4 Important Benefits of Home Security Cameras

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    Although the rate of burglaries in the U.S. was on the decline last year, the value of property stolen continues to increase. This means that although there is a significant decline in burglary, more valuable goods are being stolen.

    This is why home security cameras are indispensable in ensuring home protection because they not only help with recovery but also with detection. If you are concerned about your home's security, it’s high time you installed home security cameras. Here are some of the top benefits of installing these systems.

    1) Deterring Criminals

    According to Jordan Frankel, the vice president of Global Security Experts Inc, a security consulting firm, home security cameras are effective because they are a psychological deterrence. When a criminal sees a camera, they may skip your property and find an easier target. Research supports this point of view.

    study by the University of North Carolina focusing on incarcerated burglars showed that burglars checked for outdoor surveillance cameras when choosing a target. The presence of an outdoor camera deters criminals.

    Criminals case a home before robbing it and abort a burglary attempt when they spot a professional alarm system. However, you need to note that seasoned burglars can also spot dummy cameras from a distance. If you are a burglary victim, the security cameras will record the entire incident and help law enforcement capture the burglar and retrieve your goods. It is equally important to check your electrical connections with the help of the best electrical design company before installing security cameras.

    2) Helps With Insurance Claims and Community Policing

    Having video evidence of burglary can be very helpful in expediting insurance claims. To make a claim to your insurance provider, you need to have irrefutable proof. If you want to identify people, moving objects, and cars, you should invest in a security camera installation with ultra-high-definition video.

    This technology utilizes more pixels in the images, which means you can zoom in for more details on license plates or identify a person’s physical characteristics. Furthermore, police departments are increasingly partnering with home security companies in the fight against crime.

    Therefore, you can transmit the video footage of criminal activity to the police and get a police report number in minutes. Advanced security systems provide a live video feed that is transmitted from security cameras to local police units. 

    Additionally, applications that are linked to these systems can alert your neighbors to break-ins and prowlers nearby. The actual video footage of a burglar is embedded into the alert so communities can help out each other. 

    3) Keeping An Eye On Kids and Pets

    Security cameras are not limited to protecting your home. They allow you to monitor your kids when you are at work. For example, if your child gets out of school while you are at work, you can always check in on them through the remote monitoring feature of home security cameras.

    All you have to do is set up an indoor camera in any part of the house and view a remote live feed of what your kids are up to. If you have pets, it can be disturbing to leave them behind when you go to work or are out on errands.

    To avoid the cost of paying someone to look after your pets, you can use a well-installed home security camera. There are advanced cameras that can alert you when your dog is barking so you can communicate with it using a two-way talk feature.

    Additionally, you can also spot destructive wildlife in your garden by installing security cameras with night vision capabilities.

    4) Comprehensive Recording

    Home security cameras are effective in protecting your property if you integrate them with a home security system. Wireless security cameras only begin recording when they detect motion. This means you could miss out on important information. 

    With home security systems, you can set the cameras to record everything, also known as 24/7 recording. To save on Wi-Fi bandwidth or internet data, you can set the cameras to start recording the moment any part of your security system is provoked.

    For example, when a motion sensor, glass-breaker sensor, or contact sensor is triggered, the camera will start recording. This means the cameras will record all the important happenings in your home.

    In Conclusion

    Home security systems are quickly gaining popularity for beefing up security in households. These systems vary depending on features such as remote monitoring, type of video recording, and wired versus wireless connections.

    For effectiveness, home security systems should be combined with other security measures such as a solid fence, an alarm system, secure doors, and windows.

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