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7-Eleven embarked on the endeavor of establishing a large retail store in Ronkonkoma, NY. The retail space covered an area of 3,043 sq. ft., featuring a spacious open area along with multiple cold storage facilities within the building.

The client sought an MEP design that would not only align with the standards of the 7-Eleven franchise but also be cost-effective for this new construction retail store.

During the design process of this project, we encountered three primary challenges:

  • Ensuring compliance with franchise standards and designing in accordance with the codes and regulations of New York state.
  • Optimizing the utilization of limited roof space (given the building's sloped roof) for the placement of HVAC units.
  • Managing the cost of design, particularly the power requirements, considering the presence of multiple cold storage facilities within the building.

7- Eleven


Our team of experts meticulously calculated the HVAC load and carefully assessed the available roof space to devise an effective strategy for the design and placement of HVAC units, successfully overcoming the challenges associated with limited roof space.

To minimize construction costs, we proposed the implementation of a central air conditioning system, which not only reduced utility costs but also allowed for the placement of outdoor units within a minimal footprint on the roof.

For the plumbing aspect, we coordinated the drainage system design of the retail unit with the various cold storage locations, aiming to minimize piping costs. Additionally, we designed the electrical system in compliance with local and International Building Code (IBC) standards, ensuring cost reduction for the client.

Through our skillful design approach, we managed to make the most of the limited roof space, minimize piping work, and ultimately generate substantial cost savings for the owner. The entire franchise was designed within a span of two weeks, offering an affordable solution that exceeded expectations.

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