Promising Tactics That Will Drive Your Field Service Business Forward

Ravindra Ambegaonkar
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    Whether you are in the plumbing, electrician, or air-conditioning industry, if you want to drive your field service business forward, you need to utilize tactics that streamline operations and improve efficiency. Thankfully, there are some simple methods you can employ to do precisely that.

    Use Field Service Software to Automate and Streamline Operations

    Time is money. Every business knows that. Yet, some companies still do not utilize modern software solutions to automate and streamline their operations, thus saving time. Automating operations is much more efficient than traditional whiteboard methods. You can automate and streamline things like job booking, scheduling, dispatching, and job history tracking. However, some field service software packages go way beyond those basics and include helpful elements like:

    •   Accounting tools to ensure accurate and up-to-date financial reports.
    •   Market attribution measuring tools to find out which marketing campaigns work best.
    •   Employee performance tracking tools to discover what skills specific employees have and how their skills may be best utilized.
    •   Membership and service agreement management tools, which enable you to add prepaid membership checkups.

    Collect and Analyze Data to Make Informed Decisions

    By using software and cloud analytic tools, you can collect and analyze vast amounts of data to help you improve your field service. You can use analysis tools to discover things like:

    •   Driver behavior.
    •   The speed of service.
    •   Delivery logs.
    •   Routing records.
    •   The amount of time spent on sites.
    •   Customer data.

    By having access to such data, you can use it to improve your operational efficiency. For instance, you could identify which technicians work fastest, who completes most assignments, and what the fastest travel routes are. And you can use customer data for marketing purposes.

    Identify Seasonal Patterns to Plan Accordingly

    Some factors will be out of your control when it comes to forecasting service demand, such as power outages or bad weather. But there are other seasonal patterns that you can evaluate to avoid potential problems. You should perform resource capacity planning and track data so that you can spot any seasonal patterns or service spikes on a monthly basis and then prepare schedules accordingly.

    Get Rid of the Need for Data Re-entry to Speed Up Processes

    If your business requires field workers to enter data both on-site manually and again in the office, digitally, you are wasting time and resources. Get rid of the need for data re-entry by using mobile tools like adjustable business apps. They make the process of data entry much easier and more efficient, as technicians can simply enter data on-site. The data can then immediately be processed by your business’s central server, making it available to anyone with access. Using adjustable business apps to collect data also enables technicians to have more time to focus on jobs.

    Perform Regular Preventative Maintenance to Improve Operations

    By performing regular preventative maintenance, you can improve your business’s services, profitability, and scheduling problems. It can be challenging to find field workers to handle emergency jobs immediately, and it can throw off the rest of the technician’s schedule. But preventative maintenance reduces the frequency of emergencies and keeps you in control of your schedule. It also means you do not have to worry about equipment failure. And by conducting regular preventative maintenance, you will improve customer satisfaction.

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