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DOB FIlings and Design service

DOB filing and permits

Consultation and guidance on DOB filing and permits

The Department of Buildings (DOB) oversees the construction and renovation of all buildings located across the five boroughs in New York. The department ensures the safety of construction by enforcing various regulations and codes, namely- zoning resolutions, construction codes and multiple dwelling law.

The DOB promotes safe construction practices through reviews and grants approvals to buildings. The department also carries out inspections and provides permits and licenses for various projects. Any new construction or renovating work must be approved by the DOB, which issues permits once the plan receives approval.

The DOB handles a wide range of processes and impacts projects of all sizes and types. Unless you have a thorough knowledge of how DOB works, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the formalities. That's why New York Engineers is offering its expertise to handle all matters related to the DOB.

We can take care of the whole permitting process and provide consultation on certification. We also prepare high-quality plans and designs that receive the approval of the DOB in the first attempt. Our team is aware of all the applicable codes and can help you chalk out a fully-compliant design.

We also offer our guidance on DOB violations and handle the legalization of illegal construction work. As an add-on service, we also offer fast track filing and expedited approvals. You will never need to go anywhere else or take matters in your own hands when you have an adept team by your side. We guarantee the outcome and hassle-free completion of your construction with our DOB guidance and consultation service.

Department Of Buildings Permit and Approvals

DOB filing

Whether you are a homeowner or run a business, you need to have valid permits for any construction work in New York and other states. The vast majority of construction work will require a permit from the DOB and needs to follow a standard procedure. You may have to apply for several permits based on the nature and scope of your project such as construction permit, boiler permit, plumbing permit and more.

The major types of permits include :

  • Construction of any new structure
  • Significant alterations that impact occupancy, use and egress
  • Multiple construction work that doesn't impact occupancy, use and egress
  • Single types of minor work that doesn't impact occupancy, use and egress

You will need to appoint a licensed professional to help you with the permit process. You can either hire a registered architect or a professional engineer to chalk out the plans necessary for obtaining the permit.

Without a permit, your construction will be illegal and form a violation of DOB rules. A permit ensures that your construction turns out to be safe following the necessary building codes. 

If you are looking to file a permit or want to undertake construction, New York Engineers can help with the whole process. Right from filing for permits to applying for the Notice of Completion, we will guide you in every step for the successful execution of your project.

Do You Always Need a Permit from Department of Buildings?

You will not need a permit from DOB for only minor work. For example, you don't need a permit if you are installing new cabinets in your kitchen.

If you are not sure if your work needs a permit, we invite you to consult our engineers and architects for consultation. We will be able to tell you if you require a permit or if it is safe to proceed without one. You can also approach a borough office manager of the DOB for more information.

For all other types of work, you will need to apply for a permit. For instance, if you stay in a condo, you must go for a permit if your managing agent mandates it. You will also need approval from the DOB for new constructions and other renovation work.

Undertaking any work without necessary permits puts you in great risk. You can get slapped with a stop-work order if the DOB finds out you don't have a permit. The department can also charge hefty fines, amounting to several thousands of dollars. Your project might be stopped midway and you may never get a certificate of completion.

You may also need to pay considerably more to an architect or engineer to get a permit for your illegal construction. Such fraudulent acts might even earn you a cancellation of your lease and you may be forced to sell your apartment.

So you should always hire a professional and apply for the required permit on the first instance. You can consult with us to find out more about DOB's requirements and permit process.

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The New York Engineers Permit Process

You can work with us to ensure a safe and quick approval from the DOB. We can help you get first-time approvals with our professional plans that comply with all codes and regulations. Our team also assists clients with the filing process (if you don't adopt for designing service) and facilitate the permit process by getting you work permits and certificate of occupancy.

Here's an overview of our DOB permit and approval service :

  1. Determination of Necessary Permits

The first step is to determine all the permits you will need for your work. Based on the scope of your project, you may need several permits. Generally, any new construction will need multiple permits related to construction, electrical systems, MEP and more. You may need a few specific permits if you are carrying out a renovation or some minor work.

The best way to determine the permits you need is to hire a professional architect or engineer. We will find out what your work involves and then chalk out all the permits you need. It's crucial to file for the right permits on the first go; otherwise, you may land up in trouble later on.

  1. Filing of Applications and Plans

After we have determined what permits you need, we will file the applications with the DOB. The step involves filling up forms, submitting details of your work and following other instructions of the department. We ensure that all applications are filed accurately so that there is no room for errors. Our team will take care of everything and you don't even need to move a finger!

Along with applications, you will also have to submit construction drawings of your construction or work. This is a big step and must be carried out with due diligence.

We employ the finest architects and engineers to design your construction or building so that we can ensure full compliance. Our team has designed thousands of projects which received speedy approvals from the DOB.

We will ensure that your plan is in accordance with all the applicable codes laid down by the DOB and other local and national regulatory bodies. Some of the codes applicable for construction include-

We have knowledge of all the codes and updates issued by different agencies. Our designs will implement the codes and best practices in the industry for speedy work permits. We will create the plan with necessary construction documents and submit them to the DOB for review.

  1. Application for Work Permit

The officials at DOB will review your plan and decide whether you qualify for a work permit. In some cases, you may avoid the review by the department by approving your plan by a professional architect. It depends on your project and the DOB is the ultimate decider on this.

Sometimes you will need to hire a contractor to apply for the work permit. You can work with New York Engineers recommended contractors for complete peace of mind. We will coordinate with the DOB and pull the work permits required for your job.

  1. Construction Work

The contractor will carry out the construction work according to the plans submitted to the DOB. It is crucial that the work follows the plans accurately to be eligible for clearance by the DOB. If there is any discrepancy, you may need to undertake changes to get your certificate of completion or occupancy.

Working with New York Engineers approved contractors guarantee a zero-change order. We will oversee the construction and ensure that all work is in accordance with the design. Even if you don't go for our contractors, we can offer construction administration services so that all codes are followed by your contractor.

  1. Inspections

You have to give time to DOB to carry out inspection of your construction before they can issue the certificate of completion. We may need to submit as-built drawing to the department to help in their review process. Some constructions can be self-certified by licensed architects and don't need DOB inspections.

We will submit all required documents and coordinate with the DOB for all inspections.

  1. Certificate of Completion/Occupancy

Based on your project, you may need a new or amended certificate of occupancy. If you need a new or amended certificate, it will be issued only after proper completion of the work. The DOB will also inspect all the filings to make sure your construction is compliant.

If you don't need a new certificate, the DOB will sign-off your project after necessary inspections. Sometimes we will also be able to certify the completion of the project with the department through our licensed architects.

Finally, you will get the certificate of completion or certificate of occupancy based on your project.

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Expedited Filing and Assistance

We provide DOB filing as an add-on service for clients who choose to work with their own contractors. Our filing representatives navigate projects by dealing with the processes of the DOB. Our team will interpret the construction drawings and permits necessary for your project.

They will also schedule meetings, work with DOB officials, provide advice on permits, explain building codes- they will do everything that needs to be done!

Our filing services ensure that you file the correct paperwork and prevent costly delays. You will also appreciate the work they undertake with DOB as it's a very busy place. If you are not aware of how it works, you can spend a whole day just waiting for your appointment.

Our filing representatives know the DOB and its processes inside-out, and can stay on top of proceedings and close matters as quickly as possible. We are also registered with the DOB so you can be sure of a high-quality service all the time.

Why Choose New York Engineers?

New York Engineers is a full-scale consultation and design agency. We offer guidance and consultation on the Department of Buildings permit and approval process and also offer add-on filing services. We have helped numerous clients get permits for their projects in a timely manner so that they can begin their construction without delay.

Our architects and engineers undertake complete designing of any construction work ensuring they meet the applicable codes and regulations. You can always expect speedy approvals as most of our designs get first-time approvals from the DOB. That means you can begin your construction at the earliest and complete it on time to ensure timely occupancy.

Our team always remains updated about the latest DOB development and rules so that we can offer optimum assistance. You will never have to worry about a thing when you choose us as your partner. We will coordinate with the DOB and the inspectors so that you can get your certificate of completion without any hassles through a compliant design.

Get in touch with us for more information on DOB permits and approvals.

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