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    In this online and digital age, there are many reasons why you might be thinking about creating a home office. For example, if you’re thinking about how to start a business, you’ll need somewhere to run your business. A lot of employees are also working from home at the moment and will need somewhere to work that they can call their own and decisively for working. If that sounds like you, take a look at how you can create your home office with our guide.

    Test out your Wi-Fi

    You will never understand the horror, the sheer exhaustion, and frustration, of setting up your home office in a space you rarely use, like a spare room, and finding that the Wi-Fi doesn’t extend that far. That is something that will make you lose faith in technology and want to live in a cabin in the woods off the grid.

    So, before you do anything, before you buy furniture, or that laptop before you go to the Dragons with your business idea, check the Wi-Fi. Take a handheld device connected to the network into the room and spend some time online. We wouldn’t recommend the phone, as it will automatically use its data to try to get you what you need. Take a laptop or tablet into the room and see how the Wi-Fi performs.

    Luckily, there are a lot of solutions to this. It might be as simple as moving your office closer to the Wi-Fi, or rethinking where your broadband box is currently sitting, or you can spring for a more powerful broadband package. But the most affordable option will be to look into a Wi-Fi extender, which will boost your signal further.

    Use your space well

    It is a travesty just how much vertical space gets wasted in the home. Sure, we love our art pieces that have become so affordable and stylish lately, but there are so many walls for so much space.

    If you were to get some wall-mounted shelves you could create your library in your office, with enough space at the bottom for a desk, or even a squishy chair for reading. Use all the space you have in multiple ways. You could even fit a treadmill in there if you use your vertical space well.

    If space is more of an issue than storage, there are a lot of affordable desk options that are as minimal as possible. Simply set up a heavy-duty shelf for a desk or get a desk you can fold away after or a cupboard that will conceal your computer and pull out a drawer as a desk. These latter two options have the benefit of using that vertical space and might even have incorporated a piece of art.

    Pick your storage well

    The adage of a tidy home means a tidy mind extends to your home office too. There is simply something about having everything strewn about you that leads to your mind feeling just as cluttered, so you’ll need to establish an organizational system. And the first step to an organizational system is the furniture.

    A tip would be to go for a desk with storage to it so that everything is within arm’s reach. If you need more storage around you, opt for closed furniture, as in with doors or drawers, and not display cabinets. These will quickly look messy and cluttered, but with doors, they will be out of sight and out of mind.

    Add some mood lifters

    A home office is a great excuse to shed the bad mood that comes with walking into the office, and a lot, but not all of it, is due to the environment and atmosphere. Cubicles have been widely condemned in the past decade or so as miniature prisons of grey walls separating coworkers, with only a red stapler to give you any personality.

    There is a great opportunity for personalization here, but also a lot of room to add elements that will lift your mood. For example, you should, wherever possible, place your desk near the nearest window, allowing you to enjoy the daylight that will keep you alert and content.

    Opt for a few plants in the room too. Plants will naturally lift your mood and clear your mind. With plants oxygenating the room you will be able to think better and ease any anxiety that might arise from working. The mental health benefits of nature are endless and well documented, so bring nature into your home.

    And, since personalization is as free as the air you breathe in your own home, you can add any motivators that might help you work. This can be worked by other people in your industry you admire, like an evidence board of admired work, or you can add personal motivators, like family pictures around the world “Do it for her”, a la Homer Simpson.

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