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    Architectural engineering requires learning the foundations of engineering, building design and structural analysis. Architectural engineering is closely linked to construction, design and planning, offering students a diversity of job opportunities. 

    The students who wish to pursue a career in this exciting and challenging field are sure to find related fields in which to ply their knowledge and can look forward to a fulfilling career. The question then arises as to which university will be best to serve student ambitions.

    Harvard University

    Students will need to have at least a 3.5 GPA to gain access to the architectural engineering courses at Harvard. At a push, promising students with a 2.0 GPA, which is the cut-off point, can motivate to get registered for this course. School of Design at Harvard University has been ranked as one of the top institutions by Design Intelligence for students who wish to pursue careers in this field.

    Graduates from this institution confirm that presentation and communication skills at Harvard University are at a premium, together with design theory and practice which puts this University high on the list of universities with the best engineering degrees online and on campus. 

    Students also claim a high level of teaching in terms of healthy built environments and practice management. Harvard graduates have also been one of the most popular pools of knowledge for hire by potential employers, which all confirm that this is a leading university in the field of architectural engineering.

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    Columbia University

    Situated in Manhattan on the grounds of Trinity Church, Columbia University has earned many accolades and is one of the premium Ivy League research universities in the U.S. Ranked number five for being one of the oldest higher learning institutions in the country; GSAPP Columbia University also enjoys high praise for its architectural engineering program with Design Intelligence.

    Noted for the value of its architectural engineering course, students maintain that Columbia University enjoys a strong reputation for the utilization of its design technologies such as BIM, VR, AI, AR, and many others. 

    Graduates have also been impressed with the institution's presentation and communication skills, together with the design theory and practice offered. Altogether, Columbia University offers students a strong foundational education to pursue their dreams and goals in this field of study.

    Architectural course-min (1)

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)

    MIT Architecture is among the top five higher learning destinations in the world. M.I.T. is globally recognized as a leader in design studies and is consistently at the top of global rankings for built environment and architectural engineering schools. 

    Currently, M.I.T. stands at number one in the world in this field, as evaluated by the QS World Ranking list.

    Students with a low GPA rate are unlikely to gain access to M.I.T., whose acceptance rate stands at a mere 6.7 percent. Access to this institution is highly competitive, with only top national and international students being successful, which is why it consistently achieves first and second place rankings with international evaluation boards. 

    Even with top GPA rates, excellent test scores and essays, and brilliant recommendation letters, students still only have a small chance of acceptance at this institute.

    Yale University

    Ranked lower on the scale for engineering and architectural fields than the other universities mentioned here, Yale University nevertheless has a similarly strict rate of student acceptance as that of M.I.T. 

    Yale University typically accepts fewer than 7 percent of annual applications for registration. All indications are that students should have at least a 4 GPA score to get into Yale, which is on par with Harvard’s minimum admission standards.

    On average, Yale University student impressions fall below that of Harvard and Columbia universities in terms of presentation and communication of courses, the design theory and practice, sustainable built environments and other features as determined by Design Intelligence ratings related to students.

    Princeton University

    Princeton University SOA trumps the others when it comes to minimum requirements for student admission. Students who wish to register here for a course in architectural engineering will need to achieve at least a SAT score of 1440 because the acceptance rate is a minuscule 5 percent of applications.

    In terms of Design Intelligence ratings from the student’s perspective, Princeton does not score too well. Research capabilities are highly ranked for this university, but this institute doesn’t feature in elements such as practice management, project planning and management, or healthy built environments. 

    All of these are the mainstay of contemporary architectural engineering requirements. Perhaps this is partially due to the institution’s strict acceptance rate, or because its focus is on other fields.


    Students will typically make an application to their university of choice, based on a variety of factors. These factors encompass location, accessibility in terms of scores and finances, and whether similar reputable courses are offered elsewhere. These five institutions enjoy the highest rankings based on different elements. Students are encouraged to engage in deeper research to identify the higher learning institute that best matches their needs.

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    Vendy Adams is an admission counselor working with students to help them get into the best universities and succeed in their careers. She’s also a talented academic writer and helps students with personal statements, essays, thesis and dissertation writing. In her free time, she takes yoga classes, plays tennis and writes short stories. She can be contacted on


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