6 Different Methods for Securing Windows in a Home or Office Building

Ravindra Ambegaonkar
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  • 6 Different Methods for Securing Windows in a Home or Office Building

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    Windows are by far among the most vulnerable spots in any home or office building as far as security is concerned.

    As much as they let fresh air and natural light inside while improving a property’s aesthetic appeal, windows are a key target by would-be intruders and burglars. Thankfully, there are several ways to make windows more secure.

    Whether it’s your home or office building, below are a few methods you can use to improve window security.

    1. Bars and Grills

    More of a traditional approach to making windows more secure, this method involves installing window security bars, grills, or metal barriers onto the window frame, just behind or in front of the glass panes.

    The barrier is installed so that it’s difficult if not impossible for the intruder to get past when trying to gain access into your home or office space.

    More often than not, the intruder won’t even bother breaking the glass if they see bars or grills installed. Otherwise, they would need special tools to cut the grill open, which would also mean more time and noises that attract attention.

    2. Install Quality Locks

    This is among the best approaches to take if you want maximum security for your windows. If your windows came preinstalled with the ordinary flip locks seen in most windows, you will want to consider upgrading and replacing them with superior quality windows that can be locked with a key.

    These can help protect your home or office from financial damages that could have been prevented in the first place. And on this front window sash locks are among the best types you can find in the market.

    Besides quality, make sure to shop around and pick the right size, color, and design that will work best for each of your windows.

    3. Invest in a Window Alarm

    When it comes to securing your windows, it’s always good to add an additional security feature. With that in mind, an alarm can serve as an extra layer of protection against any intruders trying to break in.

    Not only can the alarm scare away potential intruders, but it can also keep you up to date about the intruder’s movements so you can take the necessary actions. Alarms come in a variety of features such as digital, audio, and visual alerts.

    4. Install Motion Sensor-Lighting

    Often a low-cost approach, motion-sensor-lighting also serves as one of the most effective ways of improving home security.

    Usually placed somewhere above the windows, the lights are activated whenever there’s movement nearby, thus alerting the authorities, homeowner, or office owner of any possible intruders present in the vicinity.

    And since most intruders don't like being seen when perpetrating their actions, most are easily scared away by lights. They're tricked into believing that the home or office owner is inside once the lights get activated.

    5. Add Window Glass Film

    Another relatively inexpensive solution to improving window security, adding window glass film can help ensure that no one can see inside the home or office, not even an intruder who might try to get in.

    Additionally, some window glass films are designed to reinforce window glass, and, just like tempered glass, make it shatter-resistant and harder to break for burglars. There are several types of window security films, including reflective and colorful types.

    Installing the film doesn’t necessarily mean that intruders won’t try to break in. But since it will take more time and effort to break the glass, burglars may easily give up and head on to their next target.

    6. Invest in Security Camera CCTV

    Finally, no one wants to be caught on camera while carrying out an illegal act. This is why CCTV security systems are quite effective in keeping burglars at bay.

    Especially for business premises and homes holding precious and high-value belongings or sensitive documents, installing security cameras above or near the windows can help make them more secure.

    And if you don’t have a big budget for this, installing dummy cameras near your windows can be equally as effective.

    In many ways, your home or office’s security can depend on how secure your windows are. Luckily, you have the tips above to thank if you’ve considered making your windows more secure against burglary and intrusion.

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