Pet Valu, MA

Project Information

PET VALU is the prototype project having sites located at different locations in different states. Scope of work includes all 3 services, HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

HVAC Scope:
VRF system for cooling, heating purpose. Cooling and heating is served by DX coil and heating is served by heat pump system located. VRF system was the requirement of this project due to specific architecture. This building had sloped roof structure which does not allow to keep packaged units on the roof. Also, it is essential to throw out toilet exhaust to reduce odour issues in the spaces around. Toilet exhaust fans are provided to exhaust such waste air. NY Engineers also provided comcheck report for filing as per local code compliance.

Plumbing Scope:
Provide fixtures for different purpose like water closets, lavatories, water heaters, floor drains, sinks, etc. Also, pet stores have dog/pet wash spaces which requires hair interceptor to get rid of all hair during wash.

Electrical Scope:
Electrical services are provided for equipment mentioned in HVAC, plumbing designs. Also, different types of light fixtures are provided throughout the store spaces (like LEDs, track lights, storefront sign, etc.)



Pet Valu, Inc. (Pet Valu) is a specialty retailer and wholesaler of food and supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals, and a franchisor of pet food and pet-related supply outlets. The Pet Valu brand is comprised of numerous company-owned and franchised locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. At PET-VALU stores, you will find a great selection of pet food, treats, toys and accessories, along with Animal Care Experts who are specially trained to help you find the best nutrition and products for your pets, all at competitive prices. Many of stores are locally owned and operated, and as the largest small format pet specialty retailer in the world.

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