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Accelerated construction solutions for commercial and residential purposes

Faster Construction

Our designs help you cut down the construction time by almost 50%. Generate quick ROI and profit by ensuring early occupancy.

Cost-Effective Solution

Save money and reduce waste with our effective modular building design. You can also cut back site disruptions and achieve tighter construction.

Improved Quality

We design durable modular homes that withstand the travel and installation loads. All modules come together to create a resilient and durable structure.


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Modular Building Design Solutions

Modular Building Design Service

Accurate design to turn your vision into reality

Modular buildings are becoming a popular choice due to the numerous advantages they offer. Unlike on-site constructions, they are manufactured indoors in a setting similar to factories. The building comes together in modules which are transported to the site for assembly.

New York Engineers offers customized modular building design services for commercial and residential purposes. We have executed several successful modular projects and can help you develop your dream building.

Our designers craft the perfect design whether you have a healthcare clinic to construct or a retail outlet. Whether you want to add to an existing building or construct a new one, modular design can be the best way to go.

A modular building is a permanent structure and considered as real property. You can expect your property to appraise in value just like on-site properties. There is no difference in insurance premiums and you need to pay the same as on-site buildings. The taxes applicable to modular construction is also the same as the on-site counterparts.

If you need to design a modular building or turn a host plan into a modular design, our architects are ready to help.

Modular Buildings Offer Unlimited Design Opportunities

Modular Building Design

There are no limits to the possibilities that come with modular construction. Whether you want to construct a home or an office, modular design can help you out!

New York Engineers can turn any plan into a modular design. You can design buildings of any shape and size without any restrictions. We can create new buildings with a modular design matching your exact preferences and specifications.

It is also possible to customize modular buildings. We can design a home with a colonial getup or traditional center-hall. You can adopt any style whether it is the Mediterranean or contemporary modern design.

Some people think modular buildings look the same, but it is not the case. You can also add any type of architectural detail to create the look you desire. We can also design a home with the style of doors and windows you want. You can also personalize any feature of the building.

We can design a building with ceramic floors, varying exterior finishes, cabinet styles, solid-surface countertops and more. Just let us know what you want and we will design it for you!

We can design modular buildings for all types of sites. Our designers can even help you create a modular building on basements and crawl spaces. We will evaluate your site conditions and come up with the perfect design based on the applicable considerations.

Our designs use the same conventional construction materials like that of on-site constructions. You can choose to use concrete, wood or steel based on your requirement.

Modular buildings also don't compromise on safety or durability. We design modular properties meeting or exceeding the national and regional building codes and standards. We can even design modular buildings that can withstand winds of 175 miles per hour. Tough and sturdy, modular buildings are ideal for areas prone to natural disasters.

Our designers use advanced BIM technology to design your building. We can evaluate the energy performance and identify the most cost-effective efficiency measures. Our modular designs help you save construction costs and get your project executed in a short time.

We design modular buildings both for commercial and residential clients. You can give shape to your dream home or office space and turn your project into a reality with our modular design services.

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Types Of Modular Construction


Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent Modular Construction or PMC is used to construct single or multi-story buildings. The modules are attached to the foundation permanently and cannot be moved or disassembled. It is a sustainable and innovative method which uses offsite construction.
You can integrate PMC modules into site built projects to create a standalone structure. No one can tell the difference between a modular building and a traditional building once the modules are fixed into place.

PMCs can be delivered as a turn-key solution with all required components like interior finishes, fixtures and MEP systems.

Relocatable Buildings

Relocatable Buildings

Relocatable buildings use the same modular construction approach as PMCs. They also comply with applicable construction codes and state regulations. But unlike PMCs, you can reuse a relocatable building or repurpose them multiple times.

You can just disassemble the modules which are not permanently fixed to the foundation. The design allows you to transport the modules to different locations for new use.

Relocatable buildings are ideal for meeting temporary space needs. You can use them for construction site offices, camps, schools, medical centers, sales outlets and more.

A relocatable design allows you to achieve faster delivery with ease of relocation. It is less expensive to carry out reconfigurations and you can reuse the modules. They offer huge flexibility and are useful when you need to relocate your building win a speedy manner.

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Why Should You Go for Modular Buildings?


Modular buildings have a wide range of advantages compared to buildings constructed on site. The benefits encourage many people to go for modular buildings which save cost and reduces construction time. You can even build a greener home and get LEED credits due to the modular nature of the construction.

Let's check out the benefits which modular construction method offers.

1. Faster Schedule

Modular buildings are constructed in a factory-setting away from the site. That gives you the freedom to carry out work like excavation, grading, foundation construction at the site. At the same time, your building comes together at the factory.

The process can cut construction times by as much as 50%. It is also possible to make various elements of the buildings simultaneously. For example, you can construct the roofs, walls and floor of a modular building at the same time side-by-side.

The same is not possible for on-site constructions. You have to first build the floor, then the walls and finally take care of the roofing. The simultaneous building process also saves time.

You can ensure quicker occupancy of your building and get a faster return on investment.

2. Lower Cost

Modular buildings are generally more affordable than on-site constructions. You have a speedy construction process which saves you money. Factory settings also require fewer workers and supervisors for a project resulting in further savings. The labor costs are less in case of modular buildings compared to traditional construction using union labor.

You don't need to carry out home inspections as they are done in the factory during the construction phase. This also helps you reduce the overall cost.

Modular buildings are also more energy-efficient and cut back your monthly expenses by a significant amount.

3. No Weather Delays

A contractor constructs 60% to 90% of the modular building away from the site. The indoor manufacturing settings mean no disruption from rain, snow or other weather disturbances. That means you can rule out risks of weather delays.

Your work efficiency also increases with zero damage to construction materials.

4. Less Waste of Materials

Modular construction allows you to optimize building material usage and purchase. Contractors know exactly how much material to procure utilizing the experience of working on similar projects.

Standardized construction processes also help them cut back on material use. You can also avoid escalated material prices by ordering them in bulk in advance.

The building materials are not left in the open like on-site constructions. You can reduce risks of theft and damages due to environmental factors.

Offsite construction of modular buildings can reduce waste by a whopping 90%! You can also recycle the materials in the factory and control the inventory effectively. Modular buildings can also qualify for LEED credits under the Construction Waste Management clause.

5. Higher Quality

Modular buildings turn out to be higher in quality due to many reasons. First, they follow the applicable national and regional construction codes. The ordinances are the same as on-site codes and ensure a building without compromise.

You have to transport modular buildings to the site and assemble them. For this reason, each module is built to withstand the stress of the process. All the durable independent modules come together to create a stable and high-quality structure in the end.

Contractors also use strict quality control programs to maintain quality and reduce errors. Third-party agencies also carry out inspections and testing from time to time. Modular construction even allows opportunities to closely monitor the quality of work.

The same is not possible for on-site buildings where a single supervisor has to look into quality aspects and also carry out other responsibilities.

6. Flexibility and Reuse

Based on the design, a modular home may be permanent or movable. You can disassemble the movable modular building and relocate the modules for new construction. The process reduces the need for raw materials and effort needed to develop a new building from scratch.

You can even recycle the whole building in some instances.

It is also possible to add new modules to a modular building. You can expand your property and even develop high rises in this way.

7. Reduced Environmental Disturbances

You can achieve tighter site control as the modular building relies on factory production. There are fewer disturbances and impact on the site making it an environmentally-friendly process. That makes modular buildings ideal for sites with limited space for staging area.

Modular construction also means less noise and disruption of the site. You can use the construction method for controversial projects and areas with difficult neighbors.

You can even earn LEED credits for Site Development – Protect and Restore Habitat. The credits are awarded to projects which limit site disruptions and restrict them adjacent to the building.

8. Improved Air Quality

On-site buildings may suffer from indoor air quality issues as moisture is trapped in the framing materials. Modular buildings use the dry environment and materials in an indoor setting and prevent any accumulation of moisture. As a result, you have improved air quality promoting the health of the inhabitants.

9. Safer Construction

Traditional construction exposes workers to sun, wind, rain and other environmental hazards. There are also risks of falls and getting injured on the site. Modular buildings don't come with such risks as they are constructed within a controlled environment of the factory.

10. Ideal for Remote Locations

Modular buildings are suitable for places where on-site construction would incur a huge expense. Imagine places located far from industrial centers where it's not easy to find contractors or the necessary equipment. You can pre-construct your building and get the modules delivered by simple transportation.

Modular buildings also prove to be cost-effective for town experiencing a construction boom.

Why Choose New York Engineers?

New York Engineers has been designing modular buildings for homeowners and various industries for years. Health care, education, daycare, government- we have served all industries and businesses alike. We can help you turn your vision into reality with an accurate design using advanced BIM solutions.

We are a full service agency offering individualized and turnkey solutions. Whether you want a permanent building or a relocatable property, we have the best designers on the team. We can help you design a modular building across states in the USA meeting or exceeding the building codes.

We are on a mission to design modular buildings that add value and help you achieve your goals. Our consistent service and continuous improvement make us one of the leading designing agencies in the market.

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