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Building codes and standards are constantly evolving to accommodate new technology and design concepts. Any new construction or renovation in USA must comply with applicable local and national codes. Building owners, developers and contractors must follow the codes in their design and construction to make way for a safe and efficient building. Neglecting the codes can attract penalties and stop work notices from the authorities and your project may also not get the certificate of occupancy.

You need technical code expertise to ensure the success of your project, achieve compliance and mitigate risks. Unless you have complete knowledge of all the codes, you can never expect to pass the inspections and get your notice of completion.

New York Engineers is a leading code consultant helping building owners, developers and architects to make their way through the complex landscape of codes and standards. We can assist you with building codes, electrical codes, fire codes and every regulation in the books to cut back delays, reduce costs and speed up construction.

We partner with national and global regulatory agencies to design and implement building and fire safety codes. Our team always stays up to date on code revisions and interpretations to be able to offer optimum assistance. We have an in-depth knowledge of code requirements and industry standards to help you take your project from planning to occupancy.

We involve ourselves early in your design process to identify potential compliance discrepancies and offer effective solutions. By reviewing your design at crucial stages, we can address issues on time to save expenses and costly mistakes during construction. Our team also conducts inspections of buildings and constructions to check for code compliance and propose efficient solutions for compliance issues.

We offer sound consultation on all code-related matters. Our experienced engineers are always by your side providing adept guidance at every step of your design and construction process.

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The New York Engineers Code Expertise

We have experienced engineers from multiple fields who help you comply with building codes, fire codes, safety codes, electrical codes and more. You can rely on us for complete code consultation without having to run from one pillar to another. Let's take a look at some of the applicable codes that you need to meet while designing or constructing a  new building or carrying out modifications.

NYC Construction Codes

Any new building in New York City has to comply with the codes outlined by the Department of Buildings (DOB). Other cities and towns will also have local codes mandated by the regulatory agencies that developers must follow.

The NYC Construction Codes are classified into five technical volumes and encompass buildings and their components. The codes set the minimum design and construction requirements to ensure a safe and efficient building.

The specific codes that we need to follow include :

Building Code: Sets requirements for use and occupancy, types of constructions and roof/wall assemblies. Also outlines codes for fire and smoke protection systems, energy efficiency, accessibility, structural design and various building materials.

Plumbing Code: Deals with fixtures, faucets and fittings related to plumbing. Also includes standards for water heaters, sanitation, water supply, piping and storage systems.

Mechanical Code: Includes codes for ventilation, exhaust and duct systems. Also covers codes related to chimneys, vents, appliances, fuel-burning equipment, boilers, refrigeration and solar systems.

Fuel Gas Code: Presents standards for chimneys, vents, gas piping installations and high-pressure natural gas equipment.

Energy Conservation Code: Sets the energy efficiency requirements for commercial and residential buildings.

The codes go through revisions and amendments from time to time to make them applicable for present trends and concerns. Our team has complete knowledge of all Construction Codes and can help you implement them in your design and project.

NFPA Codes

SS_Fire sprinkler

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes have been adopted by different local and state governments in some form or the other.

The agency has published more than 300 consensus codes that enhance the safety of a building against fires and calamities. Some of the codes that we follow include:

Life Safety Code: Sets the minimum design elements, construction and operation standards to mitigate risks from fire, heat, smoke or toxic fumes. The codes have been implemented in 43 states.

Fire Code: Adopted by 19 states and deals with requirements for fire protection systems and emergency access for both residential and commercial buildings.

Fire Sprinklers: Outlines the standards for fire sprinklers.

Portable Fire Extinguishers: Sets the requirements for selection, placement and installation of portable fire extinguishers.

HVAC Codes: Presents the requirements for construction and installation of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems including ducts and filters.

FDNY codes

FDNY Codes

The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) also dictates fire codes that every developer or architect must follow. Some of the common codes include :

Hoistway and Shaftway Protection: Mandates the requirements for all shaftways and hoistways to allow access to emergency crew.

Fire Protection: Sets the minimum protection features for various appliances that use fire. For example, outdoor barbecues should have access to nearby water supply or portable fire extinguishers.

Fire Sprinklers: All fire sprinkler systems must follow the design and installation requirements for maximum safety. The codes also deal with maintenance and operation of fire fighting devices.

Fire Alarms: Sets the requirements for installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

Electrical Equipment and Wiring: Presents the guidelines for safe electrical wiring and use of equipment.

National Electrical Code

National Electrical code

The National Electrical Code or NEC formulates the codes for safe electrical wiring and presents standards for various electrical equipment and appliances. Some of the specific codes include :

Wiring and Protection: Determines the general rules for wiring, identification of terminals and wiring systems and protection of conductors.

Wiring Methods and Materials: Outlines the wiring methods and materials for conductors, cables, fittings, boxes and raceways.

Equipment: Sets the standards for selection and use of low-voltage lighting, air conditioning, heating equipment, switches, receptacles, panels, switchboards and more.

Special Equipment: Covers industrial and commercial equipment like solar energy systems, X-ray machinery, industrial equipment and more.

These are just some of the codes that you need to follow while constructing a building. We can help you determine every piece of code you need to comply with and offer complete code-compliant designs and consultation.

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How can New York Engineers Help?

New York Engineers offers building and fire code consulting to building owners, architects and developers. We have a multi-disciplinary engineering team that possesses complete knowledge for easy code compliance. We ensure that you meet all applicable codes so that you can get your certificate of occupancy at the earliest.

We can help you with the following services :

Code Consultation

Are you looking to start a new project or renovation?

Any construction or modification needs to meet applicable construction, electrical and fire codes. The specific codes that apply to your project will be determined by your scope of work.

For example, you will need to follow the Electrical Code if you are working with electrical wiring. If you are installing new exterior walls, you will need to comply with Building Code under Construction Codes. Additionally, you may also have to follow fire and life safety codes.

Our team can help you identify the codes that you need to implement based on the nature of your work. We can educate you on all nuances and implications so that your project doesn't face any difficulty in getting the certificate of occupancy.

Code-Compliant Design 

You can rely on our architects and engineers to create an efficient design that follows all codes and standards laid down by regulatory agencies. Our team can help you design commercial, industrial and residential properties which sail past regulatory inspections and get quick approvals from the authorities.

It's wise to involve us as early as possible in the design process so that we can meet your objectives while complying to applicable codes. We create highly functional designs with industry best practices that exceed your expectations and adopt necessary codes and standards.

Our team also reviews existing plans to find out compliance issues related to building and fire codes. We help you take corrective measures by creating a fully compliant design addressing the current discrepancies.

Alternative Design Solutions

Most buildings will be able to comply with codes without any problems. But special constructions like complex and state-of-the-art projects may find codes limiting their design flexibility and aesthetic intent.

We deliver effective solutions based on alternative design approaches that help you create a unique, one-of-a-kind project. Our engineers use alternative design techniques such as performance-based design to ensure that codes never get in the way of your creativity and vision.

Construction Administration

It's crucial that all construction work is carried out following the plan to ensure code compliance. Any changes during construction that deviate from the codes will result in additional work and expenses.

We recommend you to work with our approved contractors so that we can guarantee a zero-change work order. Our engineers will stay on the site and adopt strict quality control procedures to ensure every inch of your construction is in accordance with the approved plan.

Our construction administration makes sure there are no deviations that result in code violations.

Audits and Inspections

We offer complete audit and inspection services for building and fire codes. Our adept inspectors will make a comprehensive evaluation of your building, building components and systems, services and everything in order to determine if there are any violations.

Based on our inspection we will prepare a list of services you need to carry out to make your project code compliant. Our inspections can help you identify violations on time so that you can correct them before FDNY or DOB inspections for full compliance.

Ad-Hoc Filing and Expedited Approvals

You will need to file applications with the DOB or FDNY and get their permit before you can begin construction. We offer ad-hoc filing and approval service for getting your work permit or certificate of occupancy. Our team determines the right permits to file based on your plan and helps you with the entire filing process.

We will collect all necessary information, prepare documentation, fill out application forms and submit them with respective agencies. Our team also consists of registered filing representatives who can help you expedite your approval process and get your permits quickly.

We also handle code violations and offer corrective solutions to legalize your construction with the least possible changes.

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