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OER Approvals, Design and Consultation

OER Approvals

Satisfy OER Environmental Clauses with Ease

Do you have an "E" designation or RD on your lot? Are you looking to develop a new building or modify your construction?

If your property has environmental implications, you will need clearance from the Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) before you can undertake any work. You can easily check the status of your lot by searching with Tax Block and Lot Number. You can also refer to NYC zoning maps and check for "E" and "D" marks to determine the status of your lot.

The nature of your work determines the type of approval you will need from the OER. provides full-scale consultation and guidance for any project that has environmental requirements. We help you determine and file the right approvals with the OER so that you can receive your Notice of No Objection or Notice to Proceed in a simple and easy manner.

We take care of the whole process from collecting information to filing applications with the OER. Our engineers also create accurate designs for your buildings, expansions or alterations that satisfy the environmental requirements set forth by the OER. You can ensure full compliance by working with us and avoid worrying over meeting environmental requirements.

Which Type of Projects Need Approval from the OER?

Property lots in New York City can earn an "E" designation or environmental restrictive declaration (RD) under the City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) Act. You can find the designations in the New York City Zoning Resolution Appendix C, which signifies that environmental requirements apply to potential hazardous materials, or noise or air quality impact. The designations are developed after considering various factors according to the ZR 11-15.

If your property has an "E" or RD designation, the Department of Building will not issue a building permit for new construction, changes in property use or expansions and alterations. You will first need to get approval from the OER so that the Department of Building issues the work permit.

A property lot can get an "E" or RD designation under various circumstances when the property:

  • Is located in close quarters to underground fuel oil tank or gas stations
  • Is inside or in close proximity to a manufacturing district
  • Comes with a prior history of manufacturing uses
  • Is located beside a building with cases of manufacturing utility
  • Shares close proximity to highways and streets with high traffic volume
  • Is located around railroads
  • Shares some other environmental concern or issue that impacts safety

Any new development or work in "E" or RD designated properties will need to get an approval from the OER. The project will also have to satisfy the clauses laid down in the RD following the same techniques of the "E" designation program. This is to ensure that the construction or building is able to avoid the adverse effects of hazardous materials, noise or air emissions.

Scope of Work

The following scopes of work need to get approval from the OER :

  • Potential Hazardous Material Contamination

You will need OER approval for lots with "E" designation or RD for hazardous materials for new development, expansion or enlargement or changes in use of a commercial or residential property. Additionally, you will also need approval from OER for any work that disturbs the soil.

  • Air Quality Impacts

If you have received an "E" designation or RD for air quality, you will need approval for any new development, expansion, enlargement or change in use. Any alteration that involves exhaust or ventilation systems like vent replacement or relocation also calls for OER approvals.

  • Noise Quality Impacts

You will need to get approval from the OER if your lot has earned an "E" designation or RD for noise quality impact. The approvals are needed for new development, alterations, extensions or change in uses. For example, you will need OER approval for any replacement or relocation of exterior walls or windows.

We help you file OER approvals and create accurate designs that receive a nod from OER, earning the final certificate of occupancy. Our designs meet all environmental requirements and implications so that you can start constructing at the earliest.

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 Types of OER Approvals

Types of OER Approvals

The OER issues a range of approvals for buildings and constructions that have environmental requirements. You have to apply for the right approval in order to be able to begin your project without hassles. We help you determine the right type of approval you need to file with the OER.

Here are a few OER approvals that apply to constructions or buildings-

OER General Notice of No Objection to Certain Work

The OER has to give approval for certain types of work according to the rules developed in 2014. The approvals are needed for projects that are located in tax lots that have earned an "E" designation from the OER. The organization will issue no objection to permit application approval, permits, sign-offs, certificate of completion and the certificate of occupancy.

You can file an application for the specific types of work and get a Notice of No Objection from the OER to begin your work. Projects that get the Notice of No Objection don't have to meet the requirements of the Notice of Satisfaction.

Notice of No Objection

The OER issues Notice of No Objection to work proposed in the building permit application that doesn't pose threats of hazardous material contamination or noise or air quality issues. The Notice of No Objection is also given to projects that are not subjected to the conditions mentioned in the ZR § 11-15.

The Notice of No Objection from the OER signifies that the department will not disallow permit application approval, the issue of permits, issuance of amended permits, permit sign-offs. The department will also not object to issuing the certificate of completion or the temporary or final certificate of occupancy.

The OER issues Notice of No Objection in the following situations-

a. The OER reviews the application and proposed type of work and does not find any signs of hazardous material contamination or air or noise quality issues. Notice of No Objection is also issued for projects that are not subjected to the ZR § 11-15.

b. The OER issues Notice of No Objection to certain work proposed in temporary certificates of occupancy. The projects only get the Notice of No Objection when the spaces or units under the work comply with all relevant "E" designation requirements.

c. You will also need a Notice of No Objection for any work that has to do with Support of Excavation or Foundation only. The OER notice signifies that the department has no objections for completion of work mentioned in the Support of Excavation or Foundation. The applicant will also have to submit an interim report to the OER describing the disposal or removal of the excavated soil or fill from the designated site.

Notice to Proceed

The OER issues Notice to Proceed to work described in a building permit application that needs to meet environmental requirements or remediation. If your project gets a Notice to Proceed from the OER, it means that the department doesn't oppose the issuance of permit or permit application approval.

A Notice to Proceed, on the other hand, doesn't authorize the issuance of an amended permit or permit sign-off. It also doesn't authorize the issuance of a certificate of completion or temporary or final certificate of occupancy for the related work.

According to the Rules of the City of New York (Title 15), a Notice to Proceed becomes void if the project does not begin work following the OER-approved Remedial Action Plan within one year from the date of receiving approval. 

Notice of Satisfaction

A Notice of Satisfaction from the OER means that the work proposed under your building permit complies with the Notice to Proceed from the department. It also signifies that the project has satisfied the environmental requirements along with the recordation of a declaration of restrictions and covenants for site management. Sometimes you will need to submit such a declaration to meet the rules of the OER.

The Notice of Satisfaction means that the OER doesn't oppose the permit sign-off or issuance of certificate of completion or certificate of occupancy for the related work.

As with any building department and paperwork, it's useful to take help of professionals who have experience of dealing with OER approvals. You can develop your applications without errors and get assured permit from the OER to commence work without delays.

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We also excel in creating perfect designs that meet all regulations and standards set by the OER. You can be sure of getting the Notice of No Objection or the Notice to Proceed from the OER by taking help of our services.

Our firm offers both OER approval filing and design services for your convenience. You can hire us confidently and take advantage of our years of experience and industry knowledge. We are one of the leading agencies when it comes to dealing with environmental concerns as we always strive for sustainability and use environment-friendly methods.

You can be sure of a safe and reliable structure which implements all applicable environmental codes and local standards. So if you are looking to develop an "E" or RD designated property, we can help you from the beginning till you get the certificate of occupancy.

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