What You Need to Know About Business Architects

Ravindra Ambegaonkar
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    As we continue to delve deeper into technology, companies need people who analyze and create success strategies for growth. But when it comes to creating that strategy, business analysts are just one part of the puzzle. You also need a business architect to shape your business from the ground up. In this guide, you’ll learn what a business architect is and how they help you reach your business objectives.

    Why Business Architecture is Important

    Even though your corporation’s policies and procedures may remain the same, the external environment is always changing. Your customers’ needs also change, which means you need to continually stay one step ahead to deliver results. Your business model, even if it’s been lucrative, still needs to change with demand. Your value proposition also needs to align with your offerings. And if you’re transitioning to a more digital way of business, you need a business architect to create profitable value streams.

    What is a Business Architect?

    In simple terms, a business architect analyzes a corporation’s needs and creates a strategy to help them reach their goals. They create roadmaps for strategy and execution. They are not business analysts nor product managers.

    Communication Skills

    Business architects are exceptional communicators. They not only communicate their ideas logically, but they also listen with intent. They understand the importance of both skill sets and how they fit into the overarching corporate model. Most importantly, they express themselves in such a way that even complex issues are easier to understand. While they might use tech to cut costs that does not mean that in-person communicative efforts are ceased. 

    Successful business architects possess certain skills that make them a valuable part of a corporation. They offer insight into current and future strategies, as well as insight into how these strategies may impact a business financially. These include business flow diagrams with tasks, activities and events and gateways.

    Customer Centric

    While their main goal is to help businesses thrive, their efforts are customer centric. They utilize buyer journey maps to create strategic roadmaps for businesses to follow.

    Surpasses Business Objectives

    Quality business architects do more than meet your goals; they surpass them. By identifying both weaknesses and strengths, architects create strategic roadmaps that involve present goals and objectives, transitional periods and future endeavors.

    They Have Credentials

    Seasoned business strategists and analysts make great business architects. Certified business architects also usually hold a BA in finance, computer science or IT. If you’re thinking about changing careers, but still have outstanding student loan debt, Earnest student loan refinance might be right for you. When you apply through a private lender, you can roll your current loans into a new one. You do need to reside in certain states, attend at least part-time and your credit score is at least 700.

    Sharp Financial Skills

    CBAs are also good at looking for ways to reduce spending to save a corporation money. They look for areas in which value can be increased and overspending deceased, specifically, processes that provide little to no value. They can then create value streams that increase profit while lowering the cost of project investment.

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