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We don't compromise the aesthetic appeal of your construction. All costs are saved through non-visible, behind-the-wall changes.

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MEP Value Engineering for Maximum Savings and Optimum Value

Value Engineering

We do value engineering the right way

Is your construction project becoming more expensive than planned? We can help you create potential cost savings in your MEP project through our effective value engineering service.

Value engineering is an ideal process to reduce costs, improve quality and increase productivity. Value engineering can be applied to all aspects of construction including mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems.

Value engineering involves the analysis of the functions of a project, system, equipment, product, or service to improve reliability, performance, safety, quality and lifecycle costs. The aim of the analysis is to determine the best value, by establishing a relationship with value and cost. In short, value engineering ensures that systems and equipments perform their basic function in the lowest lifecycle cost.

The application of value engineering helps to approach construction in a way that it integrates environmentally-sound and energy-efficient materials and best practices. Value engineering is not just cost reduction; its objective is to improve value through alternative design and construction approaches. The process also helps in selecting the right equipment based on market and local conditions.

Value engineering doesn't mean changing the whole lot of equipment for inferior or cheap products. It is the process of reviewing the entire engineering approach to find out if there are better ways of accomplishing the same goals.

The value engineering process reveals applicable approaches to integrate technology in the building which can convert to real savings. Reducing expenses without compromising performance or quality is a skill we have mastered over the years working on several value engineering projects.

We can ensure you optimum value at reduced costs with our MEP value engineering. We only charge you if we are able to help you save your costs. Otherwise, you don't need to pay us anything!

When should you go for value engineering?

MEP Value Engineering

Anybody would want to complete their project within the budget. Value engineering can go a long way to ensure profitability by helping you stay within your budget and time. But when is the ideal time to go for value engineering?

You can go for value engineering any time before construction, but the best time is the very outset of the project. That means you should carry out value engineering before approval of systems, services, or design and commitment of funds to derive the maximum results.

The potential for cost reduction is much higher during the initial stages of the project. You can face various problems if you opt for value engineering during the later stages. For example, you may need to spend more to implement changes if value engineering is not done at the outset of the project. There can also be resistance to changes which ultimately defeats the goal of the cost-saving approach.

 When you adopt value engineering at the right time, you can consider all the supporting systems collaboratively, ensuring an efficient and successful project. A good example can be the sizing of MEP plant rooms. You can face multiple negative consequences in case of oversized equipment like additional electrical infrastructure, requirement for bigger rooms and inefficiencies.

By reviewing your designs at the right time, you can avoid penalties and get the desired outcome.

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Why Should You Go For Value Engineering?


The value of value engineering

Value engineering is meant to generate value for your project. Value has different meanings to different people. When it comes to MEP value engineering, it signifies optimum use of available resources to keep costs down and offer a high-quality outcome. A value engineered project also increases reliability, usefulness, feasibility, compliance and continuity, thereby increasing convenience.

Value engineering uses practical evaluation methods for assessing target features so that extra costs can be eliminated while conserving resources to increase value. What values are we exactly talking about?

1. Reduction of Costs

Any aspect of construction that involves functions with high production or installation cost can benefit from value engineering. We can reduce the cost of MEP without compromising quality or objectives of the building owner. This can be done by using different approaches, varying methods and different materials.

For example, the systems and construction method used for MEP may be outdated or old. In such cases, we can suggest improved methods and modern systems to provide benefits for both the contractor and the building owner. By adopting the suggestions derived from value engineering, we can improve quality through a more economical solution.

2. Reducing errors and deficiencies in construction drawings

Quality of project drawings goes a long way to impact the quality of construction, including MEP systems. Designs which have errors can have negative consequences and are not suitable for application. On the other hand, projects with zero or minimal mistakes generate positive effect and are apt for application.

It's imperative that you need to ensure a quality drawing before you applying them in construction. We review and scrutinize every project drawing so that you can reduce errors and make way for accurate construction. Our team uses advanced computer solutions to prevent mistakes from the start so that your systems and architecture turn out to be efficient.

One method to cut errors is using 3D designing. The computer solutions can accommodate material and unit definitions to generate quantity lists automatically. You know the right amount of materials to be used before the start of the project, ensuring zero mistakes.

We also ensure that your project uses the most economical sizes and systems and make corrective changes to the project drawings. The optimized construction methods also bring down cost and increase value. Alternate designs can also improve the layout and design of the MEP systems.

3. Fast execution of the project

Value engineering helps you to enjoy economic benefits by ensuring project completion before time, thereby reducing costs. We compare the cost of job acceleration with reduced general cost to determine if your project can benefit from early completion.

Costs can also be saved by ensuring the project kicks off earlier. We can finish our value engineering and redesigning before schedule, helping you to start your work early on. Our value engineering also doesn't involve any aesthetic changes, which makes room for speedy construction.

4. Quality Improvement

Quality and value share a one-on-one relationship. One of the most important goals of value engineering is to retain or maximize the quality of the original project. Some people confuse value engineering with cost cutting, but that is not the case. A properly value-engineered project never compromises on quality- on the contrary, it enhances or retains the quality through alternative approaches and construction methods.

Value engineering also improves the functionality of the project to create an efficient building with high usability.

5. Energy savings

Value engineering also paves the way for energy reduction along with cost savings. The approach can make energy-efficient buildings with a reduction of 20% to 25% in energy consumption.

One of the most significant areas of savings is oversized MEP systems. Oversized systems create a range of problems involving inefficient layout and consolidation of systems. Many times the systems are not designed based on local climate and market conditions. Such systems can't maintain the humidity level effectively and also impact the structural and architectural aspects.

Oversized systems also need more room, increased space for pipes and ducting- all of which are unnecessary. Value engineering can identify these problems and provide the correct course of action for energy and cost savings.

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The NY Engineers value engineering process

  1. Information Gathering

In this step, we collect all the required information and try to understand the stakeholder objectives. Our team also analyzes the key functional issues governing your project. The functions of your MEP systems determine the value engineering approach we will undertake. We determine the functions and then analyze the impacts and costs associated with each function.

Another important part of this phase is to determine the building owner's definition of value. We can only provide value when we know what you have in mind. 

  1. Review of Design and Analysis

We will review all the required designs to find opportunities for cost cutting and improvement. The process helps us achieve the optimum design intent and identify aspects of value improvement. Our team analyzes the MEP systems and related elements so that we can clarify and understand the necessary functions. 

  1. Brainstorming

The findings of our analysis help us to develop perfect solutions to help you reduce cost and maximize value. It's time for our team to get creative and list as many techniques as possible to provide the required function in the lowest initial and lifecycle cost.

In this phase, we are mostly concerned with developing ideas, as many as we can. All the ideas that we come up with will be evaluated in the next stage.

  1. Evaluation

We need to first define the criteria for evaluation before we start screening the ideas we developed during the brainstorming session. We may need your help to define the criteria as you are the one to decide what functions you want.

We will judge and analyze the ideas we came up with in the previous step. Any idea which doesn't seem feasible or worthy of further exploration will be struck off the list. We will only probe the ideas that have the highest potential for value and cost savings and develop them into solutions. Our team also takes help of weighted evaluation for cases which don't involve costs, such as aesthetics and working schedules.

  1. Development

Now comes the time to give shape to the ideas that stand out after evaluation. We convert the ideas into workable solutions and create the recommended design changes with sketches and calculations. Our team also provides a descriptive evaluation of the pros and cons of the proposed changes, along with cost comparisons.

Each recommendation we make comes with a concise description which helps you compare the original plan with the proposed changes.

  1. Presentation

We present you the recommendations of our value engineering in the final stage of the process. The presentation is done through a written report which also contains the rationale for our recommendations. We also make a summary of the key cost impacts so that you know which changes to implement or incorporate.

You can also work with our recommended contractors to enjoy a zero-change work guarantee.

Why Choose NY Engineers?

has years of experience in working with a wide range of value engineering projects. We have catered to the needs of different industries including hospitality, education, manufacturing, retail and residential buildings. Our engineers are adept at uncovering unique opportunities to save cost and provide the maximum value out of your MEP systems and design.

We have saved more than $50 million working on countless projects across the nation. Our team can identify signs of over-engineering and high-value areas which can be optimized to save your costs. We always focus on value and never recommend inferior products or elimination of non-critical system parts. Our team reviews your drawings and bids, identify cost-saving opportunities and delivers new bids in a timely manner.

Our value engineering service comes with zero risk guarantee! We don't charge you anything if we are not able to save your money. Our charges are only 10% of the construction cost we have saved, so you always get more than you pay for! We always help you get maximum savings by reducing your MEP systems to code minimum and making way for a simpler and easy installation.

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