Pet Valu, RI


Pet Valu was planning to open a new store in an existing commercial building in Cumberland, Rhode Island. The place was a big white box space with existing electrical, domestic water, and sewer services provided by the base building.

Following were the challenges while designing the Pet Valu store-

  • Design the MEP system using existing base building services.
  • Keep the cost low and maintain Pet Valu design standards.
  • Running the services from the existing service location to the new space by keeping the other existing commercial stores operational



NY Engineers were focused to come up with the best possible solution which is not time-consuming and affordable to the client.

We found the best possible routing for the sewer and water piping without affecting the operations of other stores. Water, sewer, and electrical power load were calculated and satisfied within the available existing load in compliance with all local codes, energy conservation codes, and Pet Valu design standard requirements.

The plumbing drain piping layout was designed with the aim to lower the material cost.

The whole MEP system for Pet Valu was designed within 2 weeks resulting in faster DOB approval and functioning before the planned timeline.

Area - 4150 Sq. Ft.

Services Used - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

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