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Fire sprinkler systems play an integral role in suppressing fire from the onset until firefighters arrive. The pre-action system is one of several that is effective in fire suppression. We design and install these systems to ensure they are always efficient and easy to maintain.


Our Pre Action Sprinkler Systems are designed to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness in extinguishing fires.


Our Pre Action System is reliable in any fire emergency. We know the risk of letting fire consume your assets or expose human life to danger.

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All of our systems are designed with longevity in mind, saving you maintenance costs down the line.

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What is a Pre Action System?

The name pre-action system is sufficiently descriptive to broadly explain what the system is. In short, it is one of a number of fire sprinkler systems that are employed in a myriad of environments to suppress fires in buildings. You can never be ready for fire no matter how careful you are unless you employ these systems to guard your property and other indispensable assets.

makes your life much easier by designing, installing and repairing fire sprinkler systems. We are uncontested experts in fire sprinkler engineering services. Thus, we can help design, install and repair your pre-action sprinkler system.

The pre-action system does not differ immensely from other main sprinkler systems: deluge, wet-pipe, and dry-pipe systems. But, while they have the same functionality of extinguishing fire, their applications differ.

What pre action does is that it partitions water and air or nitrogen. You will have water kept in the sprinkler riser instead of system piping. This may be confused with the dry pipe system. Well, pre action system keeps water using the electrically controlled pre action valve which only gets activated by a supplemental detection system. A dry pipe system gets actuated by the same detection system that actuates the sprinkler heads.

We design both the dry pipe and pre action systems, and our rapid engineering designs make the design and installation quicker than our competitors.

Application of the Pre Action System

SS_firefighters spray water to wildfire

Like other sprinkler systems, pre-action is effective in suppressing fire from the onset. However, applications tend to differ.

For instance, if you have archival vaults or other water-sensitive items that are being stored, you might want to consider a pre-action system for its meticulous design to prevent inadvertent water discharge. Water damage in a computer room can be as equally damaging as the fire damage if the system is triggered by a false alarm. False alarms are notorious in these systems and so it is good to find a system that puts measures in place to prevent inadvertent discharges.

The fact that pre-action systems discharge water in a two-step process makes it desirable to install them in water-sensitive areas. can help assess your situation to see if this system will be more beneficial and applicable to your case.

In a pre action sprinkler system, water never gets discharged inadvertently. The pre-action valve needs to be activated first to let water into the piping; that is when the pre-action fire sprinkler system turns into a wet sprinkler system. That water will stay in the piping network until a particular sprinkler head is also activated.

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are typically not good for residential areas with no water-sensitive equipment. The idea behind these systems is to protect your property and your assets equally. The system protects your assets against inadvertent water discharge with the lag while also protecting the property if the fire intensifies to a point of opening the sprinkler head.

In commercial buildings, the pre-action sprinkler system can be most beneficial. We do not, however, write off the need for pre-action systems in residential buildings with archival vaults, computer systems, and others.

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Why Choose A Pre Action System?


Not sure if you should choose a pre-action sprinkler system? Our engineers can help you make the right decision based on your needs. Like we highlighted above, this system is most suitable in commercial buildings where water-sensitive equipment is stored.

Imagine the damage incurred should the sprinkler be activated by a false alarm. You may lose substantially more than you would have had the fire occurred. The pre-action system is designed on the premise to help prevent water damage due to false alarms. We care about your property and your assets. Thus, we will design the best pre-action system in such a way that it is immune to accidental water discharge.

The pre-action system utilizes various interlock systems, including the double interlock system where piping that leads to the sprinkler heads is filled with the air or nitrogen. This is also the basic concept used by the dry pipe system. The main purpose of this double interlock system is to ensure that there are no accidental leaks in the system. Mechanical failure can happen anytime, but technicians strive to prevent such inconveniences.

When the pipe is filled with air or nitrogen, it is possible to monitor the pressure gauge to detect the problem. This helps prevent the possible catastrophe of water not being able to reach the sprinkler head due to leaks.

Unlike in dry pipe systems where the dry pipe valve opens and lets water in when the air or nitrogen air decreases, this system does not get activated by the decrease in the pressure. It has an independent detection system from sprinkler heads. Unless the supplemental detection system is triggered, water will not find its way into the system. If that is faulty, there is the option to open the valve manually.

This system seems complicated, but to our engineers is it an absolute breeze. It involves lots of planning with different detection systems.

Disadvantages of a Pre-Action System

While it seems as though pre action systems deserve a great deal of consideration, pre-action sprinkler systems are not without disadvantages.

However, these disadvantages are not really a deal breaker. The points below highlight the downsides of this system:

  • Difficulty to modify: Like dry-pipe sprinkler systems, pre-action systems have limitations which makes it a challenge to modify thereafter. With careful analysis, can ensure that your system’s modification are successful should you wish to expand your premises. Bear in mind the addition of components and detection systems will require qualified engineers to do.
  • Higher installation costs: Pre-action systems need many more components than, for example, a wet-pipe system. For this reason, it becomes costly to install them. The supplemental fire detection system may therefore be a burden to your finances.
  • Higher maintenance costs: To ensure higher efficiency, the system must be maintained. Since water is not readily available in the piping network, it is highly likely for the pipe to develop leaks and deteriorate with time especially if there is no air or nitrogen in it. In a dry pipe system, it is standard to have air filled in the pipes and to deactivate the dry pipe valve when it leaks through an open sprinkler head. A double interlock system of the pre-action also allows for the filling of air. The advantage is that it helps us monitor if there are any leaks should the pressure gauge read differently.
  • Regular maintenance: Pre action sprinkler system requires regular maintenance which inevitably adds to overall maintenance costs. Like we said, the system is best suited for commercial buildings with expensive water-sensitive equipment.
  • Lag in response: When this system is installed, there is no doubt that it does not instantly turn on the sprinklers like the wet-pipe system does. For this reason, fire could do more damage while waiting for double-activation-method of the system. As discussed, the pre action valve needs to be activated before the sprinklers are activated.

Some disadvantages, including a lag in response, are inevitable. But in certain circumstances they are more than acceptable.

Additionally, our designs are very affordable. We trim your costs and ensure that you get a competitive design at a reasonable cost at a faster turnaround. Our engineers never over-engineer for the sake of profits. How can we help you?

Advantages of Pre-Action Sprinkler System

Because water is not readily available in the piping network, a pre-action system is a great option for environments where temperatures are likely below zero to freeze the pipes. It is the same concept as the dry sprinkler systems where water is only let in should the dry pipe valve be triggered to open.

The pre-action sprinkler system is advantageous in that it prevents freezing of water in the pipes. It is also less likely to cause major damages should there be an inadvertent discharge because the sprinkler heads, too, have to open first.

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Is Pre-Action System Mandatory?


Although it is designed and installed in accordance with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards, there is no rule that says this system, in particular, must be mandatory. Sprinkler systems are mandatory but you get to choose which one is applicable in your case. Whether you install wet, pre-action or dry pipe, your building will receive attractive insurance premiums reduction. It will also get a permit from building codes agents.

Pre action is only recommended for environments in which water damage could be catastrophic when triggered by a false alarm. Businesses become solvent and bankrupt due to careless damage that could have been prevented by employing these systems.

Wet pipe systems are of course very popular in both commercial and residential buildings. They are, however, prone to false alarm activation especially if not properly designed and installed. design and install the best sprinkler systems irrespective of the type.

Can I install the Pre Action Sprinkler System on my own?

Many homeowners resort to DIY projects in order to save massive costs. Of course, that’s an attractive way especially if you are hands on. However, fire sprinkler systems are a different thing and they carry massive risks.

Besides being mandatory for a professional engineer to design and install these systems, they are complex in nature. Any mistake could be tragic. The pre-action system, in particular, is a complex system compared to the dry or wet pipe system. It is more likely the deluge system with its complication.

Take into account the supplemental detection system. The pre-action valve needs its own activation and the sprinkler heads need their own detection. One may ask why employ separate detection systems. This goes back to the main purpose of the system: that is a pre-action sprinkler system. It gets ready for action first.

As we highlighted already, the separate detection system makes it convenient for the system to avoid inadvertent discharge.

The system’s design has to be properly done and that’s the job of engineers. can achieve that in minimal time with minimal costs. The next step would be the installation part which is also complex. There should be a piping network designed from the sprinkler riser to the sprinkler heads. Bear in mind that sprinkler heads are not randomly placed. NFPA standards require the sprinkler heads to be placed in certain dimensions depending on the hazard level of the area being protected. Moreover, aligning the piping network requires rigorous engineering calculations to ensure that the system is a success.

All these installations require professional engineers. You still have maintenance to be cared for. Fire sprinkler systems are sophisticated designs and installations to do on your own. To receive a thumbs up for the system, insurances and NFPA need the signature of a professional engineer who will be held accountable for any system design.

There is no need to attempt DIY on pre-action systems while is always available at your convenience. Our technician will assess your building and then design the system with your consultation.

Why Choose NY Engineers?

is a large organization housing immensely experienced and knowledgeable engineers with a wide range of skills in fire protection and sprinkler system services. We’ve been serving Chicago buildings for many years in accordance with the NFPA standards.

All our engineering designs are done with perfection in mind to exceed the standards in place. Not only that, we ensure that there are no unnecessary costs incurred in the process. We simplify each design. We design, install and repair sprinkler systems.

We are experts in a wet pipe, deluge, pre-action, and dry pipe systems. All these systems have the same functionality: to suppress a fire, but in different applications. In case you are confused that which system you should choose, we can be very helpful in that.

We know how complex and sophisticated pre-action system is, and so we will do our best. From the sprinkler riser to the sprinkler heads, we will ensure an efficient network of water. If you experience problems, we are a call away to come to repair your system. This system needs scheduled maintenance to ensure that it always works optimally. We can achieve that too.

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