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EAB Design and Approvals

Many projects in New York City requires approval from the Electrical Advisory Board (EAB) as mandated by the NYC Electrical Code. The EAB approval ensures that your electrical equipment and installations are safe and have the required parameters to reduce impact during an emergency. Various projects need clearance from the EAB according to the specifications of the 1 RCNY § 34-05.

New York Engineers provides consultation and guidance for getting EAB approvals through licensed electrical contractors and consultant engineers. We also create accurate designs and plans based on EAB guidelines and also provide expedited filing services.

You can rely on us to get your project approved by the EAB on the first attempt as we are aware of all applicable standards, rules and regulations. Our experienced engineers determine the specific approvals you need and help you file them with ease and simplicity.

Which Types of Projects Need EAB Approval?

 EAB Approval

Various projects may need an approval from the EAB before you can install the systems. The circumstances defined in the 1 RCNY § 34-05 details the types of work that need EAB review.

They are classified as follows :

  1. Electrical System Installations Exceeding 1,000KVA or 600V

Any installation, addition or modification of electrical systems that exceed 1,000KVA must be submitted to the EAB for approval. You will also need an EAB review for systems that exceed 600V, regardless of their capacity. The following alterations will need approval from EAB-

  • Additions to systems below 1,000KVA that increase the capacity over 1,000KVA
  • Addition of circuits and equipment to systems that increase the capacity over 600V
  • Changes made up to second level overcurrent protection for existing installations over 1,000KVA (approval not required if changes were approved during first built or current rating is lower than 200A)
  • Any alteration of installations over 600V
  • Any alteration that impacts the clearance around 1,000KVA installations even if they don't involve modification of the equipment
  1. Electrical Equipment and Components Approval

You will have to seek EAB approval when you use electrical equipment and materials not covered under the NYC Electrical Code Technical Standards. Some common equipment and components which need approval from EAB are low-voltage lighting systems, specialized wiring applications, and so on.

We will submit the details of your electrical equipment and material to EAB so that you can gain a permit for installation.

  1. Special Approvals

Sometimes you may get an electrical violation for using equipment, materials or appliances not covered under the NYC Electrical Code. Ideally, the material or equipment was supposed to be approved by the EAB, but that didn't happen for some reason. Now you must make a new submission for review so that you can use your equipment legally.

Apart from the above requirements, your project will also need to meet the requirements of the NYC Energy Conservation Code. We can help you determine the necessary approvals you need from the EAB and provide assistance with design and filing processes.

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Professional Guidance and Assistance Filing EAB Submissions


How to Make a Submission to EAB?

Based on your project you will need to submit plans, drawings and other documents to EAB for approval. The requirements vary for projects of different nature, but there are some common elements. Let's take a look at the submittal process and things you need to submit.

  1. Cover Letter

You must submit a cover letter to the EAB detailing the nature of your project and other necessary details. Remember that only a licensed electrical contractor or consulting engineer can apply for EAB submissions. The cover letter must be written on the letterhead of your contractor or engineer and contain the name and license number of the licensed NYC Special or Master electrician or consulting engineer.

We have licensed engineers who can use our firm's letterhead to submit your cover letter. You can rely on us completely to do the needful without having to take on any responsibility yourself. If you wish to make the submission with your chosen consultants, we will need the letterhead, license number and licensee number to draft your cover letter.

  1. Submittal Number

The next step is to request a submission number from the EAB. Requests for submission numbers can either be made in person or by sending an email to EAB. When you hire our firm for EAB approvals, we will coordinate with EAB and get your submission number. We will require the following information in order to file the request for submission number-

  • Licensed electrical contractor or consulting engineer name and address (we will provide our details if applicable)
  • Location of installation with job name if applicable
  • Type of submission (installations over 1,000KVA or more, special permission or equipment permission)

You can use the submission number to track your payments and progress of the approval process through the NYC Department Of Buildings website.

  1. Payment Receipt

You can proceed to make payments once you receive your submission number from the EAB. The payments have to be made in person at the Central Inspections Cashiers, 1st floor at 280 Broadway, New York City.

EAB charges different fees for different submittals-

  • Electrical installations of 1,000KVA or over - $650
  • Special permission - $350
  • Equipment permission - $200

We can help you with the payment process and make the payment with EAB. You can use bank checks, certified checks, corporate checks and money orders to pay your fees. All checks or money orders should be made payable to the NYC Department of Buildings.

You will receive a duplicate receipt from the EAB once you make your payment. The receipt has to be attached with your documents when you make the final submission with the EAB.

  1. Drawings and Documents

 You will need to submit various documents based on the submission you make. We will create all the drawings, diagrams, floor plans and equipment drawings needed for the submission. Our drawings comply with all applicable electrical codes so that you can get EAB approval at the first attempt.

Let's take a look at what you need to submit-

Electrical Installations of 1,000KVA or More

  • Plan view
  • One-line diagram
  • Layout of service equipment room
  • Details of distribution panel and switchboard

Special Permissions

  • Applicable cut sheets
  • Drawings and charts
  • Other documents as applicable

Electrical Equipment and Materials

  • Type of equipment and model number
  • Applicable explanatory information
  • Data sheets or brochures
  • Images of the equipment before installation
  • Laboratory test report and conclusion sheet including approval of Commissioner
  • Equipment sample (if demanded by the EAB)

We will help you prepare all the documents for EAB submission. We can either submit physical copies of the drawing by folding them to 8.5”x11” or use approved electronic formats. Our drawings follow all special requirements laid down in the 1 RCNY § 34-05 standard to ensure full compliance with regulations.

The drawings submissions can be either mailed or dropped off at:

NYC Development Inspections Services

One Centre Street, Room 2337

New York, NY 10007

  1. Coordination Study

Electrical installations that rely on selective coordination (exceeding .1 seconds) and use devices other than fuse for overcurrent protection need to submit a coordination study. A professional engineer must submit the study and we have the right team to do the task.

The following installations need to submit coordination studies :

  • Service overcurrent protection equipment exceeding 601A
  • Emergency equipment involving a critical application or life safety

The EAB members will review your submission and decide its fate after you have made the payment and submitted all required documents and information.

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Outcomes of EAB Submission Evaluation


The EAB board members meet every month on Wednesdays to review the projects it has received. If necessary, the board can also arrange additional meetings to manage the extra workload.

There can be four resolutions based on the EAB review :

Approved: The submission is cleared by the EAB and a calendar number is provided for inclusion in the permit application.

Pending: The EAB members have reviewed the submission but need further clarifications or minor rectifications in drawings for granting approval. We submit the pending submissions for discretionary review by the EAB after making the necessary changes.

Hold: The EAB members have put the submission on hold because of lack or inaccurate information. You have to submit for approval once again within the deadline with updated and accurate information.

Denied: The EAB denies the submission and closes the submission number. Denied submission don't qualify for further submissions.

Rejected: Pending submissions can be rejected by the EAB after review when additional comments need to be clarified for approval. Rejected submissions are to be submitted again with EAB for additional review.

The EAB updates the status of each submission on the Department of Building website at Electrical Advisory Board Meeting, Outcomes, Summary and Calendar Numbers. The EAB generally takes one week to update the status of the projects on the website after the Wednesday meeting.

Deadlines for Making EAB Submissions


The EAB meets once in a month on Wednesdays. It's necessary to make your submission on time so that you don't have to wait for the next meeting.

The deadlines followed by EAB are mentioned below :

  • New submissions must be made 8 business days before the date of the scheduled meeting
  • Submissions put on hold must be resubmitted 15 business days before the scheduled meeting
  • Special permissions must be submitted 10 day business days before the date of the scheduled meeting

We make all submissions well before the mentioned deadlines with necessary documents and information. The process makes room for accommodation of any mailing delays, problems with delivery and provides buffer time for busy EAB members.

Expedited EAB Approval Service

We can help you take advantage of the expedited review process introduced by the NYC Department of Buildings since 2014. Some projects that required full review (installations exceeding 1,000KVA or 600V) can qualify for expedited service under the changed guidelines.

Your project can be eligible for expedited review in the following cases :

New Installations

  • Service switches or second-fused disconnect switches that have current ratings of 600A or less
  • Installation of equipment that doesn't impact the clearance around 1,000KVA installations
  • Addition of new fire pump service switches to current 1,000KVA systems
  • Installation of residential generators not exceeding 1,000KVA
  • New connections between power production sources like 1,000KVA service equipment and solar power systems

Alterations or Replacements

  • 1st level and 2nd level switches
  • Main feeder conductors or service entrance conductors
  • Replacement of distribution boards including applicable fusers and breakers
  • Second-disconnect or service fuses and switches

We will check whether your project can qualify for expedited approvals from EAB. If it is eligible, then we file all necessary submissions for a speedy approval so that you can start installing at the earliest.

How can we Help?

have helped countless clients get quick approvals from the EAB to ensure the success of their project. We help you get approval on the first try so that you don't need to wait for months dealing with on-hold and pending resolutions.

Our team prepares all documentation required by the EAB so that you never have to make an effort. We also make sure that all your installations have the required clearances so that maintenance or emergency crew can access the systems without delay. Our engineers create the most accurate designs which EAB board members clear on the first review.

We are aware of all the nuances of the EAB approval process and can assure a smooth experience for you. Our team can help you with all matters EAB, so that you don't need to go anywhere else! Contact us today to know how to go about EAB approval and how we can help you sail through.

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