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Our professional MEP engineers offer design, consulting and commissioning services for buildings in New Jersey. We are highly familiarized with the NJ Uniform Construction Code and national standards, ensuring compliance and a swift project approval.

With two different climate zones and a wide variety of historic and modern buildings, New Jersey represents a particular challenge for developers. We emphasize quality and green construction, delivering designs that meet your needs while reducing ownership costs.

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Mechanical Engineering & HVAC Design

New Jersey experiences a wide range of temperatures, receiving snowfall during winter and summer heat above 90°F. To ensure comfortable and healthy conditions for occupants throughout the year, buildings must have well-designed heating and cooling systems.

Designing the Most Suitable HVAC System

The best HVAC configuration for your building changes depending on project conditions. We can suggest and design an optimal solution for your needs.

Chiller Replacement Solutions

We design chiller plants for new constructions and propose chiller upgrades for existing buildings. Thanks to their high cooling output and efficiency, chillers are a common air conditioning option for large buildings.

Electrical Engineering

We design electrical installations according to the New Jersey Electrical Subcode, which is based on the NFPA 70 National Electrical Code. In addition to ensuring compliance, we focus on energy efficiency.

New Building and Renovation Electrical Design

Our electrical engineers offer design services for new and existing constructions. We deliver energy efficient designs that meet your needs, while optimizing costs.

Electrical Lighting Design

We specify the optimal lighting layout to achieve full coverage of your building, selecting fixtures that are eligible for rebates from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.

Switchgear Design

Our electrical engineers offer switchgear design, specifying protection devices of the right capacity according to the electrical load of your project.

Plumbing Engineering

Our plumbing designs meet the New Jersey Plumbing Subcode, while contributing to water conservation and lower heating expenses.

Domestic Hot and Cold Water Piping

We design domestic hot and cold water piping, offering optimal layouts that reduce system costs. We also select a suitable water heater according to building needs.

Stormwater Management

Our stormwater management designs remove water from your property effectively, while meeting the sewage discharge rates allowed in New Jersey.

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The Top 5 Most Over-Engineered Building Components

Roof Drains

Rooftops are used for many types of equipment, and water accumulation must be prevented to ensure adequate performance. We can specify suitable roof drains for your building.

Commercial Kitchen Hot Water Boosters

Commercial kitchens have unique hot water needs, which cannot be met with a conventional domestic hot water system. Our MEP engineers can specify a suitable hot water booster for your food service equipment.

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