Crunch Fitness, GA


Crunch fitness was in plan to open a fitness centre in an existing mixed use commercial space having multiple other franchise stores located at Savannah, Georgia. The main challenge in designing this fitness centre was to design air conditioning system with minimum duct work and complete MEP system as per Crunch fitness’s corporate design standards by considering existing shared services while keeping other stores operational.

Crunch fitness

To keep minimum changes in the duct work and to save cost for the client, we designed the air conditioning system using concentric air diffusers. We calculated the power requirement by performing electrical COMcheck and surveyed the existing electrical system supply to identify the new system hook-up point in the existing system by keeping other occupancies unaffected and uncompromised. As a result of completing the design within 2 weeks, we managed to save cost and time for the franchise owner.

Services Used - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection

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