear view of the Liberty Statue.

    There are parts of Jersey City that are better than others, so ensure public safety analysis in the communities you like.

    Ensure checking out fire protection requirements in Jersey City for extra safety!

    Choosing the Neighborhood

    It is possible for those who want a new, luxurious way of life to opt to live in these high-rise residential buildings in the waterfront cities. You may be involved in visiting apartments in Journal Square, Exchange Place, and Newport if you like the degree of luxury living.

    Suppose you like to live in an urban core and want a small town area. Paulus Hook is one of the cutest places to rent in the Downtown area.

    In a charming brownstone, you can survive while still being around lively city life. In reality, Paulus Hook represents a community like Downtown Brooklyn. There is a lot of excitement and a lot of relaxation.

    There are plenty of shops, cafes, bars, and open places to hang out in Downtown Jersey City's historic areas. If you want to have a fun lunch or take your dog to the dog run, we suggest visiting Van Worst Park and Hamilton Park.

    There are plenty of places in Jersey City that are perfect for anyone who enjoys classic suburban-style living. It is also a great choice if you want to get farther away from the city's downtown vitality.

    The Heights, Bergen-Lafayette, and Greenville are where these homes are located. All of the houses are architectural marvels and stunning to look at.

    Besides, these communities provide young people with more living space who want some more greenery around their property for their children to run around!

    It is not hard to find a great community to relocate to with so much new growth.

    Do not feel like you need to run to get home. Once you are able, have Jersey City movers turn your things into one of the storage facilities.

    Downtown- In this proposed mixed-use neighborhood, it is difficult to avoid the temptation to search for homes. Residential towers, condominiums, schools, marina, and transport services are open.

    Plus, the waterfront's walkway is full of stores, bars, and everything else you might like. Reconstruction has also added on-site parking for more than 15,000 cars.

    A complex blend of architectural styles characterizes the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood. The old Jersey City Medical Center has recently been redesigned as The Beacon, which contains about 1,200 luxury homes.

    Paulus Hook-The area is just 1 mile from Manhattan across the bay. It could not get any better for your morning commute. This is a beautiful place with independent community stores and outdoor dining in various waterfront restaurants.


    Rail Transport

    The public transit system is robust, and you can get there quickly, even if you live in Manhattan. In reality, in Jersey City, 40.6 percent of households do not own vehicles, and 46.62 percent of the population says they take public transport to work.

    You can also have connections to New Jersey Transit's Hudson-Bergen Commuter Rail, Hoboken Station, and NY Waterway ferries. On main highways, there are bike lanes, and more developed lanes are expected in the future.


    There are many ways to get around without a vehicle, though many in New Jersey own one. However, Jersey City has excellent transit ties to the city.

    Commuters will be thrilled to hear that NJ's public transport choices are secure, accessible, and quick. It takes only 7 minutes to get from Grove Street to Lower Manhattan.

    There are several ferry alternatives, such as the New York Waterway and the Liberty Landing Ferry. You can also ride buses from New Jersey Transit that operate many times an hour or the NJ Transit light rail from Bayonne to Hoboken to Union City.

    The proximity to Newark Liberty International Airport is another excellent aspect of life in Jersey City. Getting near to an airport is vital for those who fly a lot for work!

    Also, Jersey City is a very walkable city and can be excellent for those who want to work out outside. Around the waterfront, there are plenty of hiking and bike trails.


    According to a report that appeared in the New York Times many years ago, the city's public school system is expanding and changing as more families come to the area.

    In Jersey City, one of the best public schools is based in New Jersey. The Academic High School of Dr. Ronald E. McNair ranks 3rd in the province.

    Also, several charter schools and private schools have produced strong test scores and college readiness standards. Many of Jersey City's private schools are parochial and need uniforms.

    There are several public colleges to pick from for higher education. For example, Jersey City University and Hudson County Community College are publicly funded. More affordable tuition is charged.


    Jersey City is a place to live that is fast expanding and exciting! If you live in Jersey City, you can reside in a healthy and inexpensive neighborhood that helps you enjoy everything that this beautiful city offers.

    If you plan to live in Downtown Jersey City or The Heights, you will discover much entertainment to keep you occupied.

    In case you are looking for an MEP engineering partner after moving to Jersey City, we have your back!

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