Top Ways to Easily Make 3D Models

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    3D modeling seems a huge global trend nowadays and it is hard to find someone who has never tried creating at least a simple piece of decoration or a toy to fascinate friends or surprise the loved one. Thanks to the rapid advancement of modern technologies, unleashing your inner engineer is much easier than it was even a decade ago, given a plethora of dedicated software, innovative 3D printers, and a bunch of other handy perks.

    While in the recent past, 3D modeling was a privilege of engineers, multimedia artists, or other specially educated for this purpose experts, today more and more ordinary“ people decide to give a go to this amazing process of designing beautiful, useful, and what’s the most important, unique things. If you are one of those who want to try their hand at designing 3D models, here are the top ways to make them easily, fast, and always be content with the results!

    What is a 3D Model?

    Put simply, a 3D model is a product that resulted from developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface or object with the use of special software. Regardless of whether it is about an inanimate or living object, it can be either created automatically or manually. The latter, of course, a far more complicated process that seeks certain skills in preparing geometric data for 3D computer graphics, hence it is more akin to the real art of sculpting.

    A so-called 3D rendering allows for a 3D model being displayed as a two-dimensional image while you can also take advantage of a computer simulation of physical phenomena to see your brainchild in all its glory. Naturally, the final step in your amazing DIY project is turning a picture into a physical object with the help of 3D printing devices. 

    From Scratch to Success

    When you are completely satisfied with what you’ve designed, your 3D model is ready to become a beautiful piece of jewelry, cute frame, name badge, wedding decoration, or who knows, some electronic enclosures or sophisticated robots – in other words, whatever you meant it to be. As incredible as it may seem, you can make all conceivable and inconceivable stuff by cutting a sheet of material. 

    Quite reasonably, metal is one of the most often used materials as plenty of things are made from all types of steel, aluminum, or copper alloys. The best and easiest way to get your desired 3D model is to use an online laser cutting service, that ensures the perfect embodiment of your dream. This advantageous type of cutting is also suitable for a wide range of non-metal materials such as MDF, acrylic, wood, card, paper, to name just a few.

    What is the Easiest Way to Create a 3D Model?

    To create your perfect 3D model from scratch, you need a special software program. Fortunately, we live in the ear of fast-evolving, innovative technologies and you have a plethora of options at your disposal, what’s more, the great bulk of them are free. Not so long ago, you had to spend a fortune to enjoy the benefits of decent modeling software. More than that, you also had to spend a heck of a lot of time to learn how to use it.

    Today, the market simply bursts of state-of-the-art solutions intended for both amateur and professional use. Just a heads up, if you are just a beginner, do not rush to spend your hard-earned money on a kind of can-do-everything wonder but rather look for a free tool able to suit the purpose. 

    Which Type of Modeling Software Do I Need?

    As types and characteristics of modeling software may vary greatly from one to another, do not underestimate the importance of research. Check out expert reviews and experiences of real users at some trusted dedicated platforms to figure out which product is the easiest to use and doesn’t come with hidden surprises. 

    If you are plotting to bring your unique piece of art to life, look only for software that uses solid modeling intended to generate models that are “manifold” or “watertight“. The point is, all walls of the manifold object have a certain thickness, which is a must-have for 3D printing. In its turn, software that uses polygon modeling tends to generate walls that, by default, have zero thickness, which is great for creating action-packed games but absolutely useless when you want to print out your creation. 

    This is not to say, polygon software is not capable of delivering manifold models, but using it is definitely far from being an easy way to do it as it takes more steps and calls for experience. Follow our advice and good luck with your perfect 3D model!

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