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Cost-Effective and Reliable Gravity Tank Design Service

Gravity Tank

Full Scale Gravity Tank Design and Installation

Houses and buildings need their supply of water for domestic use and extinguishing fires. Commercial buildings also need their share of water for their occupants or running business operations. While technology and construction methods have evolved, the basic principle of water supply and storage has remained the same for years.

All buildings whether they are houses, schools, hospitals, offices or shopping malls rely on water tank for storing and supplying water throughout the building. Water tanks can operate using a number of technologies based on pumps or water pressure. One simple and most common form of water tanks in use is the gravity tank.

Gravity tanks are sometimes preferred over other technologies for their basic operation and cost-effectiveness. Gravity tanks use the force of gravity to distribute water through pipes throughout the building and don't need to depend on pumping systems. Many homes and even commercial properties still use gravity tanks which doesn't use any external power to maintain the water flow.

If you are looking to construct or redevelop your gravity-based water storage system, New York Engineers can help you with its expertise and skills. We have designed and installed hundreds of gravity tanks across the nation with efficiency and speed. Our engineers create the most effective gravity tank designs which use the force of the earth to keep the water supply running.

We can help you select the right size, placement and materials for your gravity tank for best results. Our team will also design the entire water supply system (if you need it) and connect it with the gravity tank for optimum functionality. We can design and install hundreds of gravity tanks with ease and speed so that you don't have to deprive the occupants off water for a long time.

We also design gravity tanks with full compliance to NFPA 22 standards for private fire protection systems. You can always be sure of a ready supply of water to feed your sprinkler systems in case of fire outbreaks.

Our gravity tanks keep functioning for a lifetime with minimum interruptions for service or maintenance. You can rely on our adept engineers for a reliable and foolproof gravity tank design and installation.

Things to Know About Gravity Tanks

Gravity Tank

Gravity tanks have been used since the 19th century to supply America with drinking and bathing water. Though technologies have changed, the physics behind the working of gravity tanks has remained the same- using the force of gravity to create a water distribution system.

Gravity tanks store water at atmospheric pressure and distribute it through gravity flow using a downward distribution system. The gravity tanks are generally elevated above the roof of buildings so that they can take advantage of gravity to the fullest.

Gravity tanks can generally work without the need for additional pumping systems or external power which makes them a suitable choice for many buildings. The water in New York City travels from reservoirs in the north which have an elevation approximately equivalent to a six-story building. The elevation creates enough water pressure to push the water up to the gravity tanks of even six-story buildings. If the building is higher, you will need a pumping system to make the water reach the gravity tank.

The water from the gravity tank travels down through pipes into each apartment or room using the force of gravity. The gravity tank behaves like a toilet while maintaining the water supply of a building. The water level in the gravity tank goes down as tenants use water for domestic use or drinking. When the water reaches below a specific level, the ballcock inside the tank automatically lets in more water to fill the reservoir. The process goes on automatically without the need for any human intervention. In modern buildings, gravity tanks can be equipped with sensors which track the level of water and automatically engages the pumps for refilling the tank.

Gravity tanks can be of various sizes. The most common type of gravity tank holds 10,000 gallons of water which is sufficient for a single day's water usage. It generally takes 2 to 3 hours to refill the tank once it has been emptied completely. We can also design tanks with higher capacities of 30,000 to 500,000 gallons.

Gravity tanks also serve as reservoirs for fire protection systems. We can integrate your gravity tank with your sprinklers to prepare your building against fires. The water from the tanks can also be used to arm other fire protection systems.

Gravity tanks are ideal for places where the source of water is at a higher elevation than the withdrawal points. You can also use them without any electricity unless your building is over six-story high. Gravity tanks save costs and are really simple to design and construct. They can last for years offering a hassle-free and unsupervised water supply for the occupants of a building.

We provide accurate gravity tank designs which work flawlessly as a part of your gravity-fed water distribution system. You can also work with our recommended contractors for maximum efficiency and quality craftsmanship.

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Create Efficient Water Distribution Systems with Gravity Tanks


Gravity Tank Design Considerations

Gravity tanks work on a simple theory but one has to consider several factors while designing one. Your objectives is a good starting point while the rest depends on what you want to store (water, petroleum or other liquid) and even on the local climate.

Here's a look at the most basic considerations for designing a gravity tank :

Construction Materials

We choose the right materials of your tank based on the volume of liquid you want to store and other factors. If you are dealing with a large volume of liquid, we may choose to use durable material like concrete or welded steel.

The choice of materials also depends on the local climate. The water temperature in steel gravity tanks can rise beyond usable levels during daytime in sunny areas. Concrete can be a better option if you want to keep things cool!

Placement and Tank Size

Gravity tanks are mostly elevated above the roof though you can have other configurations. The placement of the tank depends on the space available for installation. The nature of space may also influence the design process.

For instance, narrow places can benefit from a longer tank with a smaller diameter. If you have ample space, we can build a shorter tank with a wide diameter. Both the sizes can be used for varying volumes of liquid.


Gravity tanks need to be designed with proper pressurization so that they can use the force of gravity effectively. We use the optimum height for your gravity tanks so that they have enough pressure to meet domestic and commercial distribution requirements.

The height is also crucial to use the natural water pressure which automatically pushes water to tanks. For example, in New York, we can create gravity tanks for buildings up to six stories that don't require additional pumps. Buildings over six-stories can use pumps to refill the tank.

Environmental Factors

We also consider the local climate while designing our tanks. Conditions like wind load, seismic history and snow load are important factors for crafting our design.

We will decide the type of materials and placement based on your local environment. For example, hurricane-prone areas will need durable material like concrete to withstand the high velocity winds during storms.


Based on your needs, we can include various features in your gravity tank. Some common features include inlets, vents, discharge nozzles, overflow, ladders, guardrails and liquid level indicators.  We can also go for advanced technology with sensors for monitoring water levels and controlling your water supply system.

Corrosion Resistant Coating

We use advanced technology coating in our gravity tanks to prevent corrosion and rust. Our team ensures that the tanks are properly cured and coated evenly to ensure a long lifespan.

We choose the right type of coating based on the liquid you want to store. It's really crucial as the wrong use of a tank can lead to significant corrosion, reduce the effectiveness of the coating and even damage the product inside.

We use NSF Standard 61 Certified coatings for gravity tanks meant to store drinking water for maximum safety and peace of mind.


While you can't move concrete or field welded tanks, some tanks do offer the flexibility to be moved. Bolted designs are ideal if you want to move your tanks. Bolted tanks are built with individual sections which are brought to the site and installed. The easy installation process and modular design make them the most flexible of all gravity tanks.


Business owners may need to expand their tanks to suit the growing needs of their operations. We design scalable bolted gravity tanks that can be expanded whenever you need to. You will only have to add additional sections which can be done easily using gaskets and simple hardware.

We ensure that our gravity tanks meet your needs without any compromise!

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Professional Gravity Tank Water Supply Design Solutions


Why Choose New York Engineers?

New York Engineers provides leading water supply solutions for buildings across the USA. Our engineers have worked on thousands of residential projects designing gravity tanks for bungalows, apartments, family homes and estates.

We have designed gravity tanks of varied sizes for handling the scaling needs of countless businesses. Our portfolio also includes designing large-scale gravity tanks for industries that demand reliability and performance. We follow strict NFPA standards and applicable codes to create fully compliant designs that never let you down.

Our team has also designed full fire fighting systems with gravity tanks being one of our specialties. We understand the need for efficiency and performance, creating highly functional gravity tanks for businesses and homeowners alike. We can also design our tanks for automation with sensors to track the level of water and other conditions. You can control and monitor your pumps without the need for expensive hardware.

You can work with our recommended contractor to ensure quality work and timely delivery. We will administrate the work with strict quality control in place to provide you the best results. Our gravity tanks are designed to last a long time and we choose the right materials based on climate, need and circumstances.

We design gravity tanks like no one else! Each of our projects serves as examples others can follow to design their own systems. If you are looking to build a gravity tank, we are ready to offer our service.

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