4 Recent Advances in Solar Panel Technology

Ravindra Ambegaonkar
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    While solar panel tech is not a new concept, it is also an area in which innovations are constantly arriving to change things up and improve upon what went before.

    With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing advances seen in the recent past, and what this means for the future of renewable energy.

    Innovations in Solar Panel Efficiency

    The importance of energy efficiency is undeniable when it comes to solar panels, yet in the past they’ve been lambasted for their underwhelming performance in this regard.

    Thankfully, solar panels are becoming increasingly efficient as technology advances, and more people are using them to reduce their carbon footprint, which in turn incentivises investment in R&D.

    Recent developments in solar cell technology have made it possible for these renewable energy sources to produce more power, with less land area needed for installation. This is great news if your project has a limited space available, or if you’re looking to increase the amount of electricity generated on site without expanding its size.

    Energy Storage Solutions with Solar Power

    Having a reliable source of energy is another must, and the assumption that solar panels are only able to supply it when the sun is shining is quickly being eroded thanks to advancements in storage solutions.

    In modern setups, solar panels are connected to an inverter, and then the energy they capture is stored in batteries that act as a backup power supply.

    This eliminates the need for expensive grid-tied systems, while still providing clean energy around the clock. Additionally, solar energy storage solutions are becoming increasingly affordable and efficient, making them a great choice for any project or premises where reliable power is necessary.

    Installing Solar Panels Efficiently

    With solar panels, proper installation is central to their functionality. This means paying attention to things like roof orientation and angle, as well as ensuring there is enough space between modules so they can spread out sunlight evenly across all surfaces.

    It’s also necessary to take into account environmental factors, such as wind speeds or nearby trees, as this will help optimize how much energy your system produces over time.

    Luckily, with a modern solar design solution, all of these elements and more can be encompassed, calculated and perfected in software, before the installation work begins. Cutting edge platforms are preventing common errors, and saving solar panel adopters millions, both during installations and over the lifetime of each cell.

    Making Home Automation Easier With Smart Solar Technology

    Solar panel tech no longer exists in a vacuum, but instead benefits from being integrated with other networked hardware and software solutions to allow for advanced automation.

    For instance, this can be done through sensors and connected devices that monitor how much electricity is generated from the sun, so homeowners always have access to real-time data about their system's performance.

    As you’d expect, these smart technologies allow for automated adjustments without human intervention required, such as dimming lights or switching off appliances when they’re not needed.

    And of course it’s not just in a domestic setting where this tech comes into play. Entire commercial buildings can be overseen and orchestrated in harmony, allowing for a more eco-friendly approach to managing the power generation and consumption that takes place on-site.

    Final Thoughts

    Solar panels are a crucial aspect of the wider renewable energy market, and it is only thanks to the developments that have been made that they are able to continue growing in terms of adoption rates, and being seen as viable by businesses and consumers alike.

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