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We have designed occupancy sensor lighting controls for various clients, and our customers always appreciate our utmost accuracy.

Energy Efficiency

Customers also love us because we never fail to bring to life accurate and ultimately energy efficient designs for their MEP projects.

Long-Term Value

We take pride in designing projects that last for long. For us here at NYE, the best way to add value is to offer utter integrity and longevity.

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Benefits NYE Occupancy Sensor Lighting Control 3D design


Lights that turn on when a person enters a room are extremely useful because they make it very convenient for people who don’t want to spend time looking for the light switch. This type of tech is known as an occupancy sensor lighting system. While it is really useful to have around, problems may arise when the occupancy sensor isn’t well designed. If it is designed with flaws, it won’t function as expected which means inconvenience for the occupants.  

Here at New York Engineers, we can eliminate all of those inefficiencies by designing a flawless occupancy sensor lighting control that is suitable to your setting and can seamlessly turn itself on whenever someone enters the room.

Our engineers can make designs by using a special MEP software that allows us to create realistic 3D models of the entire occupancy sensor lighting control system. That way, you can see the exact specs of the system, how it works, and how it fits in your home or office building. You’ll also be able to get the most accurate system fitted for your own need and wants.

With our help, you can get your near perfect occupancy sensor lighting control system in no time. We guarantee functional, reliable, and cost-effective occupancy sensor lighting systems that won’t let you down. Add a practical and functional hint to your building and leave the design aspect in our expert hands. We can take care of all the sensing elements, the required modular approach, and other specific considerations of the entire project. We also take care of the visual and thermal comfort of occupants and make sure that our design will make the actual installation smooth, easy, and trouble-free.


The Benefits of an Occupancy Sensor Lighting Control System

While an occupancy sensor lighting control system may cost more than a regular manual switch lighting system, the number of benefits would justify the cost.

Here are some of the vast benefits that this type of system can offer:

  • Saves Money on Electricity

The first and most important benefit of this system is that it can save money. As it will only turn on when there is a person in the room, it can stay off most of the time. Couple this with a vacancy sensor lighting control system and you’ll never need to have a manual switch anymore. This is very useful for offices wherein people often forget to turn off the lights. It’s also equally useful for homes with children who don’t know how to access switches yet.

  • Allows Multitasking

If you’re carrying something heavy into a room, no longer will you need to put down your things just to flick the switch. You can just go into the room directly and go about with your tasks. This is very useful for stay at home moms when it comes to chores or office personnel who do a lot of carrying.

  • Provides Overall Convenience

When you enter a room, the first thing that you have to do is look for the switch so you can turn on the lights. Sometimes, the light switch would be far from the door or simply hard to find. Occupancy sensors allow you to skip the whole process of going toward the switch just to turn on the lights. The lights will on by themselves once they detect that you’re entering the room.

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nYE Occupancy Sensor Lighting Control Design


When we design the occupancy sensors of our clients, we always strive for full quality results with 0 inefficiencies and delays. We are able to do this with a special but simple step-by-step process that we created in order to streamline our tasks. With this process, we’re making it extremely easy for our engineers to manage tasks and also provide clients with a swift project wherein they can get their finished products right on or before the deadline.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We schedule a meeting with you so that we can get the specs you want as well as your specific needs and wants.
  2. We propose the components of the model based on the goals of the occupancy lighting system that you want.
  3. We schedule for a principal to take a look at your home or office so that he or she can see how the system fits.
  4. The principal will make all the necessary measurements needed to make an exact and accurate model.
  5. The principal will work together with our engineers and provide them with all the necessary info for making a realistic 3D MEP model.
  6. Our engineers will keep thorough documentation of all design details in an easy-to-use database.
  7. We will create a timetable in which we will include all the realistic deadlines for the project.
  8. We will show the finished product to you and discuss if there will be any changes or edits required for the model.

We can craft a flawless occupancy sensor lighting control system without delays. Since we also get your specific needs and wants beforehand, we can craft a customized occupancy sensor system that suits you and your building.

Along with the designing, we also do heavy documentation of the design. We document all details of the design so that you’ll know the specific measurements of each component. Other than that, we also do a full component analysis and overall performance analysis of the system. These aspects all add up to our holistic approach to MEP design.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


Here at NYE, we are all about customer satisfaction. This means that we have a customer-centric approach wherein we strive to fully serve all your needs as well as exceed your overall expectations.

Here, you’ll get to enjoy:

  • Customized Service

As we strive to meet all the needs of our customers, we always make sure that we are flexible with our approach so that we can cater to all your needs and wants. Since all of our customers have different specifications for their occupancy sensors, we always create custom designs for each of them. We don’t always follow the status quo of MEP. Whatever our customers need, we will find a way to give it to them.

  • Flawless System Performance

Because we can design such realistic 3D models that have extremely accurate specifications and measurements, we can guarantee that you can have a flawless system once you start the installation. With the precision of our design, you no longer have to worry too much about recalibration or major fixes due to system inefficiencies. We can make sure that everything will work fine from the get-go.

  • Detailed Documentation

This is another aspect that we can guarantee from our end. We always provide detailed documentation in a single database to make things easier for you. All of the specs, measurements, and figures that are related to your occupancy sensor are all found in the database for all key members to access.

  • Streamlined Planning and Task Handling

As mentioned above, we would always follow our step by step process when handling tasks to ensure total quality control. Aside from being able to control the quality of our output, this streamline of tasks also allows us to prevent delays and have a quick turnover time.

  • Reasonable Prices

One of our promises to our customers would be reasonable prices. Aside from providing you with good service, we also promise to help you keep within your budget. This is also part of our efforts in full customer satisfaction. During the consultation, we will work up a realistic budget estimate and work on how we can shave some parts off, so you can meet your budget well.

  • Quality Guarantee

Our promise is that we will deliver all of our outputs with the highest level of quality that we can. Combining the technical skills of our engineers, our efficient task handling process, and our standard software, we always strive to deliver 100% quality guaranteed results with 0 changes needed.


Why You Can Count On Us with Your MEP Designs

Here at NYE, we invest in only the best and the most qualified professionals to deal with the clients and make them happy.

Here’s why you can count on our team:

  • We Only Hire the Best

When it comes to screening, we spare no expense. We only hire those who have impeccable credentials as well as vast experience in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work. You can be assured that all of our engineers and professionals are certified, qualified, and experienced in what they do.

  • We Value Experience

We have spent years serving hundreds of clients in the industry which is why we know exactly what clients want with regard to their MEP designs. We know exactly how to serve our existing customers and how to tailor fit our occupancy sensor designs to their needs.

  • We Train Our Team in Both Technical and Customer Service

When we hire our team of professionals, we make sure that they undergo comprehensive training. We train them in overall MEP design using our standard software namely Revit and AutoCAD. Aside from that, we also train them in overall customer service so that they know how to go the extra mile to help you.

  • We have a Culture of Servitude

Finally, we are here to serve you. Because of our approach, we always put the needs of the customer before the needs of the company. That’s our culture here at NYE. With this kind of culture, you’re sure to always be accommodated by our staff, representatives, and professionals the best way possible.


The Software We Use for Our Design

At NYE, we make use of both Revit and AutoCAD for our MEP designs. We find these two to be the most efficient in creating very realistic 3D engineering designs and also in analyzing their components. Since they’re all connected to the cloud, it’s very easy for us and our clients to access the designs and make things possible.

Also, these software solutions are the best for overall design documentation with very detailed components on their MEP toolsets. With these tools at our disposal, we’re sure to serve you in the best way we can.


Other Services We Offer

Other than occupancy sensor lighting control systems, we offer a bunch of other design options as well. The occupancy sensor lighting control is often paired along with the vacancy sensor lighting control as they usually work hand in hand. If you want to check out our other services, you may click on our Services page.

To schedule an appointment or to request a specific design, you may send us an email or call us at our hotline. We will respond to you as soon as we can for a schedule or a proposal for a customized job. With New York Engineers, you can expect reliable operations with our proven and tested design approach.

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