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NY Engineers Inc is your best solution when it comes to general contracting of a number of construction projects. Over the years we have effectively managed a number of projects across different industries and have brought the building design plans into action.

Professional Services

Our team of professionals always focus on the requirements set by the code and follow them strictly to prevent any legal actions.

Meeting Deadlines

We always deliver on the deadlines without jeopardizing the quality of the projects. Our team of trained and certified contractors will oversee the project and will get the job done within the set dates.

Meeting Expectations  

Satisfying our clients with high-quality services is something that we always look to achieve. It is more than a norm for

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Construction Services

How do NYE General Contractor Services work?

The overall coordination of the entire projects is our responsibility. NYE professionals will manage all the activities according to the set timeline and the goals set by the client.

Our engineers will first evaluate the entire documents associated with the project and these include the bid, the proposal, and various other tender documents. If there is a case of renovations then a visit to the site is needed for getting a better understanding of what the project involves.

Based on the technique of project delivery the team needs to submit a proposal for a fixed price or it needs to be a bid or an estimate for a cost-plus. This cost will also include the cost of labor and it will provide the client with an overview of the price of the entire project.

The document for the contract might include project manuals, drawings, addendum or even any modifications that are issued before the proposal or bidding and has been prepared by the design professional which in this case will be the architect. These documents also include any supplementary, general or specific conditions or specifications.

Responsibilities of General Contractor

will take care of all the labor, materials, services, and equipment that includes the machinery or any tools required for the purpose of construction processes involved within the project.

The responsibilities of a general contractor will also include:

  • Taking care of the building permits
  • Providing advisory services to the clients
  • Guaranteeing the safety and security of property
  • Providing utilities on a temporary basis at the site
  • Management of personnel on site
  • Providing services associated with site surveying as well as engineering
  • Disposing/recycling of any construction waste
  • Monitoring all the schedules as well as the cash flows
  • Making sure that all the records provide accurate figures

Requirements and Qualifications for Licensing

The requirements for licensing that a general contractor has to fulfill are set by the state governments and the local authorities. For this reason, they tend to vary from one state to another. The Chicago Building Code also provides some details on it in some of its articles.

There are a very few exceptions, but all individuals and businesses who work on a construction project that involves in a building, a highway, a road, a parking facility, a railroad, an excavation, or any other structure within the state then those businesses or individuals have to be licensed under the Board of Contractors of the respective state.

Every state where a license is mandatory, the general contractor must also need to provide a surety bond to complete the process of licensing. There are some states that don’t require these licenses but the state of Illinois does require them as well.

The reason why state governments and local authorities have to closely oversee the general requirements for licensing of general contractors is that there are no federal obligations for a general contractor license.

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Why NYE as your General Contractor?

has plenty of industry knowledge and experience and it allows us to provide our clients with high-quality services. We have completed more than 500 projects over the years and all of them not only met the deadlines that were set but also fulfilled the expectations of our prestigious clients.

Some of the reasons to hire NYE as your general contractor for your next constructions projects are listed as follows:

Reviewing engineering designs : For the purpose of ensuring success right from the beginning of the project, NYE will make sure to review each of the designs and cross-check them with all the requirements set by the client along with the mandatory requirements set by the state governments. It will guarantee maximum efficiency and will also identify any areas where any cost cuts are required. So right from the beginning, NYE will start managing your project effectively. In most cases, the design process involves most of the complicated procedures and this is where a lot of time is lost but not in the case of NYE.

Progress reporting : As the state government ensures that the general contractor must provide all the progress reports to the clients who hire them we understand this obligation and our team will not only provide you with all the information on the current status of the reject but will also provide you with some advice on some of the future steps to either reduce costs or for better executions. This will not only keep you relaxed that all is going well but you will also know what to do next.

Successful Outcomes of the project : As we guarantee quality workmanship right from the start of the project it will also end up well. We have always focused a significant amount of our efforts on the design phase. This phase proves to be a launching pad for the project and everything turns out to be well planned and organized. Our clients will always stay confident in meeting the deadlines and getting top quality work with optimally utilized resources.

NYE is a Licensed General Contractor


At NYE, our engineers mostly begin their careers as construction workers. When they gain work experience with the passage of time they begin to learn about a variety of aspects associated with the construction along with carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and framing. So when we hire personnel they not only bring in their experience in the industry but also bring in their references from previous customers, former employers, and business partners.

In the case of a subcontractor, our criteria are very simple, we only look for specialized construction parties. We believe in developing long term relations with our stakeholders and for this reason; our suppliers are specialists in their area as well. Through close collaborations and industry links, we are able to deliver the project in time and with the highest quality as well.

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Our Solutions for Construction Management

You cannot be always around to oversee an entire project and it goes smoothly without any issues. If there is a lot of poor quality workmanship or a number of cutting corners in your construction process then the entire project will end up in a failure.

The construction management services that NYE provides will ensure that you don’t have to deal with these issues at all. Our engineering teams will provide you with all the progress reports, engineering design reviews, and site surveys to set it all up for success. As your general contractor, NYE will continually check-in regularly throughout your project’s course for ensuring that a proper protocol is followed in every phase.

At NYE, we provide you these services at three different levels. These include:

  • Complete
  • Basic
  • As-Needed.

Based on the involvement levels if you need that our assistance is required in a particular area then we are there to provide all the services with exceptional quality and effective pricing to ensure your projects successful outcome. Our team has expertise in an array of projects of construction administration engineering projects.

Why Trust Us?

The primary reason to hire our services is that we offer a range of different services depending on your requirement and needs. In addition to that, we don’t compromise on quality and also make sure that all your resources are utilized effectively. In addition to that, we keep a track of all the costs and keep them to a minimum under every circumstance.

Some clients go for multiple contractors for a single project in order to lower the costs because the contractors will only have to work on a single process at a time and they will not charge higher costs. But the reality is quite contrary to it. By hiring multiple contractors you are actually raising your overall costs significantly.

In addition to that, this will also have a negative impact on the overall timeline of the project. Plus you have to deal with numerous contractors at a time which will further make the situation problematic. Therefore, it is important for you to hire a single contractor for your entire project to keep everything smoothly working.

We offer quick turnaround : A delay can result in huge cost increments. Even a few hours of delay can shape up the project in a way that you don’t plan. Therefore, NYE specifically emphasizes the design process and keeps it agile and flexible under all circumstances. The turnaround time for designs is much faster than any other MEP service in the industry.

We offer zero change order guarantee : For eradication of cost as well as any disruption within the construction orders of your project, NY Engineers Inc executes a strict control for quality. This ensures clearly built designs that are conveniently priced. Consequently working with any of our certified contractors will guarantee Zero Change Order.

We Offer High Chances of First-Time Approval : As our engineering team looks to develop an alliance with your management team on site, we will ensure that everything is properly communicated s that everything remains on track smoothly. In this case, an active loop of feedback will guarantee all opportunities to improve in a timely manner. These amendments will be captured in the master templates for ensuring that your project runs right from the start till the end in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. Fr this reason, we have the highest rate of first-time approvals on all our designs within the industry.

We are Architects : We can take care of your entire project and get it done within time without any issues. Our design engineers are highly experienced and they have worked on a number of projects over the years. For this reason, we promise you a turnaround time that will be fifty percent faster as compared to any other MEP service within the industry. It is one of our competitive advantages as well.

We are Developers and Building Managers : We believe in building close relations with our stakeholders and it allows us to utilize these resources within several projects. We are able to provide your projects, with labor, materials, and services in no time regardless of the scale and magnitude of your project. The only thing that you need to provide us is the design approval, a list of your long and short term goals and the deadline. Leave the rest to NYE and its highly competent team of engineers and technicians.

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