Construction Administration Engineering Services

Proper monitoring is key to an efficient construction project. Ensure workmanship quality and proper building department sign-offs, even when you can't be around.

Expert Construction Administration Service

Engineering Design Reviews

To launch your project for success from the start, we review your engineering designs to ensure maximum efficiency & identify areas to cut costs.

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Progress Reporting

We survey your construction site, and provide a detailed progress report on how your project is coming along.

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Successful Project Outcomes

By ensuring workmanship quality, and optimal engineering design, you can be confident in meeting expectations & project deadlines.

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Our Construction Administration Solutions

You can't always be around to ensure your project is running smoothly. Poor workmanship quality or cutting corners in the construction process can set your project up for failure down the line. 

Our construction administration services calms these fears for building owners. We provide progress reports, site surveys, and review engineering designs to set your project up for success, and continually check-in throughout the course of the project to ensure proper protocol is followed with each step. 

We offer this service at three different levels: Complete, Basic, and As-Needed. Depending on the level of involvement you feel you need for your project, we're there to help ensure successful outcomes for your project.

We have expertise with a wide range of construction administration engineering projects. Know more about our industry-specific projects here.

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"I just want to tell you how highly I think of Jahnavi. She was in a meeting today with the client and commanded the room, was totally informed, and very helpful in moving the process forward to conclusion."

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