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FM Global Certification

Why should you apply for FM Global Certification?

Your customers always expect your products to perform efficiently. If you can't meet your customer's expectations, the very survival of your company can be at stake. The need for providing excellent products becomes crucial when they have a significant impact on the lives and safety of people. In this respect, building materials, fire protection systems, electrical equipment and related products must be high-quality and able to prevent and mitigate losses in case of emergencies. The higher is the loss protection standard of your product, the more will be they in demand.

Various regulatory bodies around the globe make it mandatory to test and certify categories of products by third-party certifying organizations or independent testing associations. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists the products to be certified in the USA.

The goal of the regulations is to restrict the entry of inferior or low-quality products in the market to reduce the risk faced by the industry. For example, a fire pump must perform reliably at the time of a fire to prevent loss of life and damage to property. In the same way, a reinforced door or window is expected to withstand hurricanes to keep the occupants safe and unharmed.

A product with necessary approvals offers peace of mind to your customers and helps them minimize the loss in times of emergencies. Many building owners or managers demand FM Global certificate nowadays for building elements and systems to protect themselves from fire and hazards.

FM Global testing and certification

FM Global testing

FM Global is a reputed name with offices all around the world providing testing and certification services. FM Global Certification program establishes performance standards for builders, contractors and manufacturers and helps them achieve approvals through comprehensive testing. The organization creates standards of excellence and tests products based on the standards to grant the FM Global certification.

When a product comes with FM certification, the customer knows that the product has gone through the highest standards of loss prevention testing. He can be sure that using the product will help him mitigate losses effectively and prevent financial damages. The FM Global Certification is recognized by leading regulatory bodies around the world as a seal of quality and workmanship. Manufacturers who have received FM Approvals are respected in the industry and their products are always high in demand.

New York Engineers provides consultation to manufacturers who are looking to apply for the FM Global Certification program. We help you understand the requirements, testing standards and assist you in the certification process. Your products have higher chances of receiving approval from FM Global when you have experienced and professional consultants working by your side. We enable you to achieve trust and credibility by facilitating the FM certification process and helping your products pass the rigorous FM Global testing standards.

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Establish reliability and Efficiency with FM Global Certification


Which products can receive FM Global Certification?

FM Global certifies a wide range of products under its approval program. The certification is available for entire products or systems or can be limited to a single performance feature. Most of the products are used in construction and FM approval guarantees safety and proper operation of the items.

Some of the products evaluated and tested by FM Global include :

Building Materials

FM Global provides certifications for a range of products under the category of building materials and related components. The products undergo strict testing in the FM Fire Technology Laboratory to ensure they can withstand fires and restrict its spread to other parts.

Building materials are also tested in the Natural Hazards Laboratory to check if they can withstand natural elements. FM Global uses xenon arc ultraviolet (UV) accelerated weatherometer to determine the long-term effects of weather on building materials by testing their performance and resistance.

Roofing Assemblies

Roofing assemblies act as the first line of defense against weather elements and natural hazards. FM Global conducts testing of complete roofing assemblies by exposing them to simulations of real-world hazards.

For example, roofing assemblies are tested against pressure-generated wind forces that reach speeds of hurricane winds at 175 mph. The impact resistance of roofing is also tested by using debris cannons and hail guns.

Approved roofing assemblies ensure that the building and the occupants remain safe in case of fires and natural calamities.

Wall Assemblies

Wall assemblies are also tested like roofing assemblies for their performance and strength. FM Global tests the flammability of roofing materials and how far they can prevent the spread of fire. Wall assemblies also undergo testing for natural hazards by exposing them to strong wind forces and hail guns. Some assemblies also go through further testing like room test and corner test to ensure their efficiency in preventing calamities.

Fire Protection System

FM Global evaluates a number of fire protection systems used in buildings for their efficiency. The tests ensure that the fire protection systems work every time a fire breaks out without exceptions. The tests are carried out in the Fire Technology and Hydraulics Laboratories where warehouse-size fires are replicated. Some products also undergo intermediate and small-scale burn testing.

Some of the fire protection systems evaluated by FM Global include- :

Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment needs to be trustworthy especially when you are using them in hazardous locations. FM Global tests electrical products in a series of application-based test laboratories to ensure the products are able to operate optimally in case of hazards or fires. The products are tested against rigorous global standards using various methods like monitoring systems and gas-flow instrumentation.

FM Global also tests motors and enclosures in their explosion test cell. They also conduct hydrostatic testing and use salt fog chambers to determine the results of corrosion in a fraction of real time.

Fire Detection and Signaling Equipment

It's imperative that you know when something goes wrong in a moment's notice. FM Global tests fire detection and signaling equipment to determine their effectiveness. The products undergo a series of testing in different application-specific laboratories with advanced equipment and experienced personnel.

Products which pass FM Global testing can be used confidently with the guarantee that they will perform in critical situations.

The fire detection and signaling systems are categorized according to how signals are issued and include :

  • Central station
  • Emergency communication
  • Emergency alarm/voice communication
  • Local
  • Municipal
  • Proprietary
  • Remote station

Smoke Detection System

Smoke is the first signal that something has gone wrong. Smoke detection systems need to detect smokes quickly and accurately to avoid fire and damage. FM Global-approved smoke detection systems are guaranteed to detect smoke and other airborne elements that signify combustion.

The equipment undergoes thorough testing so that the end user can be confident that their product will detect the first signs of smoke. When your detection systems work perfectly, you can take timely action to prevent major disasters.

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FM Global Certification for maximum safety and efficiency


The FM Global Certification Process

FM Global operates multiple research centers across the globe to undertake testing and offer certification services. Manufacturers can test their products against global standards by going for FM approval under the FM Global Certification program. The process provides a simple and cost-effective way to gain approval and market your products in the shortest time.

The FM certification program follows 5 steps. Here's a brief overview of what's involved :

Step 1: Submittal of Testing Request

The first step involves submitting your request to FM Global for testing your product. We can make your submission via mail, fax or email, as per your convenience. Our team will help you fill out the application form to request a quote from FM Global and submit other necessary information such as product specifications, model numbers, scope of work, location and sales literature.

We will work with you to determine the necessary elements and submit a complete application form for quick authorization.

Step 2: Issue of Proposal and Manufacturer Authorization

FM Global will go through your application and issue a proposal letter. The letter will contain the requirements for testing like the scope of work and necessary samples. The document will also include the schedule, involved costs and other information the manufacturer must provide.

You will need to sign a contract or the Master Agreement if you are applying for the first time to the certification program. Next, we will help you authorize the proposal in writing following the rules of FM Global. We will also collect and submit all material and information requested in the proposal letter.

Step 3: Review, Testing and Initial Audit

FM Global will now develop drawings or specifications for product comparisons. The organization will proceed to test your product after it receives all the required documents and items. FM Global will create a schedule for testing based on its convenience and conduct the process. You don't need to do anything in this regard.

As a part of the testing, an FM Global investigator will visit your facility for inspection. It is applicable for new manufacturers or customers who have changed their manufacturing location. The investigator will inspect your quality control procedures in order to grant approval to your product.

We can help you sail past FM Global inspections by making you aware of everything you need to do and comply with. Our team will educate you about FM Global standards and the factors you need to satisfy to meet the inspection needs.

Step 4. Report, FM Approval and Listing

After FM Global is done with testing, it will prepare a report and review the document for quality and technical accuracy. The organization will either retain or archive the samples,  return it to you or dispose it as per your instructions. After that, you will get the final report detailing if your product has been approved.

The product approval becomes effective as soon as you receive the report from FM Global. You can start labeling your products with "FM Approved" right away without any delay and market them to your customers.

Your approved product will earn its place in the online Approval Guide maintained by the organization. Anyone can check the FM Global website to confirm the approval received by your product.

Step 5: Surveillance Audits

FM Global will conduct surveillance audits of your manufacturing facility from time to time to ensure your product and quality control processes are up to the mark. This is necessary to maintain the FM Global certification you have achieved after so much hard work.

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FM Global certification increases the value of your product by ensuring it will perform as promised even under hazardous situations. As a result, your products have a high demand in the market and customers will prefer them over your competitor's products.

have helped several clients with adept consultation to guide them through the FM Global Certification process. We can design your product meeting the standards followed by FM Global to ensure your product passes the tests without hiccups! Our team of engineers have worked on countless projects and helped clients achieve the FM Approved mark.

We make sure that your products perform without any compromise to guarantee the safety of the user and premises. Our team assists you in understanding the nuances of the FM Global evaluation process so that you can develop your product accordingly. We can help you file the required applications with FM Global and prepare every information or documentation required.

We make the FM Global Certification as easy as possible. Get in touch with us to discuss your project and how to go about. 

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