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FDNY Permits

Professional guidance and filing of FDNY permits and approvals

Any construction or alteration work in New York must comply not only with building codes, but also with fire codes. The fire codes are implemented by the  New York City Fire Department (FDNY). The department is also in charge of reviewing plans, carrying out inspections and issuing permits for buildings and building systems.

All construction undertaken in the city needs to follow the fire codes and regulations laid down by FDNY. This is to ensure the safety of the occupants and the buildings so that incidents or fires can be prevented. The codes also ensure proper fire preparedness and systems to tackle accidents arising out of combustible materials and fires.

The New York City Fire Code was updated in 2014 and sets forth fire safety requirements for all buildings and businesses. Apart from emergency preparedness the codes also regulate the use and storage of combustible materials, activities of businesses and residences that pose fire hazards and the design and operation of buildings that involve combustible materials.

New York Engineers makes it simple for you to comply with the fire codes and FDNY regulations. We create foolproof plans and designs for buildings that comply with all applicable rules and codes.

Our team also undertakes designing of fire prevention systems and related installations following FDNY guidelines. We file all applications with the FDNY and also offer expedited approval service for residential and commercial clients.

We also carry out inspections of buildings and fire systems to ensure they are in compliance with all codes. Our team of dedicated engineers and architects always have your success in mind in everything they do!

Do all constructions need FDNY permits?

constructions need FDNY permits

Most construction work apart from minor alterations will need to follow the fire codes. This is applicable for new buildings as well as renovations which may impact fire safety or fire systems. For example, any work that impacts fire escape routes or exits will need clearance from the FDNY. Sometimes an old building will also need to confirm that it is up to the recent codes.

Whether you need a permit or not depends on the scope of your project. If you are unsure, it's best to hire an architect or engineer who can determine the necessary permits required for your project. 

The architect or engineer will review your plans and implications of your construction and how they affect fire safety. They can provide advice on the fire systems you need to install and any other changes that might be necessary. You can also depend on them to carry out inspections to find any discrepancies before the final FDNY inspection. You can correct the errors on time to get your final approval.

In short, most new construction and buildings will need a permit from the FDNY. You can contact with us to determine the permits you need so that you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure the successful completion of your project.

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FDNY fire codes and permits

The FDNY fire codes cover a vast area and encompass everything that can lead to a fire or help mitigate it. The fire codes of the FDNY is classified into chapters detailing instructions and standards for construction and safety equipment.

Building owners might find it difficult and stringent to follow the fire codes. That's why it is always best to go for professional assistance to get your permits right in the first attempt.

Let's explore some of the common fire codes of FDNY :

Hoistway and Shaftway Protection

The fire codes mandate all accesses leading to hoistways and shaftways to be secured and protected. The exterior shaftways must be designed in a way to allow access by the Fire Department. They must serve as a communication between two or more floors of the building and must have "Shaftway" written on them in red letters on a white background.

Open Fires

The FDNY also determines the measures to be used when you plan to light open fires in your premises. For instance, if you plan to use an outdoor barbecue, then you must design your property with a water supply nearby or install a portable fire extinguisher. The water outlet or fire extinguisher should be readily accessible and meet the requirements of FC906.

Fire Sprinklers

All buildings over the height of 100 feet in New York must have a fire sprinkler system. But just installing a fire sprinkler system isn't enough, you also need to comply with additional guidelines.

For example, the fire sprinklers must follow standards and rules laid down by the NFPA. The standards put forth the minimum requirements for fire sprinkler design and provide the baseline for testing and inspections.

Fire sprinklers must also be in accordance with Chapter 9 of the local fire and building code. The codes set rules for maintenance, inspections and installation of the systems.

Various fire protection systems also have to follow the standards of the NFPA. They include portable fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems, foam water sprinkler systems, wet chemical fire extinguishing systems, water-based fire protection systems, aerosol fire extinguishers and more.

Fire Alarm Code

Along with fire sprinklers, the NFPA also determines the standards for fire alarm systems. The NFPA 72 outlines the requirements for installing, inspecting, testing and maintaining of the fire alarm systems.

In addition, you also need to comply with Chapter 9 of the fire code. You also have to submit the documents related to fire alarm system to the Fire Department before installation. The codes also determine the types of fire alarm and detection systems required for various environments.

Electrical Equipment and Wiring

The fire codes state that all electrical equipment and wiring should be installed to avoid hazardous situations. The codes also outline many design specifications, such as providing illumination for service equipment areas, electrical panelboards and motor control centers. You will also have to keep other considerations in mind like allowing proper clearances in front of electrical service equipment.

We have just given you a sample of a few codes which you need to follow. You have to be aware of all the codes and implications when you inspect a building or create your plans for FDNY approval. Our engineers and architects have knowledge of all the codes mentioned in the 45 chapters in the New York City Fire Code. We are also aware of the latest industry developments and best practices which ensure your plans sail through the approval process without any hindrances.

It's always wise to have your plans drafted by a professional so that you don't need to correct or change them afterward. A foolproof plan or design gets quick approval from the FDNY and saves you both time and cost.

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Full-Scale FDNY Planning, Filing and Approval Service


What can New York Engineers do for you?

New York Engineers can ensure full compliance of your construction or building to all fire codes and regulation of the FDNY. We have a team of competent engineers and architects who stay on top of all fire and buildings codes to help our clients effectively.

Here's a brief overview of what we can do for you :

  1. Surveys and Inspections

We will send our team of qualified professionals to survey and inspect the current state of your building. Our review will include all building components that fall under the FDNY regulations, such as fire detection systems and fire protection systems. Based on the inspection, we can prepare a full list of services necessary to address the issues or discrepancies.

We can also design full system replacements and additions to your current infrastructure to make them compliant. Our team will carry out comprehensive survey of all related building systems so that we can create accurate and detailed plans.

  1. Plans and Designs

We will draw up a complete plan with all the necessary changes based on the findings of our inspection. If you are constructing a new building, our team will develop the plans following all the applicable fire codes and restrictions.

We prepare full floor plans and riser diagrams as required by the Fire Department for issuing a permit. Our team also handles the designing of fire detection systems and fire protection systems and determine their optimum placement. The plans will accommodate all regulations like allowing spaces for fire escapes, clear passage to shaftways, use of appropriate materials and finishes and so on.

  1. Filing and Applications

We will submit all necessary plans and documents to the FDNY. Our team will work with FDNY officials to get your permit in the shortest time possible. The Fire Department will issue the permit after reviewing your plans and ensuring the design meets all applicable codes.

After you receive the permit, you can begin your construction.

Construction Administration

Your construction should follow the plans accurately so that you can avoid any changes that violate the codes. You can work with our recommended contractors where we can guarantee a zero-change order. We will also manage and oversee the construction work, ensuring everything is built according to the FDNY-approved plans.

Proper construction prevents any deviations from the plans and saves you additional work and expenses that may occur for non-compliance.

If opted, our engineers will also oversee the installation of your fire detection and protection systems. This ensures that your work will be quickly approved by the FDNY after the construction is complete.

  1. Pre-Inspection

Your building, fire detection systems and fire protection systems will need to go through another round of inspections to get the final approval from FDNY. We will inspect your project and verify compliance with the approved plans from the Fire Department.

We will list all deviations and discrepancies so that your contractor can resolve them before the inspection by the FDNY.

  1. Assistance with FDNY Inspections

If you want, we can send our engineers to be present when the FDNY sends its inspection team. Our presence will make sure that the inspections go smoothly without any problems. We can also address issues and concerns of the inspector and help him as necessary.

It's always wise to have someone who can answer all the questions that come up during the inspection.

  1. Final Approvals

The final step in the compliance process is to obtain the Letter of Approval from the FDNY. Our team will follow up with the Fire Department to expedite the process and get your approval without delays. If any additional issues are identified, we will ensure they are addressed in a timely manner.

Following is a list of additional services we offer for our clients-

  • Comprehensive design of fire protection systems
  • Comprehensive design of fire alarm systems
  • Designing fire protection plans
  • Design of floor plans or fire safety and emergency action plans
  • Consultation on fire and building codes
  • Expedited approvals from FDNY
  • Expedited services for FDNY inspections and Letter of Approval
  • Pre-inspection of fire systems and installations
  • Remedial plans for FDNY and fire code violations
  • Diligence reporting

Ad-noc FDNY filing and approval expedited service

FDNY filing and approval

It's not necessary to hire us for the complete process, though it's recommended to save your efforts. If you want, we can help you with FDNY filing and approvals on an ad-hoc basis. We have registered filing representatives authorized by the FDNY to handle your permit process.

We will interpret the plans and decide the permits you need to apply for. Our team will handle all document submission and coordinate with the Fire Department for a smooth and timely permit. We offer expedited approval services based on your needs so that you can begin your construction on time.

Contact us today to know more about FDNY permits for your project.

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