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NY Engineers offer system design services for high quality and customized HVAC systems. Our system will reduce costs, improve efficiency while providing services that are tailored to your requirements.

Reliable Solutions 

Our HVAC solutions are designed to ensure optimal comfort, regardless of outdoor temperatures.

Flexible System

Our design engineers will create systems that will stay flexible while dealing with the varying temperatures outside providing you the comfort that you deserve.

Energy Efficient 

We keep our focus on identification and eradication of any unwanted energy consumptions and ensure that you get the maximum output from minimum input, optimizing your entire project.

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What are HVAC Engineering Services and Why Do They Matter?

Basically, there are three different types of services including in HAVC contractor projects. These include ventilation, air-conditioning, and heating. The primary objective of these projects is to maintain the standard thermal satisfaction and comfort within a site and to provide an indoor air quality that is suitable for the health of the occupants.

These projects may involve a host of different disciplines of chemical and mechanical engineering. These include but are not limited to thermo fluids, heat transfer, as well as energy conversion. For this reason, these projects require a significant amount of knowledge and skills when dealing with an array of different issues or concerns for a particular HVAC service.

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Troubleshoot Your HVAC Problems With NY Engineers


NY Engineers HVAC Services

Our troubleshooting of HVAC services involves cooling and heating repairs and maintenance services and it is critical for various industrial, commercial and residential establishments. From a range of different sites including commercial buildings, retails and business establishments, hotels, medical facilities, medium scale or small houses, educational institutions, and residential apartments, the HVAC system must be in place and working without any issues. It will guarantee the satisfaction and comfort of all the occupants of those sites.

Heating : The central heating system of a site provides the required or necessary air quality and temperature from one particular point to multiple rooms across the site. The required air quality and the temperature are distributed across the building with the help of forced air through the ductworks, with the assistance of water circulating throughout a specialized pipe or using steam that travels throughout the conduits and channels. The kind of heat generation most frequently used features a boiler or a furnace that combusts fossil fuel.

The sources of energy used for this process can be drawn from a variety of means. These include natural gases, solid fuels, and hydronic systems with any liquid or water. The heat comes from the furnace or boiler and it is pumped for the purpose of circulating heated water or steam. Such a system takes advantage of latent heat that is produced by electric heaters from the baseboard or space heaters.

Furnaces and wall heaters are far more useful during the winter season as the outdoor air is much cooler during these times. Our MEP engineers are well versed with the working of all these systems so that they are able to assess different issues and are able to troubleshoot them on a timely basis without wasting the resources.


Ventilation : The process of ventilation involves replacing or exchanging the air in a particular building with improved quality air while considering the temperature control, the supply of oxygen as well as eradication of smoke, odor, carbon dioxide, moisture, and bacteria.

It is best done with frequent air circulation and avoiding any stagnation. Our HVAC experts will work to provide this by natural means. This can be achieved either with the help of ventilation driven by wind or by ventilation driven by buoyancy. This will effectively use the air with high as well as low temperatures across the building according to the requirements.

NYE professionals use another technique that makes use of air handlers or mechanical exhausts. This technology is specifically useful in the removal of odors. It is also effective in controlling humidity and noise level of the machinery and equipment.

Air Conditioning : Air conditioning is responsible for providing the necessary cool air and it is effective for humidity control as well. This can either work for a single room or an entire building. Refrigeration, as well as air conditioning, involves removal of heat via thermal radiation. It can also involve conduction or convection. Refrigeration uses chemicals which are often called refrigerants. These chemicals are pumped by a compressor to an area with a high temperature or pressure.

Our Engineers use either of two types of air conditioners and they can either be split or central type. In a central system, air-conditioning combines with an external evaporator or a condenser that is present outside of the building. There is an indoor coil that is filled with refrigerant and it cools down the air. This air is then distributed across different rooms strategically with ducts. The split system works like the traditional central system using a condenser or a compressor. However, in such a system each room will feature its own handler for air.

All of these units that are present indoor, directly link with the outdoor units through specialized channels. These channels carry refrigerant and power lined that are mounted in the ceilings and walls. The repair services for these systems heavily focus on coils, filters, and fins. In most cases, it will require regular maintenance so that the systems carry on performing optimally. Therefore, the maintenance is only carried out by our certified Air conditioning technicians.

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Why Choose NYE HVAC Services?


Service Maintenance Agreements

We believe in bringing the cost down through preventive measures instead of corrective measures. Therefore, we offer maintenance services that will help to avoid unanticipated system failure and the associated cost. Frequent maintenance also brings the running cost down and extends the warranty.

System Design Services

NY Engineers has always provided top-notch HVAC engineering design services to its clients over the past decade. Our clients not only include the business owners but we have also worked closely with architects, civil engineers, as well as industrial businesses. During this period we have also managed to complete a number of projects for federal, state and local government agencies. Our company has a broad spectrum of offered services and we only hire experienced engineers and technicians.

HVAC Repair Services

Our engineers are specialized in the field of HVAC and various other associated MEP engineering services. The repair services we offer extends to the major HVAC equipment brands. We understand the frustration behind the failure of the HVAC system and therefore are available to take on any emergency situation. NYE assign repair jobs to the NATE-certified employees that are equipped with modern diagnostic tools to fix the breakdown as early as possible.

Highly Qualified Team

As a firm, our engineering and technical design team has always provided high-class expert HVAC contractor services since the time we entered the market. We only look to hire highly qualifies professionals who have years of experience in the field of HVAC and MEP services. Furthermore, we also provide training for our new hires so that they are able to hit the ground running.  

This approach has enabled us to work with a number of clients that involve architects, civil engineers, project managers as well as industrial businesses. Moreover, our exceptional performance and stratified customers across different sectors have also enabled us to win a number of projects from government agencies at all levels.

Our technical engineers will not only look to provide you with the best solutions but will also make sure that all our proposed designs stay true to the obligatory requirements. We always look to influence the communities in a positive manner.

NY Engineers Can Meet a Variety of Your Project Needs

The NY Engineers team of highly qualified HVAC engineers and contractors is equipped with all the skills and expertise that you require for your projects. Our team will closely work with your management team as well as all other subcontracting teams to fulfill your projects in time and with zero-compromise on quality.

Delivery of Information and Reporting

Information or reporting can be of two types and they are graphical and non-graphical. Our project design engineers and technical managers are able to utilize the cutting edge technology to provide you with 3D and 2D models and drawings with detailing and information. We can also provide you with the unmatched energy modeling and BIM services for your HAVC engineering project. And we can do that at any stage of your project as well. So, we can work with the new project right from scratch or we can also design improves models of your existing design systems as per your demands.

US Health Administration & Occupational Safety Requirements

Complying with all the safety needs and requirements have always been the number one priority in all our HVAC contracts. We make sure that your site remains safe and secure for the workers under all circumstances and for this; we have been able to garner a number of projects particularly in recent years. Our team will establish a highly effective safety management program to assess and contain all the hazards to ensure maximizing the occupational safety of your site.

Certification of Information Management (ISO-19650)

NYE’s engineering team can streamline and file all suitability revision codes. We can drive all workflow processes associated with Common Data Environment and can also maintain published and shared IP for audit, compliance and information management under the ISO-19650 certification.

Certification of Environmental Management (ISO-14001)

control all the processes directly linked with environmental management in your HVAC engineering project. Our simple approach is:

  • Plan
  • Evaluate
  • Execute
  • Review
  • Improve

This simple approach assists us in achieving ISO-14001 certification via correction of errors within the processes, in a continuous manner.  It also assists us in finding various ways for improving the environmental management system at hand and in reducing the overall carbon footprint of your project.

LEED Certification

NYE has worked with a number of clients and has contributed to the information management and data related to managerial engineering services. With our efforts and assistance, many of our clients have successfully attained LEED certification. We can do that for your project too whether it is related to enhanced or fundamental commissioning.

Certification for Quality (ISO-9001)

Our team of professionals and technical engineers can also help your quality assurance for all your projects and systems. We can run a variety of tests to assess the current performance and compare them with the set benchmarks. We will also provide you with a range of measures and steps that you can take to improve the current performance of your systems and help you in achieving the ISO-9001 certification. Our primary focus here is to highlight different areas of deficiencies as well as potential improvements. In addition to that, we can also help you with,

  • Building approvals from government departments
  • Approvals from landlords
  • Cost bidding for construction and MEP services

Our four core steps for all HAVC contractor service projects include:

  • Planning for the project planning which includes consultation as well as quotation
  • Designing and modeling including CAD drafting, BIM services along with energy modeling
  • Reviews of the project
  • Delivery of the project in a variety of formats according to the needs and requirements

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