What Information Does This Letter Contain?

Electrical Load Letter

The electric load letter contains all the information associated with a facility’s overall electrical load and what components and equipment can run on it. Essentially, it’s a document of rating that provides the information on everything you can run with the load within the premises.

There are load letters for commercial and residential buildings and for each space the Code has set different requirements. All the equipment must run using the electric load from within the premises and a network should not exceed the load otherwise there are chances of short circuits and in some cases, arc faults as well.

can solve the problem of your electrical load letter in a very effective manner. Our engineers will provide you with all the calculations of electrical load that your facility can hold.

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Load Letter Template

are proud to provide its customers with high-quality services when it comes to the electrical load letters. We’ll do all the assessments of all your electrical equipment along with other power tools and prepare the document for you.

This service is very useful when you are moving into a new commercial space from a tenant. If you are not too sure about the electrical capacity of the new space then you can go for this electrical load letter and NY Engineers can help you out with this service. If you are not confident of the space to sign the lease then our engineers can assist you with that.

You can also download the template of this letter from NY Engineers’ website after filling out a form and then submitting it. If you want to use the service in its entirety then our technical staff can do that for you too. Our engineers make sure that they adhere to all the requirements that are set by the Chicago Building Code as well as the National Building Code.

How We Classify Loads

Load Classification

Our engineers will first divide the electrical load into different sections. This classification allows entering information in terms of different categories as far as the magnitude of the project is concerned. This needs to be done so that clear distinction is possible in the results from residential, commercial and industrial projects. It also simplifies the entire process and will customize all the results according to the project.

This information will also assist engineers to sort out what type of equipment should be installed within the facility.

  • Combination Electrical Loads
  • Inductive Electrical Loads
  • Capacitive Electrical Loads
  • Resistive Electrical Loads

How NY Engineers Can Assist You?

have completed numerous projects over the years. Our technical staff works with a variety of MEP projects and for this reason, they can pass all types of MEP networks within your building. Our professionals can also help you with mechanical and plumbing networks in addition to the electrical ones. We provide our clients with high-quality services and ensure their full satisfaction.

Our engineers will provide you with all the calculations of electrical load that your facility can hold.

In addition to that, our team will also provide you with a list of all the equipment that you can run on this load. You need to keep this thing in mind that the load only accounts for the electrical system that is within the facility. Anything with an outside source is automatically omitted from the calculation.

How NYE Do The Calculations Of Electrical Loads?

The primary objective behind the calculation of electrical loads of any facility is to precisely determine the overall size of the electrical service. This calculation will provide the engineer with all the information on what types and capacity of equipment can run on it. The NEC and Chicago Building Code are the two legal orders that govern these calculations and installations procedures. Our electrical engineer will carefully assess all the phases and see what type of equipment can smoothly run on it.

Here are some important steps our engineers follow:

  • The general requirements for electrical loads heavily rely on the inside square footage. The inside area is calculated for the purpose of determining a load of lighting as well as the required equipment circuits. The engineer will enter all the information and see what the readings turn out to be.
  • Equipment and other motor loads are some of the largest units used in a commercial setting. In a residential setting, most of the load comes from the heavy appliances that are present in the kitchen, garage and laundry room. Our engineer will carefully assess all the information and will tally it with the nameplates for the purpose of cross-checking.
  • Accurate and adequate identification of the air conditioning and heating equipment is also necessary. These equipment require heavy duty electrical loads and for this reason, their installation and operation require more precise information and details.
  • Performing the calculations is the next step that our engineers will execute in the process. All the calculations are done by using a variety of tools and for cross-checking, they also do it manually. Double checking ensures the accuracy of the information remains intact.
  • After gathering all the information, it is compiled in a presentable form. And the process completes here. In this final step, our professional engineers will provide you with any recommendations.

Various Other Calculations

When you look to hire the services of, then one thing is for sure, the service is going to be highly customized. We believe that each client is unique and has a different set of requirements and needs. Therefore, we focus on providing high quality, customized yet cost-effective services or full satisfaction.

Our team of professionals focuses on fulfilling all the requirements of our clients as per their specific demands. When we talk about electrical load letters our clients can choose from a variety of services ranging from just downloading load letter template from our website to a fully-fledged service package. Apart from calculating the electrical loads, our engineers can do other calculations for you.

Generator size calculation services :

There are various types of generators available and choosing the best one for your facility is a decision of significant importance. Our technical staff can assist you in finding the right sized generator without any issues. They will provide you with the right information on what type of generator you can use to install all your equipment easily.

Voltage dropping calculation services :

Our technicians can also provide you with all the information that you will need to assess the current-voltage drop of your entire facility. This information will allow you to prevent your network from any shortfalls and will keep you running it smoothly.

Selections of wires and cable services :

Another useful piece of information that you require during the setup or maintenance process is the selection of different cables and wires according to the load that they will bear. It will enable you to prevent any short circuits and will also allow you to keep your entire network working at an optimal level.

Coding electrical service panels :

The coding of electrical panels is critical particularly for the purpose of maintenance. Your electrician will exactly know which section is powered by which wire and what goes where. It will not only save his time for maintenance but will also keep everything safe from any hazards.

Coding the electrical grounding networks

We cannot emphasize much over the importance of coding your entire electrical network. If you don’t want to jeopardize your entire project then go for coding and labeling of your entire network. However, make sure that you only hire experienced professionals for this job. Only an experienced professional can handle this job effectively. Therefore, you should consider the services provided by NY Engineers.

Coding the electrical underground networks :

Just like the grounding network your underground works also need to be spotless and for this reason, you should only look to hire the service of an experienced engineer. Such personnel knows what they are doing and they will not jeopardize your entire projects. You must take this decision very carefully if you want to stay effective in terms of cost management.

Guidelines and recommendations for various projects :

At NY engineers we not only provide all the services but for the satisfaction of our clients, we also make suggestions and recommendations. We will assist all our clients in case if there are some errors that need to be contained in a timely fashion. We’ll make sure that your entire electrical network carries on its operations flawlessly.

Why Choose Electrical Load Letter From NYE

NY Engineers can solve the problem of your electrical load letter in a very effective manner.

It is needless to say that you should only consider the services of a highly experienced professional when it comes to MEP engineering. Any mistake can turn into a catastrophe and you don’t want to end up being on the receiving end in this scenario. Therefore, you should only consider highly experienced professionals to take care of all such services and for this reason, you can count on.

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