Dogtopia, NY


Dogtopia franchise -undertook the exciting venture of opening a new store within an existing commercial building in Garden City, New York. The space allocated for the store was a 1,000 sq. ft. white box area, already equipped with gas, electrical, domestic water, and sewer services provided by the base building.

During the design phase of the Dogtopia store, we encountered the following challenges:

  • Delivering a cost-effective design by leveraging the existing services provided by the base building.
  • Designing the MEP system in a manner that allowed for the seamless integration of the services from the existing location to the new space, while ensuring the continued operation of other existing commercial stores.
  • Adhering to the design standards specified by Dogtopia for the MEP system.



At NY Engineers, our team was dedicated to devising the best possible solution that was both time-efficient and affordable for the client.

We carefully routed the gas, sanitary, and domestic water piping, ensuring minimal disruption to the operations of the other stores. To optimize cost savings, we provided a gas-fired tankless domestic hot water heater.

Through precise calculations, we determined and satisfied the load requirements for domestic water, sanitary, and gas, all within the available existing load and in compliance with local regulations and energy conservation standards.

The entire MEP system for Dogtopia was skillfully designed within a span of two weeks, resulting in expedited approval from the Department of Buildings (DOB) and allowing the store to commence operations ahead of schedule.

Services Utilized: - Electrical, Plumbing

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