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Victaulic is one of the leading pioneers in the arena of mechanical pipe joining systems. Ever since its establishment in 1925, the company was the first of its kind to introduce the system of grooved pipe couplings to the world. Victaulic operates on a global platform, with fifteen major manufacturing facilities, and about twenty-eight branches worldwide.

With technological advancements on the rise, Victaulic pipes have also made their way into the industry. These pipes are used in several industries and industrial applications including, industrial manufacturing, mining, biofuels, shipbuilding, commercial building, data centers, and last but not least, fire protection. In this regard, Victaulic pipes have truly developed a niche of their own. 

New York Engineers uses Victaulic solutions in its designs to offer a high-quality and reliable piping system. We take help of Victaulic pipes to create efficient systems that provide stellar performance no matter what the application is. Our team has used Victaulic pipes effectively in various projects to ensure success and optimum results.

How do Victaulic Pipes Work?

Victaulic Pipe working

To understand the benefits of Victaulic Pipes, it is necessary that we first understand the actual dynamics of the mechanism by which these pipes are used. Victaulic pipes are an integral part of the joining systems and coupling services offered to and used by industries.

The basic working of the pipes is elaborated as follows. The process primarily consists of a groove being cut on each of the two ends on a Victaulic pipe. Two such pipes are then aligned and fitted together by a rubber ring over the surface of contact. Then, two bands (typically semi-circular in shape) are brought around the rubber ring and secured in place using two bolts. These bolts have ridges of their own which allow them to fit comfortably within the grooves of the pipe.

The rubber ring is then compressed to form an airtight seal of sorts, with the ridges fitted in the grooves, act as further strength providers and protect the integrity of the entire structure.

These pipes come in very handy owing to their ability to deal with a whole bunch of different piping and joining materials. There are several types of Victaulic pipes, including standard, light wall, stainless, extra-heavy steel, aluminum, PVC as well as several other types of plastics.

Also, there are numerous pipes and pipe joining materials of varying characteristics. These are namely rigid, flexible, transition and two different models of plain end pipes. We recommend Victaulic solutions to our clients to get the best possible experience and performance.

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Applications of Victaulic Pipes

We have used Victaulic Pipes in a multitude of applications in various industries across the USA. Listed below are a few such examples that give you an idea of how we use Victaulic products.

  • Copper Tubing

Copper tubing or grooved fittings for copper are designed especially to cater to fitting copper systems. However, the concept of copper fittings extends to grooved copper as well as bronze fittings.

As in true with the rest of the piping mechanisms, copper fittings are available for several variations of copper. These include UK copper, Australian standard copper, along with CTS copper. The fittings mainly entail a size range between two to eight inches and can withhold a pressure of approximately 300psi that is over 2000 kPa.

  • Water Supply

We have used Victaulic pipes for commercial, residential and industrial potable water systems. The great thing about Victaulic pipes is that they can pretty much work with any sort of material to provide top of the line potable water mechanism. Some of the more popular system solutions include HDPE pipes, copper tubes, stainless steel, PRV stations, and last but not least PVC along with CPVC pipes as well.

To elaborate on a few of the above, the HDPE pipe is perhaps the most economical system solution of those above. This is because it largely eliminates the need to fuse these pipes with Victaulic system solutions, as they are already well-customized. Other than that, you can also consider the PVC/CPVC pipes as another great alternative. These pipes not only reduce installation time but also prevent any unpleasant odors or gases from released, as is true with some traditional pipe joining systems.

Similar to their plastic counterpart, stainless steel pipe joining systems also minimize the installation period as well as labor, that would otherwise be required for welding, or operating fire watches. Not to mention that we make all of this possible, along with a reduction in rework based schedule risk. 

  • Underground/Waste-treatment

Victaulic pipes have long been ensuring better safety standards while simultaneously discouraging risky practices and delivering the utmost value of their investment to potential clients, project engineers, and contractors.

We go for Victaulic pipes as they stand out in this particular regard because of their flexibility, also, to the expansion, contraction, and deflection abilities that they possess. Moreover, the self-restrained joints simply put the whole piping system to the top.

All these characteristics serve to maintain the integrity of underground pipes by regulating thermal as well as colder temperatures. The pipes themselves are fully durable and non-susceptible to soil damage owing to their specialized outer coating.

  • Fire Suppression

The fire suppression system developed by Victaulic, otherwise known as ‘Victaulic Vortex’ is a common staple of data centers everywhere and features in many of our projects. The name of the game, once again, lies in the integrity of the Victaulic pipes.

It is a vital piece of equipment for these centers and has a pretty simple working mechanism. The vortex itself emits an interesting mix of two gases, namely Oxygen and Nitrogen. The gas then works in such a way that it efficiently extinguishes the fire while simultaneously lowering the surrounding temperature as well.

Victaulic Vortex is one of a kind fire suppression system. We can use it with full confidence for critical locations such as those containing hazardous equipment or flammable gases and liquids. 

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The Clear Advantages of Victaulic

Victaulic Pipes

What Makes Victaulic Pipes So Great?

Victaulic pipes have truly established themselves as reputable products in this line of work. This can largely be owed to their parent company’s dedicated efforts and attention to details when developing a system solution. This ensures that no contributing factors are overlooked when it comes to the development of products.

Each component used for manufacturing Victaulic pipes is engineered after taking into account all sorts of external and internal factors that might affect the integrity of the pipe to end up with the best result. Keep reading to find out why we consider Victaulic pipes superior to other contenders in the market.

They Ease Up Work Schedules

We can all agree that working on or managing construction sites can be a drag, and every single person involved with such a big project cannot wait to be done with it already.

Luckily, Victaulic pipes are so efficient that they significantly reduce the working hours and amount of active labor required on such projects. Consequently, this reduces the cost of handling materials as well.

This compressed schedule is possible all thanks to our reduced installation times and planning ahead of the actual project. Along with reducing on-field man hours, it allows you to become more competitive, and avoiding liquidated damages.   

Better Safety Standards

Accidents and injuries are common occurrences on construction sites. Therefore, managing safety measures is a top priority when it comes to manufacturing Victaulic pipes.

Apart from the obvious risk to human lives, these injuries can rack up some significant costs as well; however, using Victaulic pipes can protect the workers from such risks.

For starters, Victaulic’s pipes protect workers against the risk of open-flames, which are a common feature of traditional pipes. Also, the compressed work schedule considerably reduces working hours as well. This, in turn, further reduces the risks that the workers may have been exposed to otherwise.  

Top Notch Raw Materials

Another factor that makes Victaulic pipes stand out from the masses is the use of top quality materials for manufacturing and maintenance purposes. These include materials such as customized couplings and fittings such as grooved stainless steel.

This particular grooved steel is an oft-used material for Victaulic pipes for most quick fixes as it is suitable for joining a variety of pipes including flexible as well as rigid models. The fittings are available in at least two or three different types while the grooves and valves are also designed such that they can cater to different levels of flow control within the pipe.

Other than these, the bulk of materials and piping systems are economical as well as fully reputed for both quality and durability.

Ideal as Engineering Tools

It is a well-known fact that simply having the best things isn’t enough to make a difference; one needs the right techniques to put something together as well. With Victaulic pipes, you can ensure the fulfillment of both these factors.

This is because they require very simple, quick, and easy fitting techniques. It is particularly appreciable with their new age system adaptations such as the Depend-O-Lok system which efficiently works with these out-of-round Victaulic pipes to create a system solution that cannot be rivaled by traditional pipes.

There are three different types of couplings for this single system of pipes so that it can cater to all sorts of variations in pipes while taking into account the various phenomena of expansion, contraction and so on. We combine the quality of Victaulic products with our superior engineering for the best outcome.

Out of the Box Design

Creativity is truly an essential pillar for any good product. Victaulic pipes prove that creativity can be found in even the simplest of techniques and ideas, such as the application of plain end piping systems that use stainless steel and HDPE pipes.

This humble but impressive system is ideal for the repair and maintenance of new-age systems such as roof drains, tailings along with slurries. There is a whole line of pipes that are designed to cater to this particular model alone.

The plain end pipes also come with coupling jaws that contort around the piping system to provide it with an extra layer of strength.

Widespread Applications

In addition to standard pipe joining applications, Victaulic pipes have another subcategory that deals with the joining of alloy pipes. This is done with the help of nozzle couplings that provide mechanical joints to reinforce shouldered pipes made of alloys. This mainly refers to pipes reinforced by fiberglass.

From then on, we can customize them to be used for the process of desulfurization of flue gas. The great thing about these nozzle couplings is that they are very easy to maintain and even replace, reducing the hassle of clearing out the nozzle itself. Other than that, it has a quick installation time and is lightweight owing to the low-density material.

Why Choose New York Engineers?

What makes Victaulic pipes a great fit for us, in particular, is their exceptional performance in construction or corporate projects. Victaulic pipes are customizable for any sort of technical and professional project. Given that these pipes are already well reputed in the market, it is easier to get project estimates as well, i.e., estimate reports regarding labor, costs, and materials. This not only increases the efficiency of the project but also prevents any sort of backtracking.

Conclusively, it is safe to say that Victaulic pipes have truly earned their place in the high-end technological market of today. Keeping all the factors mentioned above in mind, it comes as no surprise that these pipes guarantee customer satisfaction in all degree. Not only that, but Victaulic pipes also have one of the highest client retention rates.

New York Engineers uses Victaulic solutions for best results and performance. Your project can surely benefit from the use of world-class products, increasing your return on investment and profitability. We are one of the best people to work with Victaulic pipes creating efficient fluid distribution systems.

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