3 Key Design Principles for Your Next Office Space

Ravindra Ambegaonkar
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    With all the changes that are happening in the workforce field, companies and organizations everywhere must adapt if they don’t want to be left behind. The new generations of workers are more demanding and know their time and efforts are valuable.

    So, if you want to attract top talent to your business and increase employee loyalty and retention, there are a few changes that must happen. And redesigning the workspace (or the office) to fit the needs of the modern employee is one of them.

    Here are a few office space design principles that all companies must keep in mind.

    1) Safety & Security Come First

    After two years of ongoing lockdowns and social distancing, people are anxious about returning to the same working space where there’s no room to move around their own desks. Plus, the world is currently going through a wave of cybercrime, with small and medium-sized businesses as the main targets.

    These two issues can be solved by redesigning the office space. First, it helps to create a more home-like atmosphere, so employees can feel safe and comfortable while working. This may involve small projects such as repurposing conference rooms or creating a space where people can meet and chat if they want. It also helps to incorporate multimedia technology so hybrid teams can meet and discuss in various office areas.

    When it comes to security, you should start with physical features first. For instance, it does help to increase the security level of the server room (if there is one) by reinforcing the doors and securing the windows. Also, make sure to limit access to the room so that only essential employees have access to the core of your business data.

    2) Think About Hiring an Office Designer

    While many small businesses may find it a bit of a budgetary stretch, it is a wise investment to work with an expert in office design development. This is because they have the right level of expertise and resources to help you create a warm and inviting office space that employees want to return to.

    While most Americans don’t work from home, among those who do, a large percentage struggle with returning to the office full-time. That’s because they feel free and more comfortable working from home. Therefore, if you manage to create an office space that’s better equipped and more challenging.

    3) Think Outside the Box

    The way we work is changing, and office spaces should reflect just that. For instance, even though open-floor spaces are still trendy, this doesn’t mean people like cubicles or face-to-face desks where you’re forced to be in close proximity to your colleagues.

    Modern office spaces use unique floor plans that fit the needs of their employees.

    Of course, the focus will remain on social distancing and flexible work schedules, but there are other factors worth considering, such as:

    • Dedicated kitchen spaces with various options for healthy food to reduce unnecessary trips outside or contact with delivery drivers.
    • Well-designed cleaning and de-densifying protocols.
    • More focus on audio-video communication devices.
    • Touchless technology that helps employees reduce contact with various surfaces.
    • Smartphone-controlled devices and machinery.
    • Using furniture to create small islands of collaboration where team members (remote and present) can meet and chat.

    Wrap Up

    In summary, modern technology and smart furniture and appliances are a big part of the new office space design. And while the investment may be a bit steep at first, it will create the type of work environment that keeps people motivated and highly productive. Plus, as people feel more comfortable in the new environment, businesses will notice an increase in employee retention and loyalty in the long term.

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