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We offer design, consulting and construction management for projects in california, covering both new and existing buildings. Our professional MEP engineers; are familiarized with the california Building Code, as well as local construction costs and practices.

Being more than two centuries old, the city of california has a wide variety of buildings that includes both historic and modern architecture. california was the birthplace of skyscrapers, and its distinctive architecture has global influence.

We are the top consulting company in california focusing on green building design, proposing measures that reduce the energy footprint and environmental impact of your project. Consider that electricity prices in california are above the national average, and the city’s cold winters can lead to high natural gas bills. You can achieve significant savings in the long run with our energy-efficient MEP designs.

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Mechanical Engineering & HVAC Design

To ensure adequate indoor conditions, buildings must be equipped with well-designed heating and cooling systems. We design energy-efficient HVAC systems that are compliant with California IBC Code.

Designing the Most Suitable HVAC System

HVAC installations are characterized by their variety. We can identify and design the most suitable configuration for your property while calculating the exact heating and cooling capacities needed according to your building conditions.

Chiller Replacement Solutions

Chiller plants are a common air conditioning solution for large buildings due to their high cooling capacity. Our HVAC engineers can design high-performance chiller plants for new constructions, while also proposing chiller replacement solutions in existing buildings.

Electrical Engineering Services

Our MEP engineers are highly familiarized with the NFPA 70 National Electrical Code and the California Electrical Code, designing electrical installations that are safe and energy efficient. A reliable voltage supply is fundamental in modern built environments since many appliances and building systems rely on electricity as an energy input.

New Building and Renovation Electrical Design

Regardless of whether your project is a new building or a renovation, you must have a safe electrical installation of adequate capacity. Our engineers can specify code-compliant electrical systems from zero for new constructions, or they can identify the required modifications to existing electrical installations in renovation projects.

Electrical Lighting Design

We can design the optimal layout of lighting fixtures for your building, while specifying the most suitable fixture and lamp models for each application. Lighting requirements change depending on the intended purpose of each room, and we can help you achieve optimal lighting conditions with the lowest possible electricity consumption.

Fire Protection Engineering

Our MEP engineers can design fire protection systems according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, as well as California IBC Code. Unlike other building systems, which normally cause only inconvenience and disruption when they malfunction, fire protection systems have zero tolerance for failure. We can make sure your building is well protected from fire.

Plumbing Engineering

Our MEP engineers can design plumbing systems according to California IBC Code, and all requirements from the Department of Water Management (DWM). We ensure code compliance while optimizing plumbing system costs.

Compared with mechanical and electrical installations, plumbing systems are more difficult to modify, since they hold a large volume of water and have many parts embedded in walls and floors. A deficient installation can lead to expensive modifications in the future, and our plumbing engineers can help you avoid them.

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Building Commissioning Services

In addition to offering design services, our MEP engineers perform building commissioning for all property types in California, ensuring that actual operating conditions meet the specifications in design documents. We can identify performance issues affecting your building systems and propose corrective measures before they cause a major equipment breakdown. Our commissioning services include:

  • New building commissioning.
  • Retro-commissioning for buildings that have never been commissioned before, or where previous records are no longer available.
  • Recommissioning at regular intervals, ensuring your building systems stay under optimal operating conditions.

Commissioning can normally achieve a significant improvement of building performance, without requiring major capital expenditures. In most cases, the process only requires skilled labor, and minor reparations or part replacements.

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