Inner Face Lounge


Inner Face Lounge was planning to open a new wellness center in Severa Park, Maryland. The place was a small white box space with existing electrical, water, and sanitary services provided by the base building.

The client was looking for a low-cost design by utilizing the existing services provided by the base building.

Following were the challenges- 

  1. Design the MEP system using existing base building services.
  2. Design the HVAC system with no roof directly above the space.
  3. Running the services from the existing service location to the new space by keeping the other existing commercial stores operational.

Inner Face Lounge


Our team of design experts took the challenge and found the best possible routing for the sanitary and water piping without affecting the operations of other retail stores.

A variable refrigerant flow system was proposed for air conditioning to avoid the roof space requirements. Domestic water & drainage load was calculated and satisfied within the available existing load. As the existing electrical service was not sufficient for the new load, the new electrical service was designed in compliance with all local and energy conservation requirements. A small domestic hot water heater was provided to reduce the equipment space.

We saved the cost and time for the client by providing clash-free, quick, and affordable design within 2 weeks which resulted in the smooth start-up of a new wellness center before the timeline.

Scope includes plumbing, HVAC & electrical.

Area- 1000 sq. ft.

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