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We will design your sprinkler systems in such a manner that the flames will be contained right at the source. It significantly reduces any chances of fire spreading before any emergency assistance is on its way.

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You should not need to choose between protecting your equipment or the facility itself. NYE provides smart and proactive solutions to keep them both safe.

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All our services and solutions feature rapid turnarounds and we develop these designs while keeping in durability and longevity in mind. It will save you plenty of costs over the long run.

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At the initial signs of smoke, our sprinkler systems will start extinguishing the flames with their highly active sensors and will keep the spread under tight control.

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Why You Need a Good Quality Sprinkler System Design?

Buildings have all kinds of wiring networks and equipment that run on electricity. Apart from that, there are various other HAVC systems running as well that can source their power from a variety of different fuels. Different types of machinery are also present within the premises. So there is a good reason why these structures need to be foolproof in terms of safety and security of the occupants and all other assets.

An effective sprinkler design will make sure that the structure is able to keep the fire from spreading under various situations. Apart from the safety perspective, it is also an obligation under the Chicago Municipal Code as well as National Electric Code and a host of other legal documents that a building must be equipped with a good quality automated sprinkler system installed. In the past, fire protection services were only needed when the emergency occurred but not today.

Therefore, whether you own a residential property or running a commercial site or in charge of industrial setup, a top notch sprinkler system in place is a must. Buildings of today are equipped with a variety of systems to prevent the fire from spreading and one of the most effective of them all is this sprinkler system.

The site owners need to look for a full range of solutions and services to introduce to their existing designs. New buildings come with these systems integrated within the structural design so these sprinkler systems are here to stay. Installation of these systems or having them integrated within the structural design is not enough. As fire incidents occur rarely and in some portion of the building, the entire system needs to be maintained frequently to keep it ready for emergency situations.

Scope of Sprinkler System Services

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The sprinkler systems are directly connected with a water source and the liquid must also be available readily. These sprinkler systems must also be connected with the fire systems within a facility.

It is critical because help should be available at an arm’s length because no one knows what’s going to happen in case of an emergency. So these systems must also be able to send alerts to the management as well as all the occupants to notify them in a timely manner. The sensors of these alarm systems must also provide information about the affected area and for that audible and visual signals are must.

So there is a lot more going on other than just timely spraying of water on flames. A number of service provider even offer systems that integrate all the above-mentioned services as a total protection package but this can be extremely costly and might not be a good option unless it is the owner’s priority number one.

Then there is a lot that goes into the design and installation process as well. The design must be in a way that it doesn’t exceed the budget and it must stay reliable under all circumstances. To keep everything smooth in addition to frequent maintenance and repairs, testing is also mandatory.

The emergency response of these systems needs to be spot on otherwise; there is no point of installing these services in the first place if they are not able to respond when it is most needed.

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Effective Design From NYE Plays Vital Role In A Fire Protection System


Fire Suppression Systems

Some buildings have specialized systems to suppress fire in case if fires do break out. These systems have a critical role to play when it comes to containing the damage to property as well as life loss. There are of host different products that combine to form a building’s system for fire suppression.

These include the sprinkler systems, systems for hose or hydrant reels and gas suppression systems. To choose the right system for your facility you need to critically assess it for risk mitigation.

Fire Prevention Systems

These systems work better than fire suppression systems. They have one goal and that is to prevent the fire from occurring. It is a passive fire system that compartmentalizes the facility. It has one goal and that is to contain the fire from spreading. These systems can effectively slow down the spread until emergency help arrives. Consequently, it can keep the building and equipment safe from damage.  In addition to that this system also allows the occupants of the building to take refuge in an emergency situation. This system is used with protections and detection for achieving a proper system for life safety.

Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection and maintenance of these sprinkler systems are critical because these systems need to be active in case of an emergency. To make sure that they stay active in such scenarios, it is important to run frequent tests and regular maintenance procedures. If you have a system in place and know that it is going to keep everything under control then this will be a real peace of mind.

Types of Sprinkler Systems

Wet Systems : The wet systems are the most common types of sprinkler systems and they are frequently found in office spaces as well as retail establishments. Wet systems have also found their way in a different climate-controlled warehouse. In these systems, water is consistently maintained within the piping of the sprinklers.

Dry Systems : The dry systems are best for the environments where temperatures might be cold and are good enough to freeze the water within the piping. These environments may include, parking garages, unheated buildings, or loading docks. In the water of this type only enters the piping when it is activated.

Pre-action Systems : These systems are installed in the regions of a facility where there are high valued goods or equipment is present and accidental activation is not an option. These areas include data centers, libraries, and museums, data centers, and libraries. This system is a combo of dry, deluge and wet systems. There is a double interlocking system that needs concurrent activation of fire detector as well as the sprinkler.

Deluge Systems : These systems are frequently used in special hazard zones like racks for fuel loading and outdoor transformers. There are open sprinkler heads that enable discharging of water evenly across the hazard zone right after the detector is activated. Smoke detectors work in a similar fashion.

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NY Engineers Design Sprinkler Systems to Suit Your Demands

The highly experienced technicians at will make sure to design as well as install sprinkler systems that match all your current and futures requirements. We make sure to design systems that deliver long-lasting value. From dry to wet NYE can design a vast array of sprinkler systems new as well as remodeling projects.

You need to hire high-quality professionals to develop the design in the first place so that there is always room for upgrades, testing or even replacements or repairs. Hiring a non-professional and inexperienced individual in such a case is not an option because you are not only risking the lives of the occupants but are also putting your facility on fate. To ensure guaranteed safety you must hire high-quality sprinkler contractor to execute the project for you and keep your building foolproof in case of an emergency.

Upgrading to Match the Code’s Requirements

In case of remodeling we will make sure that we understand all your needs and what are you planning to achieve through your project. We only hire highly experienced professionals and for this reason, we are able to generate high turnarounds in no time. This means that there will be plenty of time for planning and developing a mutual understanding. It will help our engineers in developing relations with the onsite management teams for effective communications and mutual collaboration.

If you are looking for the remodeling, we have got you covered. We understand that going for an entirely new project is not that easy for all businesses and there are various cost factors to consider here. But even in the upgrade, we will provide you with the best-valued option and you will be able to carry that value forward in the future for a long time to come.

We do understand the predicament that the installation of a new system at times cannot be feasible. Our design engineers will make sure that they stay compliant with the code and various other municipal requirements without compromising on your set aims for the project. We also ensure that we try our best to utilize the available resources at maximum to keep all the costs balanced out.

Our Sprinkler Engineering Solutions

Without a doubt, the biggest nemesis of a building is fire. The high rise buildings are mostly placed next to other structures as well, this means that if one building catches fire the next one is in danger as well.  

In heavily populated areas, fire emergency services can take a while to reach the destination. In such a scenario there is a very little amount of time and sprinkler systems play a significant role in this time. These systems can start working on the fire until help arrives.

There is a low insurance premium for the sites that are fully equipped with sprinkler systems. This is our job at NYE as well. We ensure that your building and all its contents remain safe in an emergency event and for this reason; we can design all types of sprinkler systems as per demand. In addition to that, we also interface the local fire departments and the Department of Buildings or various other local agencies or improved sign off and compliance.

From design to commissioning of your sprinkler systems and after that testing and maintenance we adhere to the rules set by the code. Our team of highly skilled design engineers can not only work on new projects but also upgrade the existing ones.

Like in most other cases hiring a single sprinkler contractor is the most feasible and viable decisions that you can make because this is one project that you don’t want to experiment with. Handling multiple contractors on a single project can be very complicating and it will also mess up the entire project too.

We can take care of your entire project efficiently. We not only provide high turnaround times but also have the best design approval ratings. We only hire higher trained and skillful engineers in our teams and as a team, we have only one goal and that is to provide the best services within the deadline and at manageable costs.

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