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Design stunning architectural wonders that stand out

Landmark buildings create definitions for a city. When someone mentions New York or Sydney, you are likely to immediately think of the Empire State Building or the Sydney Opera House- just like any other person out there!

Landmark buildings are icons of a place. They create a statement about the city's legacy and influence how we think of that place. Landmark buildings stand out from the rest of the crowd and push you up the esteemed ranks of the society. Such iconic buildings become the symbols which represent the city or country they are built in.

A landmark building brings a groundbreaking change and creates new standards. Other architects and designers compete to follow the design as the landmark building becomes a benchmark for other buildings. Such a building stands against the test of time, remaining iconic not matter how many decades or centuries pass by.

Landmark buildings give you immense exposure and can qualify for awards offering the local people something to be proud of! You can even look forward to breaking world records if you plan to build the likes of Burj Khalifa in UAE.

If you are looking to create history, New York Engineers can help you out. We have the right talent and expertise to create high-quality buildings that turn into landmarks on their own merit. Our landmark buildings are created with unique designs offering high usability and comfort. Whether you want to develop a commercial or personal building, we can enable you to transform it to a landmark status with our creative design solutions.

We have built several premium landmark structures which have become the pride of the neighborhood. The inviting buildings enhance the local space and create a thriving atmosphere for businesses or residents, as the case may be.

So if you want to build a landmark building that turns heads, we are ready to take on the challenge!

Features of landmark buildings

landmark buildings

What makes a building qualify for a landmark status? Is it the aesthetic appeal? Does it have to be humongous and expansive? Do you need to follow any specified approach?

It's normal to have many questions when you are looking to build a landmark building. There is no hard-and-fast formula to create a landmark building. Of course, it should be something that inspires awe and compels a person to give it a second, third or even hundred looks!

Over the years, we have designed so many landmark buildings that we have identified a few trends. While they are not hard and fast, landmark buildings do have a few common features. Let's explore the characteristics of landmark buildings briefly to give you an idea of what to expect.

1. Unique Design

Think about the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, Burj Khalifa, or Empire State Building. They are vastly different in shape, size and function. So what is common between them?

All of the buildings boast of a unique design which you will not find anywhere else. One of the main features of any landmark building is its unique design. What makes a design unique?

Apart from the aesthetic nuances, our designing process also takes into account other considerations to make a design unique. We consider the economic, functional and sociopolitical dimensions to make your building as unique as possible.

Our team spends significant time in thought, research, interactive adjustment, modeling and more to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind building.

2. Bigger May Be Better

A landmark building is a large scale project. By large scale, we don't only imply the size of the building. The scale also includes building elements and details which provide it the landmark status. That means focusing on every small aspect and working on it to make it unparallel to any existing structure.

Of course, you want your building to be large, tall and tower above the whole block. But that may not always be the case- we can even scale up the looks and reputation of your building even if it's two-story high!

All landmark buildings have immense popularity, and we can help you draw attention towards your own creation- whether it's large or small.

3. Blends into the Surrounding Landscape

Most of the landmark buildings are located in urban cities. The bright lights, vibrant environment and glamour of the cities make an ideal location for iconic structures.

It's true that a landmark building should stand out from the rest, but it should also integrate into its surroundings. In other words, a landmark building should be unique, yet include elements of its immediate locality.

Consider the Sydney Opera House. The building was inspired by the shape of ship's sails around the harbor. The design seamlessly integrates with the harbor settings, yet standing out as one of the most recognizable structures of Australia.

This is a difficult task to achieve which we have mastered efficiently. We use designs, shapes, materials, textures and colors that portray the streets around your landmark building. With each project, we have set the bar higher by drawing inspirations from across the world to achieve the artistic feat of blending into surroundings.

4. The "Wow" Factor

Every landmark building we design comes with a "wow" factor. Every single landmark building we design incorporate features to delight and amaze you- and everyone else who walks by!

The secret to creating the "wow" factor lies in designing a true artistic masterpiece. We create landmark buildings which are equally beautiful and functional, like a sculpture you can live in.

Our team can also use luxurious features to make your building truly a landmark- cascading waterfalls, roof-top infinity pools, sky gardens- the list is endless!

5. State-of-the-Art Technology

Modern landmark buildings incorporate advanced technology to enhance the living experience. Commercial landmark buildings also use technology to inspire visitors and make it as comfortable as possible for the tenants.

The technology used in the buildings varies from project to project. Some of the common technologies include efficient surveillance and security systems, intuitive heating and cooling solutions, energy management systems, lighting systems and so on.

Residential buildings can have parking technology, visitor management solutions and energy monitoring systems. We can even design buildings with sensors which produce insightful data for improved maintenance and management.

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Creative and Stunning Landmark Building Design Solution

Landmark Building?

What Goes into Making a Landmark Building?

While there's no hard and fixed rule about making a landmark building, you can cite some common traits in most projects. Some of the things are of course, hard work, dedication, and talent, but there's more. That's why landmark buildings can be easily distinguished from the rest and you feel appreciation for the architectural wonder.

Here's what is involved in the New York Engineer's landmark design service :

A Spark of Courage

Once upon a time French artist Henri Matisse said that creativity takes courage. Our architects can vouch for this as creating a true landmark building needs courage. You are breaking away from the conventions and being brave is necessary.

Our clients have put their faith in us many times and we have always turned out beyond expectations. Your appreciation is the greatest award for our bravery.

Perfect Symmetry

When you look at the most famous landmarks, you are struck by the symmetry of the structures. No matter how you want your landmark to look, a streamlined approach always stands out. Anyone who visits the Empire State Building or Burj Al Arab will agree wholeheartedly.

The landmark buildings we design retains this characteristic to perfection. Of course, we can also break the rule if you want and give you something like Gehry’s Bilbao museum!

Poetic Expression

Throughout history, architecture has acted as a symbol for cities, persons and ideas. Creating a landmark building allows you to be creative and can be the ultimate expressions.

Take the World Trade Center station in New York for example. The building resembles a bird embarking on a flight- multifaceted metaphor standing for peace, unity and freedom.

Designing your landmark gives us the opportunity to bring your ideas to life. We can be the artist who paints your expressions for visual pleasure!

Superior Engineering

The best landmark buildings in the world are collaborative efforts between amazing engineers and talented architects. Working together, they can realize your visions and give shape to your dream.

Our team consists of experienced engineers who work with our architects to create the best landmark buildings. The architects are more of profound thinkers focusing on art and creativity, user comfort, and spatial functionality. The engineers work on the construction design and facility systems along with building management systems.

A wholesome package you can say!

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Iconic Buildings to Create History

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Benefits of Landmark Building

Are landmark buildings just for glitz and glamour or do they contribute to anything? You might be pleasantly surprised to know that landmark buildings bring unique benefits to the region and building owner. What exactly are we talking about?

Prestige and Pomp

Owning a landmark building is sure to make you famous in your city and even in the country. You will be the talk of the town and people will come to see your creation. It is the age of social media, and it won't take time for the crowd to know your landmark when they post selfies with your building in the background. 

You can also get featured in the media with news articles or news reports covering your project. International fame may not also be far and your name can come up with the likes of Burj Khalifa or the Empire State.

Finally, you can also win an award for your landmark building. For instance, you can apply for the Iconic Awards which recognizes exemplary buildings around the world.

Increased Revenues

If you build a commercial landmark building, you can expect to earn huge revenue. Big names will be attracted to lease space in your building and you can always charge premium rates. You can also use different sections of the building for various business purposes for extra income.

There's no end to possibilities on how you can earn, you just have to be creative and use your building's strengths!


Landmark buildings bring value to everyone. Modern landmark buildings are highly functional and make optimum use of space. Whether you live in the building or give it for rent, you can always expect a rich experience.

Landmark buildings also create value through sustainability by giving back to the environment. We always design efficient and green buildings which conserve energy and reduce your bills. You can even go for renewable energies to manage the power consumption of your building.

Why Choose New York Engineers?

We are the best when it comes to creating architectural legacies

Landmark building design is something we always love to handle. It gives us the perfect chance to show our talents and create a masterpiece for the world to see. Our team has designed several buildings of landmark stature across the nation and have the capability to bring success to your project.

Maybe you have a picture in your mind of how you want your landmark to look. Our team will work with you to conceptualize your ideas and give reality to your visions. We use advanced design and modeling tools for uncompromised accuracy and efficiency. You can see how your building will turn out with 3D models and walkthroughs using sophisticated solutions.

We have a client-centric approach and always keep you updated about new developments. Our team delivers your designs with the best turnaround times in the industry. So if you are looking to create a landmark building to rise above the rest, we are ready to provide our service.

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