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We are a leading NYC engineering firm, and our services include design, consulting and commissioning. Our qualified MEP engineers are highly familiarized with NYC construction codes and national standards.

New York City combines pre-war and modern architecture, and we design MEP systems according to the needs of each building. Our company emphasizes green construction, helping you achieve a permanent reduction of utility bills.

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Mechanical Engineering HVAC Design

New York experiences freezing temperatures during winter, and summer temperatures from 90°F to 100°F. We design heating and cooling systems according to the NYC Mechanical Code and NYC Fuel Gas Code.

Designing the Most Suitable HVAC System

Many HVAC configurations are available, and the best option changes depending on project conditions. We can design the best HVAC solution for your building.

Chiller Replacement Solutions

Chiller plants offer a high cooling output and efficient operation, making them an excellent option for large buildings. We design chiller plants for new constructions, and also upgrades for existing systems.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems offer and cooling with a single installation while being compact and efficient. Our HVAC engineers design VRF systems of the right capacity for your building, meeting all heating and cooling loads expected in New York City.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers are highly familiarized with the NYC Electrical Code and the National Electrical Code. We design efficient and compliant electrical systems.

New Building and Renovation Electrical Design

We design electrical installations for new and existing constructions. In both cases, we focus on cost optimization, code compliance, and energy efficiency.

Electrical Lighting Design

We select the best lighting fixtures for your building, with an optimal layout to achieve full coverage of indoor and outdoor areas. We also help you meet the requirements for Con Edison lighting rebates.

Fire Protection Engineering

offers fire protection designs according to the NYC Fire Code and NFPA standards. Fire protection systems must always respond reliably, or the consequences can be severe.

Fire Alarm Design

Fire alarms warn occupants when fire is detected, allowing swift evacuation. Our fire protection engineers specify ADA compliant Temporal-3 (T-3) fire alarm systems, meeting the applicable NFPA and UL standards.

Heat Sensors and Smoke Detectors

Reliable heat and smoke detection is a prerequisite for effective fire protection. We specify adequate heat sensors and smoke detectors for your indoor spaces, and their layout.

Plumbing Engineering

We design plumbing systems according to the NYC Plumbing Code, focusing on water conservation and heating efficiency.

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The Top 5 Most Over-Engineered Building Components

Domestic Hot and Cold Water Piping

We design hot and cold water piping for residential and commercial buildings, optimizing the piping layout to reduce costs. Our MEP engineers also also specify the most suitable water heaters for each project.

Stormwater Management

We design stormwater management systems that meet the allowable sewage discharge rate in New York City, while removing water from your property efficiently.

Switchgear Design

Our electrical engineers' design switchgear of the right capacity to protect your building. Equipment sizes are based on a detailed load calculation, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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