Understanding Why You Need the Right Renovation Electric Design Planning

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    When you're renovating and remodeling your house, you need to understand that it is not going to be an easy task. Going through different designs, color choices for walls and picking the right material is complicated enough leaving aside the tedious task of going through electrical plans.

    But if you want a perfect renovation, you need to go through electrical planning carefully. The right renovation electric design planning helps. If you're thinking about the complications that can happen in your Chicago home, relax, they will be gone by the time you are done reading the important pointers to follow mentioned below.

    What Makes Renovation Electrical Design Planning So Important?

    An electric plan may seem pretty much pointless while you're renovating your dream home, but once you're done with it and find that all the sockets and switches are right where you need them, you will find the effort worth it.  It can be very annoying and dangerous to look for light switches in a dark hallway in the middle of the night, but when you have the switches at just the right places, your life will be much easier. You don't have to worry about renovating your Chicago home any more.

    When planning the electrical design during the renovation, the first thing you need to look at is the furniture layout you will have in your house. When you place the switches after following this step you will save on additional charges from the wiring and the electrician. Other than that you will not have to bear the mess of haphazardly placed switches that become a sore eye on the perfectly painted walls.

    What Types of Switches Do You Need?

    With so many types of switches that are needed for your dream home, it can be confusing to understand them. Switches can be two-way, 3-gang, dimmers, and toggle. A two-way switch is basically two switches controlling a light/s; they are usually placed on staircases and corridors. In gang switches, gangs denote the number of switches each plate has along with the circuits. So a three-gang switch will have three circuits controlling the electric socket, wall lights, and ceiling light. It is better to let the electrician choose which brand of switches to buy as they have a better idea about them and you can save time and money.

    Coming to the bedroom, you need to plan well. Make sure you can control all the lights from one side of your bed as well as from near the door. Keep the switches above your bed stands and a bit away from your bed. For the lamps go with 5-amp wall plugs.

    Make sure you put dimmers on lights as their use can vary round the clock, and you can save up on electricity.

    Why Renovation Electrical Design Planning Is So Important

    If you don't have a solid electrical design, your renovation plans can go haywire. This is due to the fact that your renovation plan is what decides where all the electrical outlets are to be placed and how the lights and lamps are to be used and switched on/off.

    Electrical outlets and light switches that are difficult to access can be very irritating for homeowners.  Sufficient electrical wiring is important for a functional and modern home.

    Power-Dependent Devices

    Every electrical plan is unique in its own way and mainly depends on the rooms that are being remodeled and the number of devices in each room. Like for example, the kitchen needs to have heavy-duty high-range power sources for large appliances like the stove or fridge along with smaller outlets for toasters and juicers.

    Living rooms usually need a large number of electrical outlets for TVs, blue-ray players and game controllers, and lamps.

    Light Fixtures

    While renovating electrical designs of rooms keep in mind the way these rooms are used. Will a desk lamp with an outlet be enough or will you need ceiling lights along with the usual wall lights too?

    In rooms such as the kitchen and the study-room where detailed tasks are carried out broad lightning may not do the job. You may need cabinet lights or stove lights in the kitchen and desk lamps in the study room.

    When you keep all these points in mind, you can be assured your home will have the perfect lighting.

    Furniture Placement

    The best part of the renovation is making your interior designing skills to steal the show. A lot of people see furniture selection and placement as a skill, but they ignore an important aspect of this process: outlet access.

    While deciding where your furniture is going, keep in mind all the things you would need. Like if you're building an entertainment center on the wall, make sure to keep enough outlets to power it. Similarly, make sure your study desk has outlets for lamps and computers.

    Don't Forget About Holiday Season

    It may seem something completely unrelated but it is always a good idea to keep in mind your holiday decoration schemes while renovating your home's electrical design.


    Electrical plans and holidays may seem worlds apart when thinking about renovating. However, it is crucial to include how you decorate or rearrange for holidays, gatherings, and events in your electrical plan.

    If you keep a lighted Christmas tree or hang up lots of decorative lights on the walls of the hall you can include an additional socket to make celebration easier.

    It's important to think about the rooms that are going to be renovated while revamping electrical designs. Make sure to keep in mind things like the type and number of outlets needed, light sources, placement of furniture, and the use of each room. If you're still confused you can take an expert's advice.



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