Five Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

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    Key Takeaways :

    • a roof replacement is a significant investment, the price of waiting or delaying the job can be way higher. 

    • Don't forget to review your home improvement records to determine how long your roof had replacement. Additionally, knowing the date of the roof installation can also provide insight into its remaining lifespan. 

    Most homeowners barely pay attention to their roofs until something terrible happens. The roof is a crucial element responsible for protecting against the elements and a critical factor in the health of your house. It serves as the ultimate barrier between your household and the elements, so keeping your roof in good shape and knowing when it's time for a replacement are crucial parts of preserving a safe home. Although a roof replacement is a significant investment, the price of waiting or delaying the job can be way higher.  

    Once you notice leaks or moisture damage due to an ineffective roof, expect frequent repairs and mold formation. Homeowners should regularly monitor for the indications showing it's time for a roof replacement. A complete roof replacement in Virginia is a tremendous job that professionals should handle. Once you notice any of the telltale signs during your routine roof inspection, it might be time to get in touch with a local roofer in Fairfax to find out if there’s a need for a new roof.  


    Roof Considerations To Watch Out

    If you suspect that it's time for a new roof, you should first inspect the attic. Bring a flashlight and go under the eaves to check for streams of light flowing through the roof or stains and discoloration, which are signs of a leaky roof. Don't forget to review your home improvement records to determine how long your roof had replacement. Additionally, knowing the date of the roof installation can also provide insight into its remaining lifespan.  

    Here are the five signs it's time to replace your roof with a new one:

    1. Old Roof 

    One of the chief factors determining the need for a roof replacement job is the current age of your roof. Generally, the majority of roofs can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. When what you have is more than 20 years old, your home will significantly benefit from a roof replacement.  

    Although some roofs might still look intact, it can have several structural problems as it starts to age. If the roof is beginning to get older, it's best to consider a roof replacement soon to avoid costly and frequent repairs.  

    Certain materials are likely to endure longer than others. Clay, slate, and copper are good examples of long-lasting materials that can endure up to 50 years. Since a roof replacement job is a significant investment, you might want to consider choosing materials that can last longer and more durable.

    1. Mold Formation And Moisture

    If your attic lacks proper ventilation, the warm moist air rises and ends up in the space. As condensation starts to form, it can lead to rust and allow the growth of mold.  

    The formation of mold and algae is more than an aesthetic problem for your home. If you ignore them, it can result in the rotting of the roof structure. Aside from the structural integrity, both mold and mildew can become health hazards. With this in mind, your roof should have proper ventilation.  

    When there’s evident mold and algae growth, it's not advisable to power wash or scrape the residue. Doing so will remove or chip off the granules, making your shingles useless. The best option is no other than getting a roof replacement.  

    1. Buckling Or Curling Of The Shingles 

    Once the shingles in the roof start to buckle or curl, it's a clear sign you need a roof replacement. In most instances, the curling and buckling typically happen due to moisture, aging, and constant exposure to heat. Both are indications of weathering as well as potential issues such as the possible formation of leaks.  

    When the shingles are curling, they’re prone to wind and ice damage, and they can readily crack or break away due to the force exerted on them. If you have asphalt shingles, they have a specific lifespan, and once it’s closing into its end, it'll show signs of wear. Once you detect that some of the shingles are starting to peel away, it's a sign they’re in the course of breaking down.  

    Over time, if you're unable to replace the buckling or cracking shingles, your home will undergo exposure to various elements. The peeling or curling shingles will allow the entry of water, which can end up being trapped. The moisture that enters beneath can lead to rot and leaks.  

    1. Light Streaming Into The Attic 

    If light can move through the roof, it only means that rain, moist air, and even animals and insects can quickly enter the attic and into your home. Once you see beams of light in your attic, it indicates a leak, so don't hesitate to contact a professional as soon as possible.  

    If you're handy, you can check out the area. Ensure that it's dark and look around for any light penetrating through the edges or potential holes on the roof. Remember that if you see the light, water can also seep through. It can be a minor or major issue, but it's best to take action to avoid costly repairs in the long run.  


    1. Sagging Roof 

    Once the roof in your home starts to sag, it's an issue of immediate concern. Remember that a sagging roof is a clear indication of a structural problem. A sagging roof might be due to the decking in the attic or a structure supporting the foundation. In most instances, when a roof is sagging, it's typically due to water damage or excessive weight from snow and ice.

    Although a sagging roof isn’t necessarily an impending threat, it'll be easier to manage it when it only manifests in a small area before it becomes worse. You can readily inspect for sagging by checking the roofline to determine if there's a dip, curve, or swag.  



    The roof must be structurally sound to ensure you and your family are safe from the elements. Once you notice these signs on your roof, don't wait any longer and get in touch with a professional for a roof replacement.  

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