Things to Look for When Buying a Beach House

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    Everyone needs a place to escape that feels less chaotic and peaceful, after long stressful weeks. A beach house, sounds about right, in that case.

    With hectic long hours at work, or just doing household chores, everyone needs a getaway. Whenever you are asked to think of a place full of tranquility and peace, a beach, or a place over the clouds pops into your mind.

    For most people, an escape to the beach with friends and family sounds like a great plan to rejuvenate themselves. Just walking by the beach, good food, candlelight dinners, playing by the shore, and most important a comfortable stay by the sea is all you desire. As you are going there to recharge yourself, you need a lot of quiet time.

    The best option that comes to mind when you think of fun and an ample amount of rest is a beach house. It’ll be your own and you can have your personal space and privacy. It’s convenient and you don't have to spend on a hotel for your stay.

    When buying a house, you have to look for certain factors a house requires. There’s no exception when it comes to buying a beach house as well. Here are a few points you need to check before buying your beach house.

    Things We Need in a Beach House

    Here are some basic requirements you need to look at before you purchase a beach house for yourself.

    1. How Far Above is the House from Sea Level?

    It is very important to know the distance of the house from the sea level to avoid a natural disaster like floods, which may result due to an increase in the water level of the sea.

    Besides, the property tax depends on this factor. In some shore areas, if your house is below 14 feet above sea level, you have to pay more tax than the usual. It is new tax law, so houses built a long time ago have to pay a lot of taxes, estimated around $30,000 annually.  

    Check out new homes in Myrtle Beach South Carolina for a better insight into their requirements.

      1. 2. Is the House Well Built?

    You need to make sure the house is well built for the following reasons. As we all know, it might be peaceful to be around the ocean, but it has its natural hazards.

    The winds by the shore can be rough at times that can greatly affect your house. So you need to buy a house that looks sturdy. The foundation and the siding of the house need to be strong enough to stand these terrible windy days.

      1. 3. The Design of the House

    Always remember when it comes to decorating your house, the interior design, garden, color, can be changed at any time. What can not be changed is the design of the house.

    Hence you need to select a house that fits your choice, of how you want the house to look like. The outlook matters the most. don't go for the square footage when reviewing the design of the house, it can be deceiving. So solely go for the design itself.  

    After that, you can decorate your house the way you want to.  

      1. 4. The Location of your House
      2. Beach House 1

    The location of your house matters because no matter what change you make or how the house looks, you can’t change its location. You might not want the house to be too near the shore and vice versa.

    However, if you are buying the house for renting purposes, you should keep in mind the closer your house is to the beach, the higher your chances are of renting it. People go to the beach to be near it, to admire it.

      1. 5. Space and Rooms 

    You need to check if the house has enough rooms. Even if you have a small family, you might want to add a few more people during your getaway, then you might be in trouble if your house doesn’t have enough rooms.

    So it’s always safe to buy a big house with enough room to fit your family and fellow friends. The more the merrier.

      1. 6. An Upgraded House

    Make sure you are buying a house with all the latest upgrades a house requires. Clean bathrooms, trendy furniture, essential utensils and tools, high-tech gadgets.

    As you have to pay more for these added upgrades, make sure you decide on them wisely.

      1. 7. Required Amenities

    You need to be in a neighborhood where amenities are available. As a house will certainly need maintenance, and if it’s not available easily, you might be in big trouble in case you don’t know how to do it yourself. 

    It’s always easier when you get assistance from the experts this might cost you more but it’s impactful and beneficial. As they know what they are doing.

      1. 8. Price of the House

    Take the help of a trusted realtor when buying the house. don't spend more than you should, as you have to keep in mind you pay for the damages yourself.

      1. 9. A Storage in the House

    You need a storage area at your place, for keeping your bike, floatable tires, beach chairs, volleyballs, etc.

    It will always come in handy, so having a storage area at your house is a plus point.

    1. 10. A Corner for Outdoor-Shower

    You need a corner for an outdoor-shower as you don't want to walk inside your clean house to go to the bathroom for a shower to clean the sand from the sea.

    The sand you bring from the beach can make your house messy, and you don't want that extra work of cleaning your house when you are there to rest and chill.

    Spend on your House, not on Rent

    Hopefully, the above-mentioned factors will help you to purchase a good beach house Moreover, you will be looking forward to visiting it as soon as you return to your chaotic and busy life.

    What are you waiting for? Start looking for a beach house.

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