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Building and fire codes in cities like Chicago, New York etc enforce the installation of sprinkler systems in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13 (Standard for Installation of Sprinkler Systems). With a fully sprinklered building design, you can get quick approval of your building permit from relevant authorities.

A fully sprinklered building design, as in the name, is a building design that is fully armed with sprinkler systems as fire suppression systems against any possible fire outbreak. We’ve been providing these types of designs for many years now and our clients respect us for these unmatched designs. is staffed with professional engineers to design any sprinkler systems in commercial and residential premises.

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What Are Fully Sprinklered Building Designs?

A fully sprinklered building design, as in the name, is a building design that is fully armed with sprinkler systems as fire suppression systems against any possible fire outbreak. We’ve been providing these types of designs for many years now and our clients respect us for these unmatched designs. New York Engineers is staffed with professional engineers to design any sprinkler systems in commercial and residential premises.

As reported on the NFPA website, the average loss of property value in unsprinklered buildings amount to $10,300 whereas in fully sprinklered homes amounts to $2,300. That is a significantly huge difference! This, therefore, signifies the benefits of having your home sprinklered.

These enormous losses in unsprinklered premises show how critically important it is to have sprinkler systems installed. All parts of the building, unless otherwise stated, should be sprinklered as per the specifications. It is a law to ensure that fire safety is prioritized and implemented before any permit could be issued for your property. We can help you achieve that with our unmatched fully sprinklered building designs.

What Kind Of Sprinkler Systems Are Needed For Fully Sprinklered Building Designs?

Sprinkler Head

By now you should be aware that there are a plethora of sprinkler systems on the market the choice of which can be confusing to many homeowners. Regardless of this assortment, NFPA 13 just stipulate requirements of sprinklers in your premises. You can, however, evaluate your options based on certain conditions, and our technician will be available to help you with your choices and ultimately the design, installation, and maintenance.

Among others, there is a pre-action, dry pipe, deluxe and wet pipe sprinkler system. A pre-action system is self-explanatory as water is kept away from the pipe and it only comes if the pre-action valve is actuated by heat or smoke. Pre-action and dry pipe sprinkler systems are virtually the same as with the dry pipe the pipe is filled with air or nitrogen while water is held back. The water only gets released after the air in the pipe has been discharged through an open valve triggered by fire emergency.

Deluxe sprinkler system is suitable for large fires. Unlike other systems where individual sprinkler heads are activated, a deluxe system activates all sprinklers at once. That’s a great option for factories where fires might get very explosive. Although the sprinkler may not extinguish fire entirely, it suppresses it until firefighters arrive at the scene.

The common sprinkler system is the wet pipe which is always ready. Wet pipes are common in commercial and residential buildings.

Whichever sprinkler system you choose eventually, can get is all set up for you. Installing sprinkler systems is a demanding tasks that involves calculations and placements of sprinkler heads in accordance with specifications guided by hazards levels.

Should There Be An Equal Number Of Sprinkler Heads In All The Rooms?

That’s an important question to pose. A fully sprinklered building design, of course, means that all rooms must be sprinklered to ensure maximum safety and coverage as per preset guidelines. Now the question is: should we or do we just randomly install the sprinkler head in all the rooms? The answer is NO. Our engineer, upon assessing your building, will be able to guide you on that.

Sprinkler heads are placed accordingly and will not necessarily be an equal number in all the rooms. Basically, the concentration hazards in rooms guide such placement and installation of sprinkler system heads.

A living room, for instance, does not pose so much risk compared to a storage room for chemicals. The concentration of flammable materials guides the number of sprinklers to install because you have to ensure that there is enough coverage. You will find these hazards classified into light, ordinary and extreme. Confused about these criteria? Let us come to your rescue because there is no standard that is difficult for us to interpret.

Getting Fully Sprinklered Building Designs

Enough about actual sprinklers to install and now let’s come to the actual fully sprinklered building designs. The best way to ensure that your building is fully sprinklered according to relevant building and fire codes is to entrust such design jobs to the professional engineers. is a hub for the best, experienced and professional engineers for Chicago buildings and more.

Sprinkler systems involve a large network of pipes to be accurately installed. Imagine a large commercial building whose each floor has to be sprinklered. That can be a burdensome task to the inexperienced and they may end up compromising quality in your system.

Our engineers understand what is at stake if the correct specifications are not followed. The building may, as a result, not be approved by relevant authorities. Wouldn’t that be costly to reinstall sprinklers on a fully-erected building? Of course, it would be! Such errors can be avoided if you task professional engineers. Besides, NFPA disregards installation of sprinklers by amateur DIY’ers.

In our building designs for full sprinkler systems, we ensure that sprinklers are incorporated prior to submitting the design for approval. This expedites the approval process. We always strive to take your project from engineering design straight to construction in the shortest time possible. For this reason, avoid unnecessary project delays with a failure to have fully sprinklered building designs. Among other engineers, we have the highest first-time approval on our designs which is about 80%.

Constructing Fully Sprinklered Building Designs

Full Sprinkler Building

Designing a fully sprinklered building is one part of the job while waiting for the constructors. Mediocre constructors can turn a beautifully designed building into mediocrity and disaster. What you need is a professional team of constructors to execute exactly what professional engineers have designed. Well, it is not everyone who is capable of achieving that. have mastered the art of facilitating construction projects.

Our construction projects are fast-paced. We understand that a single day’s delay could incur exorbitant costs on you, and so we take every single day with seriousness. Notably, our MEP engineering design turnaround is 50% faster than our competitors in the industry. Let your fully sprinklered building designs completed by our experienced MEP technicians to get a peace of mind.

We may not be the actual constructors but we provide the best construction administration solutions. We understand you may not always be around, and so your construction project progress may be impeded. As a result, we come in to ensure it runs smoothly while also ensuring that sprinkler systems are being installed properly per specifications.

In the construction of fully sprinklered building designs, we ensure great workmanship quality and do sign-offs where needed to expedite the process. As the construction progress, we draft reports, site surveys, and give feedback constantly. This ensures that your projects continue even in your absence. All thanks to New York Engineers technicians and their expertise.

Our construction administration for your sprinklered designs come at three levels: As-needed, basic and complete level. We listen to you to check which level of your construction you need us. Because fire safety precautions are vital and can impede permit approvals if specifications are not met, we always encourage clients to involve us from the designs to the completion of the project.

Should I Opt For Fully Sprinklered Or Partial Sprinklered Building Designs?

What are the benefits of or regulations around fully sprinklered and partially sprinklered building designs? This goes back to flammable areas and NFPA regulations. Usually, building codes require an installation of sprinklers based on some factors such as occupancy group, square area of the building units, height, and occupant load. For this reason, ascertain with your local fire and building departments if partial sprinklered designs are allowed.

Fully sprinklered building designs are preferable and recommended to have full coverage in all your building units. Partial sprinkler systems could work if the units do not store flammable materials. To that extent, sprinklers could be installed in living and storage units while leaving out garages. However, if fire ensues from unsprinklered units, it could extend to the sprinklered units explosively and thus overcome the power of sprinkler discharges.

Sprinklers are ideally designed to detect fire from the early stages and then suppress it. A fully fledged fire will need more aggressive fire suppressants such as the dry chemical extinguishing system, which we also design and install. Having said that, owners should be vigilant when choosing partially or fully sprinklered building designs. In some cases, you will be restricted by regulations to full sprinkler systems.

Sprinkler systems are notably expensive to install especially in existing high-rise buildings. Many owners opt for them to install, for example, in passages. This story shows how effective partial sprinkler system was in saving people in a high-rise building that caught fire. Many occupants managed to egress through the hallway that had installed partial sprinkler systems. However, had the building had the full sprinkler system, the fire couldn’t have caused them such a massive damage and injuries to other occupants.

Importance Of Fully Sprinklered Building Designs

The earlier you get fully sprinklered building designs is the better. All new buildings are required to have sprinkler systems and so incorporating them in the designs is an opportunity to have your building declared safe for occupancy. This negates the delays in your construction progress.

All other old buildings that do not have sprinkler systems are required by law to install them. This incurs exorbitant costs to them and these could have been avoided had they factored the costs in the designs. High-rise buildings, in particular, could incur huge costs of installing these sprinkler systems on each floor.

A fully sprinklered commercial building design attracts lower insurance costs. The insurance company will be convinced that the building will not incur substantial costs in the event of a fire as the fire will be suppressed. Equally, the owners will not be held accountable for the human life loss.

In a commercial property, a full sprinkler system can save you costs you would incur if you were to halt production due to fire damages. Many businesses to date have ceased operations following fire damages. That said, overlooking the importance of these systems could be disastrous to your business.

Why Choose New York Engineers?

Our previous clients can attest to the quality of fully sprinklered building designs we’ve offered to them. Our technicians are experts in all building designs: residential and commercial. We sit with you to understand the finer details of your building design.

Sprinkler systems are important and are mandatory in all new buildings in Chicago. Overlooking them in the designs could have repercussions to your permit applications. We know the standards NFPA 72 and NFPA 13 that enforces fire safety and sprinkler systems in buildings. Thus we design a full sprinkler system in accordance with the required specifications

Our services extend beyond designs to construction administration of these fully sprinklered designs. We ensure that your project runs smoothly irrespective of your presence. You get to choose which stage of the project you need us. All we do is to draft reports, site surveys and give you feedback on a scheduled basis.

Moreover, we are experts in all assorted sprinkler systems and therefore can design and install whichever option is your preference. Give us a call today to have your fully sprinklered commercial or residential building design completed.

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