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Tackle Danger On The Spot.

A fire inside a building is a sure way to send everyone into a state of panic. It’s the worst case scenario for most people, and even those who never saw it before know that it’s terrible news. Indoor fires put your clients, your workers, your investment, and yourself in danger- so it’s not something to take lightly.

However, as much as indoor fires are a classic problem, a sprinkler system is an excellent solution. It’s easy to find someone who can tell you how important they are and how they’ve saved them.

Sprinklers have become an industry standard when it comes to safety measures.

Lucky for you, New York Engineers are experts in installing sprinkler systems. You can be confident that we’ll provide you with flawless results and the most efficient product you’ll try.

Don’t take safety lightly; you never know when a disaster may strike, but you can be sure that it’ll be stopped. We design and install efficient fire sprinkler systems that can mitigate fires before you need to call the fire department.

Our solutions ensure the safeguard of property and lives and prevent fires from turning into disasters.

Sprinklers: A Convenient Solution To Protect Lives.

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1. What Are Sprinklers?

Sprinklers are small devices that are located in roofs. They’re connected to water pipes, one after the other.

They’re one of the most basic—but essential—systems to keep fires at bay, for they provide anyone with an immediate response as soon as the signs of a fire are detected. Our designs let them sprinkle water in a wide radius around them in significant volumes, putting out any flame that can be found in their vicinity.

Ideally, they’re placed in groups inside rooms and hallways and are usually connected to a device that spots changes in room temperature.

2. How Do Sprinklers Function?

Sprinklers spray water around them, covering the area surrounding each sprinkler. The amount of water sprayed per second lets them put out fires almost immediately.

Contrary to what many people believe, sprinkler systems work by detecting heat—not smoke. It’s easy to believe the latter due to how the smoke travels upwards and into the detectors, but as smoke may come from other sources, using it as a signal could cause the sprinklers to activate when they don’t have to.

3. Are Fire Sprinklers Important?

Sprinklers are the most efficient way to stop an indoors fire since they act as soon as the danger arises.

A sprinkler system is much faster than manually putting out fires. You can spend precious minutes looking for the fire extinguisher and then moving towards the fire- but sprinklers will act in seconds, and saving time means saving lives in these situations.

Our fire sprinklers encourage you to take a preventive measure to deal with hazards and calamities.

4. What Is the Ideal Placement for Sprinklers?

Sprinklers are a common sight in hallways and rooms where fire could present an issue.

It's obvious you’re not going to place them in a kitchen, or they would always go off. Sprinklers should be placed where you can find flammable objects or other fire hazards.

The number of sprinklers needed will depend on the size of the space you’re going to install them, and they should have enough distance between them so that they can cover their entire radius.

Our team determines the right placement of the fire sprinklers and installs them at strategic spots to help prevent the spread of fire.

5. Are Fire Sprinklers Efficient?

Sprinkler systems activate in mere seconds after the temperature inside a room starts rising noticeably, signaling a fire.

Their immediate action is impossible to match by using a fire extinguisher, so they’re much better than manually putting out the fire. Additionally, sprinklers save you money since they cost less than a fire extinguisher.

Putting out fires yourself can give it enough time to grow, and that’s what you want to avoid the most! Our fire sprinkler solutions bring you peace of mind- always!

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Efficient Sprinkler Systems for Maximum Safety


What Advantages Do Sprinklers Bring?

  1. Immediate Action

Sprinklers activate as soon as fire begins to form, so the menace is eliminated quickly.

That’s the most critical part of reducing damage and ensuring the safety of others as well as your business. Fire can get out of control very fast, and your best bet is to attack the moment you spot it; sprinklers are the best way to achieve this.

Otherwise, the situation will escalate until you may not be able to control it!

  1. Cost-Effective

Sprinklers aren’t just useful in putting out fires, but they’re also effective in saving your money.

First, you have the obvious: sprinklers prevent damage to any investment, personnel, and clients. The money you’ll spend on sprinklers is much lower than what you’ll spend fixing the damage.

Second, sprinklers work by using regular water, which is also cheaper than fire extinguishers, so they save money in two different ways!

  1. Automatic Function

The best part about installing a sprinkler system is that you won’t need to worry about spotting the fire before putting it out; you won’t even need to mind detecting the flames in the first place, for the sprinkler system does so automatically.

That—again—saves a lot of time that’s then spent on putting out the hazard.

When you’re running a business, you want to be able to pay full attention to what needs to be done to make it grow. Always watching out for danger is a way to waste your time, which can be spent on more productive issues.

Even better, you won’t have to worry about a fire getting out of hands because you didn’t notice it at first.

  1. Less Room For Error.

The human factor can be problematic when a disaster occurs, and if a fire is involved, then the issue increases significantly.

Having people take care of fires can result in a higher state of panic, and panic itself can be an obstacle when solving the issue, for it can cloud judgment and make anyone clumsy.

Sprinklers have a single function, and the automatic nature of the system makes it so that human emotions won’t interfere in it.

A Complete Approach To The Industry

We Offer Many Services.

Our company knows that each person has their own needs, and we’ve expanded with time to cover all the requirements you may have to start or breathe new life into your projects.

We take ventures seriously, for they’re the lives of our clients, so we want to give you all the services to keep them going!

  1. Construction Work.

Starting a new project can be very hard for many people, and we know everyone needs help now and then.

We offer trained professionals that go beyond your standard construction worker, and we use nothing but the best tools available in the market today.

From homes to business, we’ve worked with almost anything you can imagine, so you can trust us to start on the right foot!

  1. System Installation.

If you already have your building but need to protect it, we got your back!

Our services include installing all types of systems so that all of your spaces are well protected from harm. Fire alarms, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and many more are just a part of what we can fit into your buildings.

Installing a smoke detector can be easy, but once you start seeing the need to grow your protective system, you may find yourself needing help.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste and take steps to protect it!

  1. Consulting.

We understand those who enjoy doing everything on their own, but there’s usually no reasons not to look for answers when you need them.

Our expert engineers can give you all the insight you need before you set out on any projects. That way, you can make sure you’ll do everything right and won’t need to fix anything you broke accidentally.

From personal plans to materials and methods, we can give you our opinions and knowledge whenever you need them, so your work enjoys good quality and lasting results!

4. Planning.

Do you have all the tools and the will necessary to start your project but lack the blueprints and the knowledge to make them?

Well, you’re in luck! We offer planning and design services for all of our clients who want to kickstart their own ventures but find themselves lacking the right guide.

You can have your own team of expert engineers and architects provide the design of your dreams as you demand. It’s the best way to translate the image you have in your mind into a tangible guide to making it possible!

  1. Maintenance And Repairs.

Even if we had nothing to do with your project from the beginning, we can offer you the best services to keep it healthy.

Did you or anyone use low-quality materials? We can fix all the damages that come from time and offer you a better and stronger building! Did time start doing its thing and your systems are getting old? We can upgrade it to the most modern version available.

We’re used to working with various and diverse materials, tools, and devices, so you can rest assured that we can keep your investment running.

It doesn’t matter where it came from; what matters is that it keeps going!

  1. Structure Assessment.

You may hear a creak you didn’t hear before. You may spot a crack on a wall that wasn’t there yesterday. You may feel the floor is somewhat lower or higher in a specific location in your home.

Everyone can feel whenever something’s odd about their house or office, but it’s hard to know exactly what it is unless you’re a trained professional.

Thankfully, that’s precisely what we offer: experts who can diagnose whatever’s wrong in any building in record time. Our service covers evaluating support beams, floor panels, foundations, and many more apart from virtually any material you can use to make them!

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Professional Fire Sprinkler Installations


Why Choose New York Engineers?

The market for construction work is fierce, and any work can be done by dozens of companies who promise the best results. However, New York Engineers sets itself apart from the rest thanks to our working philosophy.

We may not offer you the entire world, but we can offer:

  1. Your Vision Turned Into Reality.

We are extremely careful when meeting our clients and their wishes. We love to provide each customer with the image they had in their heads when they called us.

All of our work is open for insight, and you can request the changes you want as you see fit.

  1. The Best Price-To-Quality Ratio.

Years of experience have taught us many hacks and workarounds that help us reduce your budget as much as possible.

The best part is that it doesn’t change the quality of our work! You’ll still get the same materials and workers.

  1. Specialized Teams.

Each member of New York Engineers goes through our training and study program to ensure each worker is the best version of themselves.

Time has proven our methods repeatedly, and we make sure that each one of our team members knows how to do what needs to be done.

  1. Efficiency.

Everything merges into a full package that allows you to have great results in the shortest time possible.

We won’t change the way your environment look unless you want to, and we won’t even disrupt the neighbors! Our team is made up of professionals only, and they know that the best way to work is to give their 100%!

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