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Experience the professional rigger services of NY Engineers at affordable rates. Our licensed riggers will make sure that your equipment and materials are hoisted wherever you want to deploy them.

Licensed Services

Our licensed riggers hoist the materials and equipment irrespective of weight and location. They will make sure to use all their expertise and knowledge to oversee the site.

Deadline Oriented

Our team will ensure that they keep all the time constraints under check. NYE is the best in the industry when it comes to first-time approvals, and it allows us to save a lot of time.


We ensure that we meet all the requirements of our customers and for this reason; we are able to deliver high-quality projects to our clients.

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Rigger construction

Why You Need Rigging Services?

Rigging services and solutions become mandatory when it comes to moving heavy equipment or installing it for your new construction project. The rigging design engineers have responsibilities to design the model and install it as per the requirements. These designs are useful for the purpose of raising, rolling or lifting the objects. These designs include block’n’tackle or cranes. 

These services are extremely important when a particular company has to deal with the manufacturing and shipping of heavy equipment or machinery. Rigging itself involves turnbuckles, wire ropes, jacks, clevis and various other items that are used with cranes or different types of lifting machinery for the purpose of material handling as well as the relocation of structure.

In common situations, the rigging processes frequently include shackles, slings, master links, or even lifting bags for the purpose of lifting in the water. When it comes to regulating the rigging activities and practices in the US, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is responsible for it.

What Comprises Rigger Or Hoisting Services?

There are a number of services included within the realm of rigging and hoisting. It can include anything from rope access to assembly works as well as any other hoisting technology. This can be done in the field of events, industrial assembly as well as sign industry. These services also include the provision of any of those technical materials for the purpose of rent and the provision of any certified professionals for the purpose of testing any of such equipment.

Rigging activities include during the design process so that all the activities must be catered well and they all go according to the plan. There are a large number of trusses, hoists, and motors involved in the process. There are different types of gear always needed for different types of situations according to different rigging projects. 

In addition to the provision of rigging materials, these materials also needed to be tested for quality assurance. To avoid any hazards in the workplace, it is essential that all the equipment and machinery must be tested for quality assurance. This equipment includes the likes of hoists, trusses and various other materials.

Furthermore, working at heights requires certain types of skills and expertise. For this reason, only technical experts and certified engineers can do this job effectively. They also need to be properly trained and well versed with the services they are offering.

Design of the Rig

The designing of the rig is critical because this is going to bring the model to real life and will move the equipment from one place to another according to the requirements. Therefore, the design needs to be of such quality that implementation of it is very easy and it also maintains the quality. The designing process must also keep in mind any future maintenance and repairs processes as well. 

Inspections of the Rig

Apart from that the inspection of the rigs themselves are critical too. The inspection engineers will develop a proper report about the current conditions of the rig and any deteriorating aspects. Any solutions to get rid of the problems will also be provided along with the report and according to the updates the rig log will be maintained. These inspections need to be done within the year to make sure that everything is working as it is supposed to.

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How Can NY Engineers Help You With Rigger Services?

Our design engineers can provide you with assistance in terms of design and services associated with any type of rigging machinery or equipment. We make sure that we understand what your needs and requirements are. NYE is your ideal partner when it comes to rigging work, hoisting jobs and rope assembly or access.

NYE has a license to carry out rigging services and a team of experts that have been working on a number of projects for many years. As we have mentioned above that working at the heights requires a lot of expertise and skills and for this reason, we only hire professionals that are trained and experienced in this field. We only hire professional design engineers so that any chances of errors can be minimized to the maximum extent.

We also make sure that we provide adequate training to all our new hires so that they exactly know what they have to do to which our clients trust. We also make sure that all our engineers have gone through the guidelines that OSHA has provided.

Quick approval

Technically professional and well-trained engineers allow us to provide our design services at a top-notch level. We make sure that the design gets the approvals on the first go and by doing so we save plenty of time in the overall project. Due to the technical expertise and skills of our team members, we are able to get 80% of the approvals the first time around this allows us to save a lot of your time and money.

Zero Change

Due to our strict quality control in action all the time we make sure that we deliver you the design that is free of any kind of errors and has all the details necessary. For this reason, we are able to provide our clients with a guarantee of zero-change in the order.

Fast turnaround

Working with NYE ensures that you will always get a fast turnaround no matter what the requirements of your project are. Our design engineers will make sure that the entire project stays within the time frame and for that, we will make sure that our design turnaround is fast. In fact, it is 50% faster than any other entity in this industry.

Highly Trained Professionals

We make sure that we only hire people who are well trained and groomed in their field. Hiring these highly skilled professionals makes sure that we are able to deliver our clients with exceptional quality services. NYE only considers hiring people who have more than 8 years of experience under their belt. Plus we also rigorously train them after hiring. It ensures that our professionals are able to take care of any project according to the desires of our clients.

Our Design Services

No matter what are the requirements of your projects, we are here to assist you with all our expertise and knowledge. works like a partner and our team of highly skilled professionals makes sure that they are able to collaborate with your on-site team. This mutual collaboration ensures that all your current and future goals are understood and are catered within the design development process.

Our team will ensure that all these goals and objectives are clearly understood to avoid any ambiguities. Then they will also keep in mind all the obligatory requirements that your project needs to follow because it goes live. It is critical for the purpose of avoiding any charges or penalties. Each of these steps involved in the design process is listed as follows, 

Site visit & Inspection

The first step of our design process involves scheduling a meeting and visiting the site. Our team of engineers will set the date and time of the visit to your project’s site and inspect any existing rigging equipment for any improvements in the case of remodeling. If you are looking to go for a new rigging project entirely then our design engineers will go through all the mandatory requirements of your project.

Designing or Remodeling

Designing will be the next step after all the future and current goals are understood. This process takes care of all the obligatory requirements that the project has to fulfill before it goes live. Therefore, a design not only complies with the code set by the local authorities or state government but it also addresses all the long term and short term goals of the clients.

Furthermore, it also needs to address all the requirements associated with any future repairs or maintenance procedures. All these aspects are very important and our engineers are thoroughly trained in achieving the best designs for your projects and provide you with the best solutions and services.

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Why Should You Avoid A Multi-Contractor Approach?

Avoiding the multi-contractor approach is a decision of utmost importance. Most of the site owners prefer to go for hiring different parties on a single project. With this approach, you will be handling different parties on a single project. Unless you want to complicate your project and make it an also more difficult to handle both in the long run and the short run, you need to go for a single contractor for your entire project.

Unless the contractor you are hiring specializes in a particular area, if you can hire a party to take care of your entire project then go for this decisions and this is where NYE comes in to play its role.  We can handle your entire project and will make sure that everything stays within the schedule set by the client. Hiring one party on your entire project will not only simplify your job to handle your business process but it will also enable you to save a lot of time as well as cost.

Everything within the deadline

For NYE following deadlines is extremely crucial. We always focus on fast turnarounds and quick approvals to buy you a lot of time for the completion of your project. This is one of our specialties and for this reason; many clients come again and again to hire our services.

Designs aligned with future demands

Our design engineers will ensure that everything stays aligned with your current and future demands. It is critical that the design plan must integrate these demand patterns and address their requirements to make the best use of it without wasting any resources.

We follow the code 

We will ensure that the design process of your entire projects meets all the obligatory requirements that the code has set. It is critical; otherwise, you will have to handle a lot of penalties and charges. This can add up to a lot of costs in the long run and you have to keep at bay to run your project smoothly and effectively.

Why Trust Us?

has been around for more than a decade now and it has been able to serve a number of clients across different industries. Our riggers have worked on a number of projects from residential, commercial and industrials clients to deliver high-quality solutions and services at minimal cost and within set deadlines.

We only hire highly trained and professional design engineers to provide services to the customers so that the results are top notch. In addition to that our team also believes in providing highly customized services according to the needs and demands of our clients. These customized services with a rate that is highly competitive in the industry along with the fastest approval rate and turnaround time, make NYE a top draw to handle your project.

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