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NY Engineers can provide you with a variety of small construction project management services with effective control over cost and time constraints.

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Small construction

Why Do You Need to Hire a Small Construction Project Contractor?

Small construction project management services involve a lot of small stapes and phases that you have to handle efficiently if you want your project to be completed in time. Apart from looking at all the critical steps involved in the project minding the big picture is also very crucial. Construction projects, whether large scale or small scale, have a lot of facets and all of them need to be kept in mind to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Everything here is based on integration and all these phases and services must be interconnected with each other to guarantee that everything goes smoothly without any issues. Apart from that problems and issues tend to occur with time and you might not be able to get rid of them for sure. However, there needs to be a system in place to mitigate them in a timely fashion. Therefore, a top-notch small construction project management service needs to be there to take care of all the issues that might occur over time.

Oversight of Schedules

Overseeing all the stages and phases of a project is extremely critical. Only a single step going off the schedule can transform the outcome of the project. For this reason, all the reasons must be overseen closely because it will allow you to make some well-informed decisions. There are various services involved in this aspect of the small project management program. These include,

  • Preliminary schedules
  • CPM scheduling
  • Updates of periodic scheduling
  • As-built and planned assessments of schedules
  • Generation of structures of work breakdowns
  • Cost loaded and resource schedules
  • Acceleration of construction project
  • Quantification and assessments of schedule or routine delays
  • Collapsed as-built
  • What-if based scenarios
  • Window assessments
  • Risk simulations (Monte Carlo)
  • Time-impact evaluations
  • Total float containment and management

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Assessment of the Contract Risk

Contracts have to be drafted for the purpose of shifting risk down to lesser-known entities in the industry. It is an effective strategy for mitigation of risks within the project. Therefore, your project management service provider needs to provide all the details to a variety of stakeholders for the purpose of mitigation of risks. This has to be done by assessing all the integral aspects of the contract in terms of performance and goal attainment.

Reviews of Constructability

Your project management service provider must assess all the reviews of constructability. This assessment is typically performed for the purpose of determining and improving the plans of construction as well as specifications to take care of the risks that are present onsite. These reviews from the project management service provider are based on productivity, quality, and safety along with project cost.

Value Engineering

The estimates associated with the construction bids always prove to be the pivotal part of ay contract pricing agreement. For this reason, the value-added estimates of construction are critical for your project. A project requires a lot of decision making associated with the estimates on your current project.

In addition to that choosing between the different bid, packages have to be done as well. Furthermore, you also require the validation of your chosen bid before you enter into any contract. Your small construction project management service provider will assist you in making these decisions as viable as possible.

Management of Construction Costs

The first question that comes to mind before the initiation of any project is how much it will cost? This question is extremely important because you need to assess all your resources before you start investing your time and money into a particular project.

If you are not able to answer it correctly then you will end up investing in a project that might not turn out to be very useful at all! It is critical that you take all the steps in assessing the costs before they overrun and you are stuck right in the middle it will not only waste a lot of your time but will also make waste of your resources.

Evaluation of the Construction Bids

Development of precise construction bids and their estimates needs a complete understanding of all the costs involved in a project and all the elements that will have an impact on project costs. The service provider must also possess knowledge of the entire estimating process. This process is entirely based on three questions; how many, how much and for how long!

The project management service provider must utilize a technical approach and must include the quantity takeoffs for the purpose of answering the question of how many. For answering how much, pricing with market factor must be used. And for the question of how long, scheduling services must be utilized. Your service provider must also be able to assess a bid for any possible shortcomings or errors.

Management and Containment of Earned Value

Management and containment of earned value in any project is critical for the assessment of how well all the resourced are being put to use in a particular project and what are the results from it. It is basically the comparisons of how much is the input against how much is the output. When you have all the data associated with the earned value of your project, you will be able to gauge it in terms of the cost and schedule and look for any discrepancies.

Reviews of Change Orders

Your project management service provider must be able to assess and request as well as propose any changes in the orders to all the contractors along with the subcontractors. Whether you need your change order to be verified or you want to go for the change, your project management service provider must be able to deliver it throughout the course of the project.

Scheduling Through CPM (Critical Path Method)

Using CPM or Critical Path Method for the purpose of scheduling with all the industry-leading software and their governing standards can provide you with all the important updates on the current status of your project. It can also provide you with all capabilities based on performance appraisal and reporting. This way the client is informed adequately in a timely fashion and through proper information. There are a number of projects that a project management service provider can use and these include the likes of Finest Hour, Project 4D, Primavera, ConstructSim, Microsoft Project and Claim Digger.

Management of Total Float

The first question that the contractors ask is that the owner of the float is when it comes to any dispute situation or delays claim. Nevertheless, any adequate monitoring of the schedule or contractual provisions along with the performance of all the parties will provide the answer to the question in the case of an issue. The service provider will assist the client in the development of any float provisions.

Control and Quality Assurance

The small construction project management service provider can perform all engineering and construction inspections. These can be for the purpose of any assessments to look into some specific issue or it can also be useful for the purpose of strategic process development. This service is applicable throughout the life of the project and all its phases too. 

Evaluations of LEED Consultancy Services

Your service provider can also provide you with all the evaluation and consultancy services that you have to deal with according to the code that is set by the LEED. With LEED certification, your project will meet all the standards set for the sustainability and corporate social responsibility and it will allow you to save a lot of your overall costs and also avoid any penalties.

Assessment of Productivity and Performance

The productivity of your construction project can directly impact the money and time that you need to build something. With the passage of time construction productivity has declined drastically while other areas have improved significantly. Your project management service provider can assess the current situation of your project and can provide you with all the details reading any improvements in the services for construction productivity.

Mitigation of Claims

Constructions claims are not only time consuming but they are very costly too. If the service provider has enough expertise and knowledge in this field then these issues can be resolved in no time and even before they arise. Your service provider can provide you with a number of services. These include contract reviews, plan reviews, pre-planning for the projects, reviews for constructability, schedule validation, and cost monitoring.

Avoidance of Disputes

Just like the case of mitigation of any claims, the avoidance and any disputes also work in the same manner. With the skills and expertise of your project management service provider all the disputes can be resolved well within time and this will guarantee the completion of any project in a timely manner.

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How NY Engineers Work Things Out For You


Obligatory Requirements

As your small construction project management service provider, we at NYE will make sure that your entire projects meet the demands set by the code. It is mandatory otherwise you will have to deal with penalties and charges. Our team of engineers will make sure that you don’t have to deal with all this and will save you from such additional costs.

Lowering the Costs

The number one priority of our engineers is to reduce the costs of your projects as much as possible. They will make sure that you don’t have to deal with any extra charges and they will also trim down any additional steps of phases in your projects.

Keeping Deadlines in Mind

Our team of engineers will always keep deadlines in mind. Whether it is the deadline of a single stage of the deadline of the entire project, our engineers will keep everything under control and well on the track.

Experienced Personnel

We only hire experienced professionals in our team and they have at least an experience of 8 years in the field. In addition to that, we also put them through a lot of training procedures to make sure that they are adequately trained for the job and are able to perform their duties efficiently.

Handling Different Phases

We will take care of your entire project and all its stages without any issues. We will also make sure that all the phases of your project get completed in time and your onsite management team gets all the information about it. Our engineers will explain all the procedures and techniques to your team before handing the project over.

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