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    Construction companies are reaping the benefits of economic changes in 2020. The decreased interest and mortgage rates raised the demand for houses and buildings. In mid-2021, building permits dropped, yet housing starts rose by 6 percent. Despite the continued upsurge, the housing shortage remains a challenge across the region. 

    The challenge is no longer about stabilizing the real estate market to avert potential crises. But, it is more on speeding up construction on sold lands. Fortunately, there have been innovations in recent years, which could help reach targets. In this article, we will look at some efficient ways to expedite construction processes. 

    Make a Concrete Yet Flexible Plan 

    The success of a construction project boils down to strategic planning. As repetitive as it may sound, you cannot just start the process without having a plan. A plan will dictate how the process will go and how long it will take to finish everything. You and your staff can make a fallback when things do not go as expected. 

    For instance, change orders are inevitable, but you can save more time, money, and energy. Planning and pre-construction meetings will provide you with alternatives in worst-case scenarios. It also allows you to list and draw everything in the documents to avert ambiguity. Then, talk with your client and other parties to verify the process and designs. Having a Building Information Modeling (BIM) will help visualize your plan. It may not be common in residential buildings, but it can help minimize expenses. 

    You have to set more meetings to ensure that everyone understands every little detail. Also, you can estimate the costs and make necessary adjustments beforehand. Keep in mind that it should not take long so you can keep up with your timetable. A month is enough time. 

    Once you clear up everything, it is time to set a final meeting. You have to finalize the overall smooth process and mitigate potential issues. While duplication may still happen, you should never consider them acceptable at all times. That is why planning needs a thorough understanding to reach targets.  

    But, clients may still change their expectations. It may lead to setbacks and adjustments to the process. That is why your plan must be concrete yet flexible to changes. Your flexibility and well-managed projects will enhance your image at the end of it all. 

    Take Advantage of Technology 

    Digital and IT Transformation have gone a long way. It covers the vast majority of business processes. Workflow optimization applies not only to offices but also to field operations. Technology plays a vital role in expediting housing and building construction. Taking a look at advanced digital platforms such as Quickbase can be helpful here.

    A systematic plan and innovative methods always work hand in hand. It is now a common trend to have field service management software. You can record and speed up field operations and service processes with this tool. As such, even construction businesses have advanced ways to improve project management. 

    Like in other industries, the software helps keep track of financial transactions. In 2019, 68 percent of companies used software to project and manage finances. Safety and risk management and equipment management improved as well. Meanwhile, 47 percent of companies said that the tool helped field and labor management. 

    Also, construction companies addressed many concerns with various software programs. Fifty-one percent of companies said software helped them maintain a safe job site. Meanwhile, over 40% of them met their delivery schedules and maximized productivity. As a whole, technology enhances productivity, safety, and quality.

    Take Care and Train Your Staff 

    While the pandemic continues to wreak havoc globally, you must show that your workers matter. Despite the increased market demand, workers must not exhaust themselves. Operations are not back at total capacity as another threat spreads. The last thing you want is to see them resign in the middle of a project. 

    Listen to them because they are your eyes and ears on the project site. They are the first to determine if there are inconsistencies in the process. They can also see even the tiniest mistakes before the construction gets underway. Get in touch with them for updates and compare them with your target schedule. 

    You may help make them feel safe by encouraging them to get vaccinated without discrimination. In the US, 70 percent of employees favor mandatory vaccination. Today, many employers are requiring vaccination as the Omicron fear grows. Taking care of them avoids absences and delays. 

    Moreover, it is wise to invest in training. While laborers may have broad experience, they still need training. It will help them learn new and effective ways to do their jobs. There are more innovative techniques and equipment they may not be familiar with yet. 

    The Bottom Line

    Constructing residential and business structures is more lucrative than before. But, it can be more challenging, given the constraints amidst the huge influx of customers. It is great to know that there are effective ways to optimize the construction process. These will help you accomplish your projects and get connected with more clients. 

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