Wendy's embarked on the plan of opening a new franchise store in Ridgewood, NY, within a three-story building where the third floor was already occupied by another tenant. The primary challenge revolved around the installation of HVAC equipment on the roof, requiring the running of ducts and pipes while ensuring minimal disruption to the operations of the other tenant. Adding to the complexity, the design called for the indoor placement of all dedicated outside air system units (DOAS), rather than the conventional outdoor installation.

The owner sought a design solution that would deliver cost savings without compromising safety or deviating from franchise guidelines. Wendy's restaurants are typically designed within single-story buildings, making the MEP design for this particular project a formidable task.



Our team of experts rose to the challenge, devising an innovative solution for this complex project. We routed all the ductwork from the main roof down to the first floor, where we installed two kitchen hoods and two exhaust fans. To address the limited space and restrictions on heavy equipment installation, we proposed the use of separate dedicated shafts leading to the roof. On the roof, we strategically positioned all the units on existing steel dunnage, minimizing the additional space required.

Through our meticulous design process, we successfully completed the entire franchise within a span of two weeks. As a result, Wendy's in Ridgewood, NY commenced operations with lower energy costs, ample in-store space, and ahead of the estimated timeline.

Services Utilized: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

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Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

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