Housing Preservation Development (HPD) Approval

Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) endeavors to preserve plenty of units for low-income earners in New York in collaboration with property owners. Our energy efficient and quality designs can help your building to be approved for this program.


Our designs for Housing Preservation Development are unmatched. They expedite your approval by the department.


We identify & eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, leaving you with maximal functionality for the minimum annual energy cost.

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All of our systems are designed with longevity in mind, saving you maintenance costs down the line.

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Housing Preservation Development (HPD) Approval

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Housing Preservation Development Perspective

Housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable for low-income tenants in New York, in particular, with many tenants facing evictions or harassments on the basis of not affording monthly rentals. It is this reason that housing preservation development was proposed to rescue the low-income earner. As New York Engineers, we share our deepest sentiments with this program to retain the dignity of all tenants regardless of affordability hence our devotion to designing buildings that meet eligibility requirements.

Preservation of housing ensures that houses remain affordable now and in future without tenants incurring financial burdens. The program is funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development through state-managed agencies such as the New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development, which can also contract sub-agencies to manage subsidized programs with the aim of developing affordable housing.

Housing preservation development program works in synergy with various stakeholders and you, the property owner, included. Existing buildings, new developments, and abandoned buildings are considered for this program. Such buildings have to meet certain standards from the design, energy systems, comfort, quality, and affordability standpoint.

Housing Preservation Development Approval

If you want to participate in Housing Preservation Development as the owner or property developer, you have to engage with the Department of Preservation Development regarding the approval. The building must eligibility requirements from the design to the affordability.

See some quick facts about this department below:

  • The Department of Housing Preservation and Development conducts numerous code inspections on a yearly basis on its affordable housing units
  • The department’s Housing Litigation Division can take the building owner to the Housing Court following certain violations
  • The department can charge you a certain amount per day if heat and hot water violations were found until you fix them
  • Tenants can report you to the department if you are violating it

The department promotes tenant’s rights to good living conditions, safe and quality units. As a result, the program in Housing Preservation Development protect the rights by approving any potential building in New York.

Although New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development is the largest, Housing Preservation Development is a nationwide strategic plan funded by the nation’s Department of Housing and Urban Development. Each state administers its own program. However, eligibility rules are often common as they promote affordable housing units with great energy efficient systems. Our engineers can help you achieve the best building design that meets eligibility requirements.

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Why Consider Housing Preservation Development Approval?


In a Housing Preservation Development, tenants are required to contribute 30% of their earnings towards rental while Section 8 program contributes the remaining balance. Only in exceptional cases where the tenant can contribute up to 40% of his or her earnings if the rental amount exceeds the minimum threshold.

The fact that the federal government gets involved in subsidizing low-income earners is a guarantee to the property developer. You may qualify for tax incentives and home repair loans administered by the department when you allocate your property to affordable housing initiatives. In return, you get to benefit tremendously if your property has been approved for Housing Preservation Development.

New York Engineers can help you realize your dream of participating in Housing Preservation Development program. Known for our simplistic and unmatched MEP Engineering designs in the United States, we will plan the overall structure or refurbishment of your building until it meets eligibility requirements.

Basic Requirements of Housing Preservation Development

Properties are not randomly approved for Housing Preservation Development. For this reason, you have to familiarize yourself with the basic requirements. Besides affordability, your property must meet design requirements. In simpler terms, it must be in good condition eligible to be occupied.

Take note of some of the basic requirements below:

  • Good working condition
  • Have fire safety measures such as sprinkler systems and standpipes
  • Have properly working HVAC systems
  • Have properly functioning electrical systems
  • Have a great plumbing system
  • Be maintained constantly
  • Have energy efficient systems

How to get approved for Housing Preservation Development?

To be approved, your property must be satisfactory to HPD inspectors. There are standards set whereby the inspectors will review the design and the architectural drawings to ascertain if the building will be eligible for approval. The process can be intensive because the department ensures that tenants are issued a building of top-notch quality.

The design must incorporate the design codes required by the program. Our engineers are well-rounded with all various building codes required. For this reason, we assure you faster approvals. Our designs enjoy an 80% first-time approval from the design straight to the construction. This is attributed to our excellence and expertise in design elements which we incorporate in the early stages of the design.

Getting approved through New York Engineers is an absolute breeze. We also have certified contractors whom we can assign to execute the design as it is without any compromises. When you hire our certified contractors, you can enjoy a zero change order fee should you have second thoughts prior to the construction.

After designing your building for the purposes of Housing Preservation and Development, we will help you submit for approval. We will collaborate with inspectors on any changes they recommend to ensure that the house meets eligibility requirements. Because we have worked with many clients towards this program already, getting approved has never been cumbersome for us. Our engineers have been in the field for a long time now, and thus assure you an expedited approval.

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Housing Preservation Development Approval For Existing Buildings


Nothing is impossible with New York Engineers. If you wish to get your buildings approved for Housing Preservation Development as a guarantee to receive a government subsidy for low-income tenants, we can help you achieve that. Because it is an existing building, we will focus more on refurbishments in accordance with the eligibility requirements. We will retrofit most of the energy-efficient systems.

We excel in energy modeling and remodeling. In this regard, we can estimate the total energy of your building and spot the HVAC systems that consume more power. The main aim is to optimize your energy-consuming systems to prevent financial impacts on your tenants.

Furthermore, we can prepare custom HVAC solutions tailored to your needs as we strive to maximize energy efficiency while reducing monthly bills. This also minimizes refurbishment costs. Today's buildings have more electrical components than ever. From low to high voltage building systems, normal and emergency power, we have your solution.

Moreover, our engineers can retrofit sprinkler systems to enhance fire protection. Our systems, from smoke detectors to fire detectors, can help identify an imminent fire and then alert relevant authorities to take action. They are synchronized with sprinkler systems: dry, deluge, wet, and pre-action automatic sprinkler systems to suppress the fire in its infancy stage.

We have plenty of fire protection systems such as standpipes and clean agent extinguishers that can improve your building’s fire safety measures. All our systems are guided by NFPA standard principles. New York Engineers technicians have been in the industry of fire protection and sprinkler engineering services.

The help does not end here for existing buildings. We can also help integrate green building strategies in your buildings. This will earn you points and give your building an advantage due to the reduction of costs and improvement of health and indoor air quality. We specialize in net zero energy and LEED consulting, among others, to have the environmental friendliness of your building.

However, note that it can get relatively costly to retrofit most of these systems and services in existing buildings. It is nonetheless a worthy decision to make in order to take advantage of Housing Preservation Development. We therefore encourage homeowners to consider our designs from the onset to negate the need for such extensive refurbishments.

Owners can qualify for repair loans from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. This is part of the perks of participating in this program.

Choosing the best designs for Housing Preservation Development Approval

The choice remains to be yours as the building owner who endeavors to be approved for Housing Preservation Development. You have to select the best design that is integrative of all design principles as highlighted for the program. That said, you have to choose the best architectures and professional engineers in New York to help you accomplish the best designs. Anyone can promise to offer you the best design but in practice find out it is not the case.

You have to verify the credentials of the company you engage with. Ask references from existing owners who participate in the program. Note that the design alone is not sufficient; all other energy-dependent systems are of paramount importance when designing or refurbishing a building for Housing Preservation Development Approval.   

What happens after getting approved for HPD?

You can start listing your property as available for affordable rentals as per the Section 8 program. The department will have your building on their database and you will be eligible to house eligible tenants and sign contracts with them. The forms are not complex to fill in order to start reaping the benefits of this program.

However, note that the Department of Housing Preservation and Development enforces the maintenance code for all buildings. For this reason, your building must be maintained constantly. Failure to adhere to the codes may lead you to penalties imposed by the housing court or fines imposed by the department.

With New York Engineers you can have a lot on maintenance costs. Our energy-efficient systems do not empty your pockets when it’s time to maintain them. We can help you maintain your building and the energy systems in it so it stays in a good position always.

Note that tenants have the right to complain about living conditions if they deteriorate. They can also report violations to the department. The department itself has inspectors who continually inspect participating buildings on a yearly basis to ensure that they are still within quality standards. Inspectors too can report violations to the department. Teaming up with New York Engineers can help you avoid such penalties by keeping the building in good condition all the times.


Why Choose New York Engineers?

Need we say more about our expertise and our excellence? Having been in the industry for a long time, we are revered for the best designs and optimization of energy systems. Also, we are respected for our sprinkler engineering, energy modeling, and fire protection services that can enhance the livability of your building for tenants.

Our engineers are well-rounded with the eligibility requirements for Housing Preservation Development Approval. As thus, we will ensure that you meet them perfectly and get your building approved in a short period of time.

Perhaps most importantly, our designs are affordable. We cut unnecessary costs while not compromising the quality of your designs.

Moreover, we excel in refurbishments of existing buildings in ensuring that they meet minimum requirements for this program. Get hold of us today to help you get approved by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. You will reap the benefits of housing government-subsidized tenants.

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