Daylight Sensor Lighting Control

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Daylight Sensor Lighting Control design

NYE Daylight Sensor Lighting Control Design

Nowadays, with the growing global problem of climate change and its impacts, more and more firms are encouraged to incorporate energy-efficient strategies in their designs such as the daylight sensor lighting control system. Not only does it help save energy, but it also helps you save big time.

New York Engineers will help conceive ideas and design for your daylight sensor lighting control project. We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and engineering services for our extensive base of clientele; both in and out of Chicago. It doesn’t matter if you need MEP designs for residential or commercial purposes – we provide services for both.

Let us provide you with the designs needed to make your dream projects a reality.

Daylight Sensor Lighting Control Design

Your daylight sensor control project will definitely be a huge success with our MEP design services. The whole project will be more productive and efficient with an accurate model at hand. We can do building performance analysis, cover all parametric components, do construction documentation, keep structural factors and architectural design in mind, and cover all aspects of your daylight sensor lighting control design.    

We at New York Engineers follow a meticulous protocol to meet the needs of every project we tackle – from meeting with the client and identifying the requirements needed to using only the best MEP software solutions to create the designs and models that will help you achieve results exactly as you imagined.

Step 1: For lighting control designs, we first need to meet with you, the client, so that we can listen to your needs and wants which will help us come up with the perfect designs and models for your ideal structure.

Step 2: Our team will then establish the several factors needed to design the lighting control system for your structure such as what type of control method to be used and which areas of the room will the sensors be placed. For existing structures, this involves an inspection of the area so that we will have a better picture of what system will be best for you and your area.

Step 3: Our engineers will then use the information collected to create the necessary design and 3D models using different MEP software solutions and modeling techniques for your daylight sensor lighting control. You can then have your structure’s daylight sensor lighting control design in a single database file.

Step 4: Finally, we provide the finished project model tailored to the client’s ideal results.

Our main priority when creating designs for projects is to ensure that they meet and exceed expectations while still adhering to the established engineering standards. We do this by delivering unique and high-quality daylight sensor lighting control designs and models using only the best MEP software solutions available. Furthermore, we will keep you well informed throughout the process by automatically updating you about everything that’s happening.

Our team of highly skilled engineering professionals will ensure that all our designs will reach their full potential while still minimizing the regular cost by bringing all our expertise about the subject matter to the table. They will factor in every aspect to make your daylight sensor lighting control project the way you envisioned it to be.

Why It’s Important to Involve the Client in The Process
  • Corrects and avoids any miscommunication
  • Ensures that the client’s vision is precisely executed
  • Allows the client to request any modification during the designing process
  • Teaches the client what needs to be done afterwards such as maintenance, repair, and other tasks

At , we involve you, our client, in the process because by doing so, it helps us understand what you want and enables us to make the designs that are a perfect fit for your ideal structure. Furthermore, it allows for easy modifications in the design process rather than making costly changes during the actual construction stage.

By being involved in the process, it also teaches you about the daylight sensor lighting control we’re designing which will equip you also get to grasp what needs to be done after the project is finished such as the maintenance and repair processes of your system.

Client satisfaction is our highest priority. This is why we involve the client in the process as much as we possibly can.

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Importance Of Daylight Sensor Lighting Control


First, what is a daylight sensor lighting control? It’s an automatic control system that dims or turns off electrical light when there’s sufficient daylight in order to maximize natural light and limit the use of artificial lights. This is done through the use of photosensors that can detect the presence of daylight and signal your lighting system to dim or shut off completely. It’s a simple system that maximizes natural lighting, thereby reducing costs for you and your company.

Daylight sensor lighting control systems are a good way to be more energy-efficient and reduce cost. They’re also easier to maintain and install compared to other lighting systems.

Listed below are the reasons why switching to a daylight sensor lighting control system is a worthwhile investment.

  • Reduced Energy Bill Costs 

A daylight sensor lighting control system significantly lowers your energy bill costs by maximizing the presence of daylight and reducing the use of electrical light. Having a lower energy bill means more savings for you and your company.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

The Department of Energy states that lighting accounts for 38% of energy use in commercial buildings, so switching to daylight sensor lighting controls will reduce your energy consumption by that much or possibly even more.

  • Higher Return On Investment

The cost of switching to a daylight sensor lighting control can be offset swiftly after installation. This is especially true during the summer months when there’s plenty of sunlight available, especially in a city like Chicago.

  • A Healthy Working Space for Employees

This automated control system is designed to give you the optimal amount of lighting at any given situation, so by switching to it, you ensure that you and your employees are working in a comfortable and energizing space. Studies show that this enables your employees to perform better at their jobs. Furthermore, you eliminate the distraction of having to get up and adjust the lighting due to the system’s automatic nature.

  • Longer Lighting Lifespan

Most buildings use LED lights nowadays as they have longer lifespans, so you don’t need to replace them as often. However, you can prolong that even further by switching to a daylight sensor lighting control. By periodically dimming and/or shutting off your electrical lighting, you minimize the chance of it being overused, especially in spaces where they might be used 24/7.

  • Meets Building Code and Standards

We follow the right building codes and standards to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure.

  • Earns Points at Several LEED Credit Categories

Having a daylight sensor lighting control system will earn you as much as 19 points in the LEED rating system. This gives you further incentive to switch to a more energy-efficient lighting system such as daylight sensor lighting control.

Daylight sensor lighting control systems not only reduce your energy consumption and cost but also reduce your carbon footprint.

A proper lighting system control is essential to your structure’s functionality and therefore, should be something to invest in. We at New York Engineers will design the right daylight sensor lighting system for your structure so that you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is in capable hands.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


guarantee that your daylight sensor lighting control design project is done right. Our brilliant team of engineers will come up with the perfect lighting control design that will be energy-efficient and cost-effective. Furthermore, has helped a large number of clients over the years, coming up with low-cost and efficient MEP designs which have helped solidify our reputation in the industry, in Chicago and other states.

  • Faster Turnaround

We know how valuable construction projects are, and delays even just a day could mean big losses for your company. Our turnaround rate is 50% faster than anyone in the industry which will reassure you that no moment is wasted. We give you the best MEP designs in the shortest time possible.

  • Zero Change Order Guarantee

At , we enforce strict quality control on all our designs, thereby avoiding changes and disruptions to our design projects. If you’re working with one of our certified contractors, we also offer a Zero Change Order Guarantee to ensure that your project is executed the way it should be.

Should you have to make changes to the model, you no longer have to do a manual recalibration. You can manipulate the model efficiently to avoid errors during the actual building stage. With our 3D modelling expertise, you are guaranteed to enjoy precision and accuracy and do away with unwanted errors and wasted resources down the road.  

  • Highest First-Time Design Approval

We ensure that there’s an active communication channel with all parties involved, especially the client, so that we may take into account any feedback regarding our designs. This enables us to have the highest first-time design approval, with the rate being 80%.

  • High-Quality Designs at A Reasonable Price Point

    At , we offer you cost-efficient MEP design solutions at a reasonable price point without sacrificing quality and adherence to engineering standards. This ensures that you get the best designs that are within your desired budget and time frame.

  • Highly Skilled and Certified Team of Specialists

Our team of highly-skilled and certified specialists will use their extensive knowledge of and experience in the field to ensure that you get only the best MEP design solutions that will maximize your space while still being cost-efficient. However, we know that new knowledge is to be gained every day, which is why we continuously train our team, thereby keeping them up-to-date with any new technology and practices in the design field.

  • Excellent Tools and Software

We use only the best tools and software available that will help us design and model your projects. By doing so, we ensure that you only get high-quality designs that are tailored to your ideal structure. Our toolsets help with the calculations needed to ensure your project is designed perfectly and avoids any human error. We make use of country-specific or services-specific software tools and make sure that all details are covered sharp.  


Your MEP Partner in Making Your Project a Reality

will design the perfect daylight sensor lighting control system for your structure. We will help you achieve your project goals while adhering to engineering standards and being cost-efficient. Our daylight sensor lighting control design will not only help you illuminate your structure, but it will also help you save more in the long run.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of services in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, engineering and construction industries. Our team of highly skilled and certified experts will bring their extensive experience and knowledge of the field to the table in order to bring you only the best designs possible.

Our firm is your go-to person for any MEP design needs you might need now or in the future.

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